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As more and more people work from home due to the onslaught of the COVID-19, we are seeing an increase in people asking for alternatives and other sites like Clips4Sale.

It’s only natural, on one hand you have millions of people around the globe that are confined to their home, causing internet to spike with up to 70% in some countries. And on the other hand you have a whole industry of people that can’t make a living anymore, because they can’t go out.

So you need a new path to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. A way to make money online now that you’ve lost your job – or maybe you are just confined to your home… either way, you need a site like clips4sale that’s safe to use, that you know that pays and that will make you the most money.

It’s only natural to wonder what the most effective ways of making money online are, now that you are confined to your home – and since you are reading this, you probably realized that selling nudes online is a great and safe way to earn a solid income stream so you can pay your bills during the 2020 pandemic.

So let’s talk about what a site like clips4sale is, it’s a clip store. They originated more than 10 years ago, as a place to sell small video clips – primarily made to give adult performers and people that make homemade porn a platform where they can make money on their clips.

It’s so much more now. For example, in 2019 we saw the rise of the hugely popular hybrid site , that’s bascailly a mix of a clips4sale site, instagram, twitter and facebook.

Most alternative today are platforms that allows adult sexworkers, be it pornstars, homegrown wives, amateur performers, online adult content creators or just influencers to monetize their content – w.o. needing a whole production team to create their content.

Now with the Corona pandemic, you have an opportunity to make a lot of money creating your own clips. You don’t even need any fancy equipment, all you need is a lamp, your smartphone and an internet connection. If you have a partner, you can include him or her 😉

Selling homemade porn online has never been easier or more relevant. The market just exploded and you want to get started today.

3 sites you must use to financially survive the corona pandemic.

Let us start with the hub site that will tie it all together, it’s called and it works like facebook, only it’s for adults only. It has everything, friends lists, groups, pages, the ability to earn tokens (and cash them out for real money) selling your homemade pictures and videos.

Their fees are also very low, compared to the competition and right now, they are giving out free VIP accounts to anyone all sex workers to support the industry during the pandemic.


Once you have a profile created with AdultNode, you can start linking the other accounts you make. So let’s start out with the best site like clips4sale – it’s called OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is by far the biggest clip store out there and it’s a fantastic platform to use for any creator or influencer that wants to monetize their homemade videos or pictures. You don’t need to sell nudes on OnlyFans, you can sell your fitness videos or even cooking videos there. But it works best if you have a following on a site like Instagram or Twitter.


The last site we’ll talk about today is a place to go live. Live interaction with people is a huge opportunity to make money from home during the corona pandemic. There is one site that’s the biggest and they payout daily, so if you start today, you can get paid already tomorrow.

All you need to get started is your phone, having a laptop with a web camera built in is an advantage of course – but it’s super easy to just get going. The site is called Chaturbate and it has the biggest amount of users out there.


There you have it. Read this if you want to learn everything about selling nudes for money online.

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