Take home 85% with adultnode.com – a short interview with a founder

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Following the takedown of unverified posts on the platform, adultnode.com has put out a message stating that their creators will take home 85% of their earnings for life. In comparison, most other major players take 20%

What happened last week?

Adultnode.com deleted millions of posts from their platform, first they sent out a notice stating that any account that wasn’t verified would have their content removed from the platform – a week later it happened.

Why did it happen?

I had a chat with one of the owners and he explained: “We analyzed the posts made by un-verified users after several complaints from creators and it turned out, that almost every single post we checked, was stolen content. On top of this, the users engaging with this content weren’t spending any money on the platform. So for us it was an important move for several reasons, one, we can’t support piracy as it would make us complicit and two, why would anyone spend money on creators if they can get everything for free.”

How did the community react?

“Mixed, naturally, of course those that were posting stolen content were furious that their “hard work” had been taken away from them, but those that created their own content and shared on the platform were pleased. Time will tell, but I am confident that this was the right move to make”.

In your last newsletter, you state that you want to be the place for Creators, what do you mean by that?

“What it states, we are adult oriented and unlike some other players in the market, we have no plans to go mainstream. We want to make sure that creators get the most out of their fans and content, so we give higher percentages to them – and because we are a smaller team we can – and we focus on listening to their demands. Plus our affiliate program is actually a lifetime model, where they can refer their fans and make money from any tokens they buy, even if the tokens aren’t spend on them. In my view this is a win-win situation. We also are working hard to create better tools for studios, so they can onboard their models and stay in control of the earnings and get solid data on how their models are performing. Big things are coming!”

There you have it, an bit from an interview with a founder. Naturally I want you to join using my affiliate link, but I also started this blog because I fucking care about Creators. So if you just type in adultnode.com and join, I’ll be happy too, because it means that you just started your journey towards freedom and making the money that enables you!

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