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It’s tough to imagine the internet without affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has brought terrific success to companies such as Amazon. According to Rakuten Marketing, more than $5 billion USD are spent yearly through affiliate marketing. That’s a lot of money!

Learning affiliate marketing is one thing and making money from it is different. The best affiliate programs offer training and strategies to maximize your earnings. Having been a part of several and the best affiliate marketing programs, I would like to share this expert guide on one of the best affiliate programs to make money.

Make sure to read through all of the expert tips and suggestions.

Adult niche – the most evergreen niche

The most important aspect of mastering the art of affiliate marketing is niche selection. 

What’s a niche?

In layman terms, a niche is like a category in marketing.

Oversaturated and broad niches do more harm than good. Oversaturated niches can be profitable. But you will have a tough time driving organic traffic to your site.

Broad niches have their own challenges. Driving relevant and targeted traffic can be a continuous pain in the neck. Conversion rates are insignificant. Sales are inconsequential. Making money in a broad niche is a headache.

There are few lucrative niches that seldom go out of style – Technology, Health and Fitness, Legal, and Adult.

The permanence of the adult niche can be attributed to our DNA.

Our DNA is incomplete without love, dating, porn and sex. Almost everybody watches porn. And here’s a jaw-dropping fact – Adult entertainment is a $100 USD billion industry.

That’s massive amounts of money!

What are the different types of commission structures?

Commission structures of various adult affiliate programs are usually of three types:

Revenue – Share

PPS (Pay Per Signup)

PPL (Pay Per Lead)

Not every affiliate program offers each of the three commission structures. Different affiliate programs offer different combinations of commission structures.

Watching porn is one thing and building porn Websites is another thing. There are many hassles. Finding efficient coders and programmers, hiring a team of designers and API developers, etc., can be tedious, and time consuming. It can get really annoying as this strategy is not budget-friendly. Additionally, and more importantly, over reliance on freelancers may impede your business performance. is a leading provider of world-class adult turnkey software solutions. Their products are 100% open –source and responsive to desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. offers different adult turnkey software to design and launch different types of adult Websites.

Features of Adent turnkey software

Monetization module:

Ads – pre-roll and post-roll, in-video text ads, banner ads


Adult consulting and training

Selling adult merchandize: sex toys, used panties, lingerie, etc.


There’s a multi-language module that lets admins add multiple languages and go global

Scalable architecture

Thanks to distributed architecture, adult sites are horizontally scalable.

The two processes – encoding and streaming are separated.

User engagement tools

Growth hacking tools convert casual visitors into loyal audience, and convert loyal audience into brand advocates.

User engagement tools facilitate more clicks. More clicks means more revenue

Inbuilt messaging, commenting, and profile collection system

Payment gateways

CCBill payment gateway is built in

Every adult turnkey software supports up to 20 additional payment gateways

Commonly used adult content friendly payment gateways are CCBill, Epoch, Epay, and PayWall

Other Miscellaneous Features:

Complete access to 100% non-encrypted source code

Abundant growth-hacking features and modules

Free life-time support

One-time investment

Free installation

Free life-time upgrades

Free domain

Budget friendly

What can site admins do?

Once you purchase an adult turnkey script, you shall become its admin.

As an admin, you can:

Edit static and email templates

Configure video conversion settings and adjust media setting

Invite porn studios, let them create channels and model profiles, ban users by IP

Control and overhaul every major and minor aspect of your Onlyfans

Adent Affiliate Program has an amazing adult affiliate program for bloggers.

Affiliates are categorized into levels:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 1 affiliates make 15% commission on each product sale. Level 2 affiliates make 30% commission on each product sale.

To qualify as a level 2 affiliate, you should facilitate / drive at-least 3 sales from your affiliate link / Website. In other words, the minimum threshold is 3 sales.

How are affiliate sales tracked?

Once you sign up as an affiliate with, you will be given an affiliate ID.

GetDPD tracks your affiliate ID. This special tracking provision plants a cookie on the visitors’ browsers. The cookie tracks your referrals for 90 calendar days (3 months). You are guaranteed an affiliate commission if your referral makes a purchase.

Benefits of GetDPD

Hassle-free product delivery

Seamless ordering process

No setup cost

No installation costs

No hidden targets

Superior transparency

No invoicing and payment hassles

No software / server requirements

Payment information: How are payments made?

Payments are made monthly via PayPal.

Promotional marketing assets

Amazingly designed banners for all standard sizes and dimensions.

Commission structure

PPS – Pay Per Sign-up

My experience

Thanks to adent affiliate program, I have been making more than $2000 USD every month since 2017.

My sources of internet traffic




Adult forums


How do I drive traffic?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

There are two important aspects of adult SEO – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO is about the things I do to get my blog ranked in the first page of popular search engine results. I focus on long-tail and short keywords. As a matter of fact, I have my own database of keywords.

Contrary to popular opinion, I set my sights on link building i.e., acquiring do-follow and no-follow links. Instead of acquiring millions of useless backlinks, my strategy has always been to acquire quality backlinks.

And yes, I exchange traffic with other adult webmasters who are into same / similar niches.  

SMM – Social Media Marketing

I don’t use any software to automate tweets. Automation often results in shadow banning. Every tweet has no more than 3 relevant tags. I comply with the policies of Twitter.

I don’t use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to post / promote adult content.

I use Tumblr. Again, I don’t use any software. I follow a schedule. I don’t post irrelevant on forums and threads.

There are many adult-content friendly networks. However, a vast majority of them do not allow traffic from other networks. This can be attributed to the fact that many webmasters pose as shady affiliates and create trouble.

Email Marketing

Not every email-marketing solution is adult-friendly. I have collected emails of prospects by offering lead magnets. I don’t bombard them with irrelevant and meritless offers. I mail my subscribers not more than once a week.

I have built several marketing funnels and opt-in forms to maximize my sales.

How much money can affiliates earn?

The best affiliate marketing programs are performance based. In simple words, sky is the only limit.

The top affiliates earn 6 figures. This isn’t a far-fetched dream. It’s very much possible. You should focus on driving relevant and targeted traffic, sources of traffic, adult SEO and analytics.

Here’s how much I had made as a level 2 affiliate in December 2018:


Tip #1: Be honest. If you recommend a product that’s not useful to your intended audience, you will damage your brand reputation.

Tip #2: Always diversify your affiliate offers. Do not focus only on one type of product. For instance, an internet model may be interested in creating / launching her own personal fan site. Also, she may be interested in launching her own live camming site. In such a scenario, it makes sense to promote xModel and xCams.

Tip #3: Keep experimenting. Keep changing banner-ad placements. Try different ad-rotations. Compare the performance of text links and banner links. Use a combination of banner and text links. If the results are promising, experiment other promotional tactics.

Tip #4: In e-mails, deploy strong CTAs (Call to Actions). Promote not just features but also benefits.

Tip #5: If required, make a promotional video of products. Every promotional video should have a good text explanation.

Tip#6: Buy the product. Write reviews. Audiences love to see your promotional product in action. Honest reviews build trust. Trust drives affiliate marketing business.

Remember, affiliate marketing is one of the most promising and profitable ways of making money. More and more people are buying online. More and more people are having access to internet. More and more people are watching porn. Start selling today. Make BIG money. Cheers!

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Adult niche – the most evergreen niche

What are the different types of commission structures?

Features of Adent turnkey software

Adent Affiliate Program

Join Adent Affiliate Program And Start Making $2000 per Month

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Start Growing Your Dream Business

with Us!

Start a Conversation

Our usual reply time

A few minutes

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Table Of Content

Adult niche – the most evergreen niche

What are the different types of commission structures?

Features of Adent turnkey software

Adent Affiliate Program

Join Adent Affiliate Program And Start Making $2000 per Month

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