The Best Advice for Chaturbate Couples

Getting your partner to do a sexy show on Chaturbate with you

For many women, asking your man or boyfriend to Chaturbate with you might result in the end of your relationship! Do not just ask your boyfriend to do live porno with you. You should alternatively try doing live broadcasts by yourself alone (solo) first, and when you succeed you should show it to him and show him the cash.

Then tell him that couples make double or triple or more, and that if that doesn’t happen when he participates with you. You would pay him half or all the money you got from Chaturbating. This should get him into the game. If not, then use some other convincing talks that you believe would work with him. If that doesn’t work, then that means you’re out of luck and should just continue your solo broadcasts (if he’s okay with it thereafter, in the invent he didn’t break up with you). But if finally he agrees to join the fun, then hooray for you!

That’s what guys may also do to get their girlfriends to join the fun, except that guys’ case is very different because if a guy tries to broadcast alone he would get about ninety to hundred percent of male homosexual viewers, which would be a scar to the girlfriend or wife when she learns about it (especially if less tolerant). It can also be a catastrophe for you the guy, even if all your viewers are females (I believe there are hardly any non-jealous girlfriends or wives). So generally, you shouldn’t ask your girlfriend to Chaturbate with you unless you’re sure she’s into that kind of stuff.

Beginning of the fun: Creating a couple’s profile

When your partner has agreed to Chaturbate with you, you should log out from Chaturbate and click here to create just one Chaturbate broadcast profile for the two of you (you use it together). Be sure to select “Couple” as your sex (gender).

The fun: Start broadcasting

Don’t just create an account and leave. Start broadcasting immediately! You will get viewers, guaranteed! At this moment, you should only be doing free shows for your viewers and responding to their demands (like “show ass”, “spank her!”, “show boobs”, etc). No earnings yet.

Money, money, money!

After about two to three days of regularly broadcasting, you should have gotten a handful of followers. Then, it’s time to take it to the money level by getting age-verified. Learn how to get age-verified by clicking here. After that process, you will be able to receive tips from your viewers – they tip you by giving you some tokens which you can convert to cash whenever you want. It is then appropriate to require your viewers to tip you before you can do whatever they request, from then on. Have some fun, and if you want to learn how to make even more money, just click here. Remember to broadcast as often as you can. Some days you may get a few tokens or none, but most of the time it is guaranteed that you will receive some tokens especially if you do a lot of sexy things on the cam for your viewers! Most importantly, recollect to have fun chatting, and be nice to your viewers.

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