The Fansly FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

If you have started publishing content on Fansly, you might have some questions and we will try to answer those questions in detail in this guide.

This blog post is designed with such FAQs related to Fansly and its services, and it will help you answer all your Fansly related questions.

Are you a content creator? Where are you loitering? Doesn’t matter at all. Create an account on Fansly and quickly monetize your channel and start earning. This is as simple as that.

Fansly has an attractive 20 & 80 deal, where the creator offers a higher percentage. And it also secures the creator’s content.

Fansly is a rapidly growing platform where creators earn through monetizing their content. The platform is only made for content creators like you. For adult content creators, it appears like a blessing. If you are friendly to OnlyFans, it would be easier to understand. OnlyFans and Fansly are very similar to each other.

It is a monthly subscription-based website, where the audience purchases monthly subscriptions to view a creator’s content, and the creator when crossing the threshold of payout can place a request in order to get funded. You have to post your content on your Fansly profile and make money as a creator.

But we know you are searching so many questions before attempting to create an account there or publish your content there. Isn’t it? Stop you struggling here; after deep research, we have come out with famous and most asked questions with appropriate answers.

You don’t need to search for FANSLY support or FAQ to answer your queries; you will get everything here.

Check out the below FAQs, answered by the FANSLY customer service.

An Important READ for the Fansly Creators: Frequently asked questions.

We have discussed all the Fansly related questions you might be interested to find an answer to.

Q1. Is Fansly considering introducing cryptocurrency as a payout/payment method to prevent the similar problems that Onlyfans had with traditional card service providers, i.e., Visa?

A- Fansly has plans to implement and introduce cryptocurrency and other payouts/payment methods or options that are in their consideration even before it came in the news.

Q2. Does Fansly have any policy or method to secure the content creators from chargebacks?

A- Fansly covers the chargebacks for now and for the future. To clarify that, it depends on two situations; for instance, if someone subscribes to a content creator, and they receive the content from the content creator then tries to initiate a chargeback, Fansly will cover that. The second situation is when Fansly wouldn’t cover the chargeback, for instance, when the content creator promised the content to a fan, and the fan paid for the content. The content creator never delivered the content.

Q3. As a content creator, are you allowed to sell worn or used panties or other items used by you to your fans?

A- As a content creator, you cannot sell worn panties and other used items. Before selling something on Fansly, check it before delivering it to your fans. Fansly does allow the content creators to sell some of their items to the fans but not used, especially not used or worn panties.

Q4. What are some potential Fansly alternatives or sites like Fansly?

There are a lot of sites where you can create content and make money. Some of the sites like Fansly are;

FriendsOnly: FriendsOnly is like TikTok for adult content creators, and you can make money through getting paid viewers, getting tips in the form of gifts, and selling pay-per-view-based videos. The other good thing about FriendsOnly is that it gives you more discovery options.

Cliqfans: Cliqfans is an Onlyfans alternative site where adult content creators can start their fan page and make money selling their adult content. You can make money on Cliqfans the same way you can make money on other platforms like Fansly or Onlyfans. Cliqfans gives you the opportunity to make money the same way you can make money on other platforms like selling your subscriptions, selling pay-per-view-based videos, and receiving tips on your content. Join Cliqfans here as an adult content creator.

Fanvue: Fanvue is a social media site like Onlyfans or Fansly where creators can make money selling their videos or pictures. They give fast payout options, good discovery, let you start a subscription or fan page, and make money as you do on Fansly.

Megacams: Megacams is a potential Fansly alternative where you can create an account, verify yourself, and start uploading free and paid posts. You can sell your custom videos and pictures. The best thing about Megacams is it is giving an opportunity to creators to get discovered. The trick is to upload a mixture of free and paid content. You can also make money on Megacams through chatting or sexting with your fans. The payment is fast and there are many payment methods available to help you get paid easily. Join Megacams here as an adult content creator.

Q5. Is Fansly international? What nationalities cannot use the Fansly website as a creator?

A- Yes, Fansly is an international website and content subscription platform. Some nationalities cannot use the website as a content creator: Balkans, Belarus, Cote, Burma, D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Syria. As Fansly adds more payment methods and payout options, the list may be more inclusive.

Q6. Does Fansly appear on bank statements? And How will it appear on the statement?

A- Yes, Fansly will appear on statements. It will appear on the statements as a secret media LLC.

Q7. How does Fansly protect content creators from fraud and piracy?

A- Fraud and Piracy are some of the most important priorities of Fansly. Fansly has spent a lot of resources on developers to make sure they stand ahead of their competitors. For instance, Fansly has backend features that make it hard to download or record content from Fansly.

Q8. Is Fansly planning to implement a black screen feature to prevent screen recording and screenshots on the platform (like Netflix)?

A- According to Fansly, they are working on DRM blocking, and soon they will be able to add this feature to their platform. The support of Fansly has announced that the DRM blocking feature is indeed in their roadmap.

Q9. Can content creators on the platform schedule or queue their content? Or how to do it?

A- Yes, the content creators on Fansly can schedule their content. It is pretty easy to plan your upcoming content on Fansly. To schedule a post, there is a ‘Schedule Posts’ button that is used to prepare or edit the scheduled posts.

Q10. Does Fansly provide a W9 tax form to US content creators?

A- Yes, Fansly does provide a W9 tax form to the US content creators. If the content creator earns over $20,000 a year, he will be provided with a W9 tax form. According to the Fansly support team, they are working to improve this.

Q11. Is adult content allowed on Fansly?

A- Yes, adult content is allowed on the platform, and many celebrities create adult content.

Q12. Is it safe to work on Fansly?

A- Fansly is a secure platform with a helpful support team that is always present to help their content creators.

Q13. Is it legal to work as an adult content creator on Fansly?

A- If your country allows adult content creation, you are good to become an adult content creator on Fansly. Fansly does encourage content creators from various niches to create their content and make money.”

Final Words for Fansly Creators

These are the most searched FAQs creators GOOGLE, and we tried to help you out by bringing them in one stage. We hope these made you confident and vanquished all your dilemmas to get you in and be a part of the FANSLY family.

It’s time to rule the entertainment world, be a successful content creator, and enjoy your earnings to the fullest—best of luck for your upcoming future.

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