The value of Live Jasmin tokens is explained below.

Whether you are a Cam Girl, franchise owner (Affiliate) or a proud viewer (warning: NSFW Link) of Live Jasmin, it is important to know the worth of each token. Today we want to break down how much are Live Jasmin tokens are worth for each of you.

How much are Live Jasmin tokens worth: Cam Girls

As it tends to pride itself as being the exclusive and high end cam platform. The token pricing and share works completely differently to Bongacams or Chaturbate Tokens. As a cam girl it is important that you understand what each token is worth to you. It will allow you to figure out how many tokens you need to earn your goals in a session.. The way that this works is that you earn 45% of the worth of the tokens. The rest is taken by Live Jasmin for their services and a percentage of the 55% they take is used to pay the affiliates. We’ll get to that below.

This means that in simple terms each token is worth 5 cents. In simple terms, a credit is worth around $0.80 a token, as a model, you receive around $0.40 per credit or token.

This might not seem like much, however it quickly ads up and the top 3 models on the platform earned over $2,000,000 each in 2020.


When you start your own Live Jasmin Affiliate website you will likely want to know what your cut is worth. The earnings that you make is 20% per token spent, which comes from Live Jasmin’s 55% earnings, not the model. This simply means that for every token purchased that you earn between $0.25 and $0.40. It doesn’t sound like much but as your traffic grows, it quickly ads up. If you refer a model, you’ll also get a bonus of receiving a 10% cut (taken from Live Jasmin’s cut) of everything that they earn for the first year. Invite other affiliates and gain 18% of their cut too. Easy money? Right? Well…check out our courses.


If you are a viewer of Live Jasmin (warning: NSFW Link) then when you purchase tokens this is the breakdown of each purchase. Unlike the other platforms, the price changes slightly depending on the payment method.

Also note that, when a new member registers on Live Jasmin , they may claim 9.99 FREE Credits by validating their credit card. This option is only available for first-time users. Existing users that create a new account will not be eligible for this offer.

Furthermore, we offer new members a 50% discount on their first purchase. We also have ongoing promotions, where new members can earn up to 99% discount on their first purchase, and existing members can even earn 100% Extra Credits!

For more information, please check our Promotions page.



When you spend the money you can see in the above two sections where this money goes in terms of the models and affiliates. However the models do not see the commissions leaving, only their final total.

If you have any questions, put them in the comments below!

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