Three Tips to Attract Returning Customers

Three Tips to Attract Returning Customers

For a webcam model, returning customers are the livelihood for them, on both token sites and private show sites. They are putting in 100+ tokens to your show countdown 3 or 4 times a week or taking you for a 15-minute private show every Saturday, a regular customer is easier to keep coming back than trying to sell to a new customer every time. The important thing is if a customer keeps coming back for more and more, you already know that what they like and what you have to do for them. Keep them on your show by using these 3 tips to make them feel like they’re the only guy in the world.

1. Always Use Customer’s Name

You have to call every tipper customer by their name like Moaning “oh yes, BigHardDick69” isn’t a boner-killer, but it’s not exactly sexy, either. You can even ask customers who tip you or take you to private show if there’s another name that you can use. Keep it in mind that some customers don’t feel safe to share their first name with you, but some will, and you can use that to increase intimacy in your cam shows with them.

2. You have to “Remember” the details

This is one of the very important points for a webcam model. As I have put “remember” in quotes because you’re not really remembering anything! In most webcam sites there has a “notes” feature where you can keep track of information about each member. Most of the webcam models don’t use this feature nearly enough, in my opinion. This is not just to note down the member’s real name–put everything in there about that customer! The best way is to keep track of every little thing they mention in the chat room. For example, when someone who is a big sports fan comes into your cam room during the playoffs, you have to ask the team name and put it down in your notes months and search it into Google, impressing them with your knowledge of their team’s performance! Using the “notes” feature like this makes every customer feel like they are the center of your attention. 

3. Know what’s the interest of your Returning Customers

I hate Flogging a dead horse, but I’ve found another best use for that “notes” feature. You must have to keep track of the most recent shows You’ve done with a customer, including what you have worn, toys that you were using, and anything you did that really drove them crazy. Not only does this help you to put together a show that they’ll love, but when they ask for “something different” (as so many customers seem to ultimately do), you’ll know what NOT to do! 

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