Traffic junky Review – How I make $1700/month method [2018]

Traffic Junky is one of the most popular and oldest adult advertising website. My mission on this website is to help anyone and everyone to make money in adult online platform. You can make lots of money from this business from your home and in this article you will learn how to make money from advertising website.  Adult affiliate marketing makes a major chunk of my monthly income and Adult media buying makes a big part of it. The steps involved in adult affiliate marketing are:

  1. Sign up on a reliable adult affiliate website ( my choice is Crakrevenue ).
  2. Use adult media buying after creating your banners (Make $1,000/day Adult media buying guide step by step)
  3. Check your conversions, and optimize till you get into a profit bracket.
  4. A/B test everything and start making profit.

Now Adult media buying is one area people who don’t have any money to invest in the beginner are scared of. As there are not many tutorials available for adult webmasters about this. Trafficjunky is one such network that helps you in adult media buying, and you can earn more by doing this.

Traffic junky Review – How I make $1700/month method

What is Traffic junky – Ads by traffic junky?

Trafficjunky is an adult ad network that specialized in putting your adult ads on high traffic websites of the internet like pornhub, redtube etc. They have a great looking dashboard that gives you detailed analytics of your adult campaign. They get billions of impressions in total since they are partnered up with the best adult tube websites. You can target your audience from particular location.

Trafficjunky was founded in Montreal , canada, in 2008.It offers CPM based advertising

Ads by traffic junky are by far one of the most popular ones because they have tie-ups with few of the best tube sites of the world.

Tell me more about trafficjunky ?

Here are few images that might clarify few of your doubts:

Trafficjunky Review - How i make $1700/month method



As you can see you can reach an approximate 99.1 million people through their website portfolio that includes adult tube websites giants like  Pornhub, redtube and youporn, xvideos etc.

Traffic Junky porn – How can trafficjunky help me?

Traffic junky porn is the best way to make money. Adult affiliates rely on traffic junky porn ads in order to make money online. Even I buy a lot of ads and drive people to landing pages and then make money through them. By using the ads you can generate a huge traffic to  your website.

Ads by traffic junky are highly targeted, have millions of impressions and so many variations that it becomes so easy and effective to make money using affiliate marketing.

What are the best features of Traffic junky?

  • Time targeting: you can set up your ads in such a way that they are displayed only at a specific time or particular day. This helps you target in a much better way. You can even target different country just adding the right time and you don’t need to be there to run it manually it will run automatically.
  • ISP targeting: with over 10,000 ISP covered you are sure that your ads are highly targeted.
  • Keyword targeting: This feature I love as you can target by keywords , search terms and other contextual targets, It cannot get better than this, you can target for specific keywords that a users enters in the search engine.
  • Geo targeting and platform targeting: Target only a specific country, state or city across the options of Desktop, mobile and tablet even you can target users by their age groups as well.

Trafficjunky Review - How i make $1700/month method



How can I set up adult ads on trafficjunky?

It is based on CPM technology. So get cheap rates of huge amount of traffic

Trafficjunky Review - How i make $1700/month method





What are the most common ad types advertised on Traffic junky?

Here is a list of most common adult affiliate offers promoted on traffic junky:

  1. Online dating
  2. Adult PPV, VOD (video on demand) , SVOD (subscription video on demand)
  3. Health and beauty
  4. Sexual wellness (pleasure enhancers, erectile dysfunction treatment etc)
  5. Gambling (poker , casinos, betting) and Entertainment
  6. Adult live webcams
  7. Self help (books, podcast, weight loss programs)

What kind of Ad formats are available?

There are Banner ads, footer banners, right sidebar banners, pre roll and post roll video ads and many more.

How can I contact traffic junky for more information?

Here are the contact details:

  1. Twitter: @trafficjunky
  2. Phone: 1.514.359.3545 and 1855.585.8659
  3. Email:  [email protected]
  4. Instagram:

How can I withdraw the money that I earn on traffic junky?

There are multiple options:

  1. Paypal
  2. Paxum
  3. US wire transfer
  4. International Wire transfer

Make money from Traffic Junky by referring members ?

Traffic junky also have a referral program where you will get 10% commission of all the members yo refer to their platform. So if you are an adult webmaster like this then this can be another source of income for you.

Join trafficjunky now

If you are new to affiliate marketing then I will request you to first go through these informative articles to help you get started:

I hope you like this article on Trafficjunky Review – How I make $1700/month method


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