Using a cam girl to manipulate the Chaturbate algorithm

If you’ve been following this channel and website for a while, then you may already know how the Chaturbate Algorithm works as a cam girl. Also you may be wondering what input I could have on this given I’m not a cam girl (or guy). My answer to that is that I’ve been a software engineer for going on two decades and have an intimate knowledge of how sites like Chaturbate are built. Therefor today I’m going to reiterate on how the Chaturbate Algorithm works and then some simple ways that you can game the system as a Cam Girl.

How the Chaturbate Algorithm Works

What the site’s system ranks is exactly this, how many users with tokens are currently in your room.

It doesn’t matter if the user has 2, or 2 million tokens, it just matters how many users with tokens are currently watching. The reason for this is the site was initially produced as a free site for people who were into exhibitionism. This meant that all they were concerned about was making sure that users who were willing to pay a little to keep the site online were getting the content they wanted.

If you’re currently a cam girl on Chaturbate, if not then read our guide here, and you want to be featured then you need to focus on the following.

Using Sex Toys to Game the Chaturbate Algorithm

If you watch any of the top cam girls on Chaturbate you’ll notice that every single one of them is using a Lovense Toy. This is not by accident. As mentioned above, if you have 5000 viewers who all have a 1 token balance in their accounts, then you will be further up the list than another cam girl that has 2 viewers with 50,000 tokens each in their accounts. Therefore what you want to be aiming for is to encourage users to top up their accounts even by tiny amounts. This is where the Lovense Lush 3 comes in.

Using this toy you can integrate control directly from Chaturbate as it’s supported. This allows you to map tips directly to the amount and duration of vibration. While there are other enticing ways to get a user to top up by a small amount, there is nothing else that a user will be more willing to spend 1 token on that causing the cam girl pleasure for a second. The more users that top up to make your Lovense Lush 3 vibrate, the higher you will go in the page list of Chaturbate and hopefully into the featured list.

Using Internal Tools to Game the Chaturbate Algorithm

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of how the Algorithm works and one key way to be able to game it using a toy. There are other ways that you can increase your likelihood of being in the featured list of Chaturbate.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, you want to get as many followers as possible. This will help to actively draw returning customers back again and again. Returning customers are more likely to have tokens given they have registered and are repeatedly visiting. Therefore the more people you can convince to follow you, the more likely you are to have users with tokens in your room. Simples.

Another simple way to increase token spend and therefore the amount of users with a token balance in your feed is to focus on both goals and a tip list. Having an overall goal will give users an incentive to all chip in to get across the line. The other way is by having a tip list. Just ensure that you offer something in return for 1-5 tokens. This small amount will entice new users to top up by a small amount and therefore push you up the ranks.

A great way to convert your followers is to get them onto a subscription. Get them onto a $10 or $20 a month subscription which gives them access to some exclusive content. This means that not only are you getting sustained monthly income, you’re also ensuring more people have tokens when they view your feed.

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