VISA/MC demonetizes PornHub/Mindgeek

credit cards visa and mastercard placed on top of the pornhub website

BREAKING: Visa and Mastercard payments are suspended on all of MindGeeks properties, including the following networks: PornHub, Brazzers, Reality Kings and MOFOS.

On Friday, July 29, a federal court issued a decision in ongoing litigation involving MindGeek, the owner of Pornhub and other websites. In this pre-trial decision, the court denied Visa’s motion to be removed from the case on a theory that Visa was complicit in MindGeek’s actions because Visa payment cards were used to pay for advertising on MindGeek sites, among other claims. We strongly disagree with this decision and are confident in our position.

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Visa

This is huge people. Since it’s a lawsuit, it can take FOREVER to get resolved. You will see your income plummet off those networks as soon as peoples balances runs out – if you haven’t already, so now is the time to start moving your content away from Pornhub and those platforms and move to a new one?

I recommend that you start your new hub profile with – they are creator centric, has most of the tools you need and the owners are super responsive to expanding the platform with features that creators need. They accept crypto, paypal and credit cards. They also give you 5% on any money spent by fans (even if it’s spent on you) if you use your referral link.


This article will be updated as the story unfolds, but this could have huge ramifications for the industry.

UPDATE: Aug, 07, 2022:
MindGeek continually refuses to comment on the matter, but if we remember back in 2020 when PornHub etc almost collapsed when the same happened, the action was to remove all unverified uploaded content, causing pornhub to loose 1/3 of it’s traffic.

What will they do now? No more ad revenue? The pending lawsuit can take years and we are seeing that any alternative payment method that is being used are being targeted hard:

What is the rammifications of this? Well for Creators that are using as a hub to upload their content, this is devastating news and they will need an alternative that allows them to showcase their hardcore videos to users. We know that OnlyFans allow softcore videos to free users, but even OnlyFans have been ratteling with the sword about hardcore adult content. They even first said they would outright ban all Creators and then later reversed their stance on this.

OnlyFans also recently announced that Pamela Anderson, Sky Ferreira and Paris Hilton will start in a slasher Movie they are producing.

If you read between the lines and look at the content that OnlyFans place on OF.TV – it’s quite clear that they are moving heavily away from Creators. I know I’ve said this before, but you should really pay attention to this if you are a webmaster referring models or a model creating content on their platform. They will ban adult eventually... and you better have an alternative when this happens.

I highly recommend that you start sending your models to and as a creator, that you create a profile and start moving your fans there. You can post everything your creator both places, but at least when the hammer hits on one platform, you aren’t cut off from your revenue stream entirely and can just focus on a new.

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