What are Chaturbate Tier 1, 2, and 3 Countries?

When you start into the world of running a cam site as an affiliate or becoming a cam girl. It’s important to understand that not all countries are created equal. When you’re targeting your market you need to ensure that you are getting users from the right countries. Targeting Chaturbate Tier 1 countries will make all the difference.

TLDR? No Problem, Watch Instead!

There are two reasons for this, if you are looing at the Pay Per Lead method, where Chaturbate (or Bongacams) are paying you for every free registration. You need to understand that you get less money as you move down the tiers. I’ve listed the Chaturbate payouts per registration below. Bongacams is similar except some tier one countries can pay as high as $4.50

Chaturbate Tier 1: $1 PPL

Netherlands, Antilles, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Falkland, Islands (Malvinas), Faroe Islands, France, United Kingdom, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Greenland, Ireland, Iceland, Jersey, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Qatar, Sweden, Singapore, San Marino, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States, United States Virgin Islands

Chaturbate Tier 2: $0.10 PPL

United Arab Emirates, Aruba, Brunei, Darussalam, Brazil, the Bahamas, Cyprus, Spain, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Isle of Man, Italy, South Korea, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Macau, Macao, French, Polynesia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Slovenia, British Virgin Islands

Chaturbate Tier 3: 0.01 PPL

Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Barbados, Bahrain, Cook Islands, Chile, Czech Republic, Estonia, Guam, Croatia, Hungary, India, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Lebanon, Lithuania, Latvia, Northern Mariana Islands, Malta, Mexico, New Caledonia, Oman, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Uruguay, Venezuela

A little warning from Chaturbate “We reserve the right to modify the countries belonging to each tier at any time without further notice to you.”

Does this matter if I’m doing RevShare instead of PPL?

Yes it does. So if you have decided that you want a 20% commission on the money these users spend on your new cam site. You might think that the above therefor does not apply. However it does, because of simple logic. There is a reason that Chaturbate and Bongacams pay more, or less, for different countries.

We’ve signed up 100’s of people from India for example, and earned about $4 in rev sharing from them. We’ve signed up 10 from the US at the start and earned $300 in two weeks from these ten users. These figures have increased but the point stands, the reason these countries are ranked in this manner is because of statistics, the further down the tiers, the less likely they are to spend.

And that…is the point.

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