What PPV price should I set for Onlyfans?

There are different ways where you can make money on Onlyfans; most Onlyfans creators rush to Onlyfans for uploading adult content and charge users for getting access to their content but they miss the opportunity that Onlyfans provide to use which is to use PPV (Pay-per-View) based content. How much should you charge for PPV on Onlyfans? That is an important question and should be asked by a creator.

PPV Onlyfans example:

I followed Onlyfans creators by paying them $9.99 a month. I was a big fan of his content. Before you decide how you charge for Onlyfans PPV, you should decide is your recorded content is different from the rest of the content available to fans? You can see in the screenshot given below;

An Onlyfans creator is charging $19.99 for a video he recorded with two 2 girls 


You see, $19.99 for a single video but this content is completely out of the box for his fans. This is what you need to do. Create content and then add a PPV only if it is the best content you ever created in your Onlyfans journey. 

The amount you charge on Onlyfans through PPV depends on different factors. The most significant thing to do while pricing your Onlyfans is to analyze the other content creators in your niche and how much they are charging. But here is not the end: influencers price their content according to their social media following, subscribers, popularity, etc. After collecting all of the data of influencers in your similar niche and same as your influence level, you can charge the same or less/more than them.

What is PPV (Pay per View) In Onlyfans?

Pay per view has its literal meaning, and it means getting paid on every view. There are many modes of earning money on Onlyfans, and PPV is one of them. There are two kinds of content creators on Onlyfans; one of them is those who charge only a subscription fee monthly, and then their subscribers can have access to all of their content.

The second kind of content creator is those who charge PPV and subscription fees; it typically applies to photos, videos, and audio. The content creator can send the photo or video, or audio to his subscriber with a particular amount. The subscriber has to pay that amount to view the photo or video.

What are Pay per View messages?

PPV messages are paid messages containing the photo or video messages by content creators. The content creators send a photo or video messages to their subscribers, which they can only view after paying the amount set by the content creator. The messages or content sent remains locked until you pay the money, and after paying the amount, the content is unlocked, and you can view the content of your favorite content creator.

The content creator can send the PPV messages to all subscribers or only to the subscribers they specifically want to. You can send a PPV message to your desired contact or subscriber by going to your messages and composing a message. After composing a message, attach the media, select the right price tag, and BOOM send it to your subscriber.

How much to charge on Onlyfans in terms of PPV?

There are various factors involved in pricing content in terms of PPV. It will help if you keep all of the factors in your mind while pricing PPV. The most important factors involved in rightly pricing PPV content are given as follows:

1. Video-Photo ratio:

As a content creator, you have to make a plan for how much content you are going to post and what form of content you are planning to post. If you are going to post video content more than photos, you are more likely to gain more capital than posting photos because the subscribers are mostly influenced by videos more than the photos.

2. Social Media Following:

Social media fan following is also a deciding factor for pricing your content. For instance, if you have millions of followers on your social media accounts, you can pull a lot of cash on Onlyfans. Bella Thorne is a very popular figure on Instagram and Onlyfans too. She has 22 million followers on Instagram, and she is charging $20 for her subscription to Onlyfans.

Bella Thorne is earning millions on Onlyfans because of her massive fan following on social media Onlyfanss. Suppose you possess a decent number of followers on social media Onlyfanss, i.e., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok, or any other social media Onlyfans. In that case, you can set a good amount of subscription fee on your profile as well as on your PPV content. But if you have fewer followers and few people know you, you should price your PPV content a bit lower to attract more subscribers.

3. Keep your fans in your mind:

The other factor which is directly linked to the pricing of the PPV content is your fan base. It will be fruitful if you keep your fans in mind while charging for PPV content because a content creator knows their fan’s mindset and how much they are willing to pay for their content.

If your subscribers and fans are willing to pay a high amount for your content, then you should set a high price for your pay-per-view content because everyone loves more money. However, if your fans are not willing to pay a high amount for your content, then you should charge a lesser amount. While charging less, you should focus on improving your content and consistency, which can ultimately lead to your success on Onlyfans.

4. Start low and upgrade gradually:

If you are new to Onlyfans and are creating spicy yet engaging content of high quality, consider starting low in pricing and then gradually upgrade your prices. While charging less amount and getting more subscribers is not a bad deal, dude. If your subscribers like your content and are impressed by the quality of your content, then you can increase your pricing on PPV.


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Using PPVS like a pro:

Earning money on Onlyfans is not limited to subscription fees only, but there are some other useful tools that can help you earn a lot of extra cash through Onlyfans, and PPV is one of them. Some of the best tricks for using PPVS like a pro are given as follows:

1. Saving your best content:

Obviously, if you send a PPV to all of your Onlyfans subscribers, all of them are not going to open it. So, save your best of the content while thinking of your subscribers and followers as a pyramid. Send your PPVS to those fans who are actually interested in you and in your content.

2. Advertise PPV on your feed:

Advertise your PPVS like a ceremony which can prove to be a success in a higher opening ratio. For instance, if you through your PPV as unannounced in the DMs of your followers, a limited number of subscribers will open it, but if you advertise your PPV on your feed, then there are more chances of success.

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