Why Should I become a webcam model – All questions answered

Are you still confused what you wants to become in Adult/Porn Industry? Should I become a webcam model – All questions answered. If you have come to this article that means that you are thinking of making some extra cash or are still not 100% sure about starting your camming career. Worry not, this article will cover all the questions you might have and I will try to answer them as detailed as possible. If you still think that you have a specific question that we might have missed then make sure to comment or Contact us , I will be happy to help you.

Since this website is about how to become a webcam model, so I will be more onto the pro side of this topic.

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What the benefits of becoming a camming or webcam model?


If you don’t know, webcam models make a outstanding annual income. Successful adult performers make in the range of 1 million dollars. I am not trying to influence you or anything with these numbers, an average decently popular webcam models can easily make ~$100,000/year. The message that I am trying to convey is that there is no upper limit on your daily,monthly or annual income. The more handwork you are willing to put the more money you will make. Unlike 9-5 job where you are paid a specific monthly wage, here you decide how much money you can make.

Note: Making money depends on many factors, this website is the best resource for you to educate yourself as a webcam model and start your journey on the path of becoming popular and successful.

Set your own schedule

I believe this is one of the best advantage that you get when you start your career as a camgirl. You can set your own hours when you will work. This sounds good but you wont get 100% freedom. You must be creative in your show. Since you know that you will make money with the number of hours you perform, so more hours means more money. Also you need to be professional when it comes to timings. If people know that your show is schedules for 4:00 PM then if you don’t show up that will directly impact the trust factor among your fans.

Get the love and feeling of being popular

Your fans will cherish you, give you gifts (if you have set up wishlist’s), give you compliments, and this feeling in itself is amazing.

Ok, now lets start with the questions that you might have in your mind.

How can I be anonymous? Will anyone who knows me find about me?

I am taking this question first because this is the biggest fear any newcomer has. Anyone starting their journey as a webcam model need the answer to this question. The answer is simply, “you don’t have to worry about anything”.

Here are the things no one will know about:

  1. You name
  2. You address
  3. Your identity

When you sign up on a camming network, you need to give your documents and all, but for your audience they will never ever get to know the real person on the other side of the screen. You have to set your alias name for the screen name so you can hide your identity.

The money that you will receive in your bank account will come from a company named as For example “ABC Media”. See you do not have to worry about having a keyword like “webcam” in the statement of your bank account. All popular webcam camming networks send you checks, payments and IRS forms under alternate names.

You also have the option of blocking states and countries. If you live in one particular country then you can easily block all the visitors of that country to find you. This way no one who knows you will ever find you. (Note: Make sure to check this feature before signing up on a camming network).

Do I have to get naked to make money as camming model?

No, definitely not. There are many people who are just looking for togetherness or friendship. They will pay you just to chat with them. Also if you are not comfortable in front of a camera then you can do sex chatting and get paid. Check our article on how to make money by sexchatting with people.

I am not that good-looking, can I still make money as a webcam model?

This is another very common question girls have. Don’t worry, there is a category for everyone. If you are fat then you can try BBW, if you are black then you can try black category, similarly for skinny, tall, short etc. There is audience for everyone, you just need to be passionate about your camming career. If you love to represent yourself in front of camera then you will make a limitless money from this.

What if someone records me on the show and shares the videos on the internet?

Yes, I agree this happens. There are many creepers out there who will record you and share the video on popular adult tube websites. To solve this problem there is a company that can help you. The job of this company is find any such video and get them removed from the internet as soon as possible. Check the full review here: Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management.

What if someone is rude or becomes offensive?

There are creepers everywhere. Sooner or later you will meet someone. Especially if you are a newbie they will bother you more because they know you wont know how to handle them. You might receive very nauseating private messages. If someone acts in a wrong way you have the option to leave the room.

Is this a regular source of guarantee income?

No, definitely not. Yes, in a 9-5 job you are paid a fixed salary every month, but here there are many factors which affect your daily or monthly income. Some factors are out of your control. someday you might be lucky and make hundreds of dollars within few hours. You will also witness days when you wont make any money at all. So be prepared, be smart, and read all the articles published here and follow the advise shared on this website to prevent that from happening.

The best thing you can do is to expand your income sources. Not just as a webcam models, every human on this planet must have multiple sources of income, otherwise luck can take a toll on you anyway. There are multiple ways of making money, check them out in our Webcam model section .

How soon will I make thousands of dollars?

If this is the question you are asking, then most probably webcam modelling career is not for you. Just like any other money-making method, it takes time, patience, dedication and hard work to reach the successful model milestone. Yes, the money-making opportunities are huge but you will have to build a solid foundation. Be consistent and work smart to reach that milestone as fast as possible. Bookmark this website, I will teach you inside tips, tricks, secrets that are not shared with everyone on how to become a successful money-making webcam model.

I hope you like this article on Should I become a webcam model

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