lets creators keep all earnings

This is a gamechanger for the creator Industry and I for one will be following this closely.

Yesterday I got this e-mail from

Newsletter from received on the 23rd of November 2022

Why is this a big deal? Because in effect, you could as an adult creator be taking home 105% of your earnings compared to someone like OnlyFans that only lets you keep 80%

Why 105%? It’s simple, follow this step by step guide and I guarantee that you will see your income increate by 25% compared to what you make with a competing platform.

  1. Create a user with
  2. Verify the account (duh)
  3. Complete the profile, post some content – you know do what you do on the other platforms.
  4. Grab your affiliate link:
  5. Invite your fans when you interact with them on platforms like OnlyFans, Fansly and so on. But make sure you use your affiliate code.
  6. As an added bonus, they pay 5% on creators as well, so if you have friends that are creators – make sure you invite them with your affiliate code too.

Isn’t it risky to move your fans to AdultNode? Is it allowed?

It’s your fans. It’s not he platforms fans. Lets get that straight: You own your fanbase.

If you are worried that isn’t going to work out for you, try and move part of your fanbase. I always advice against putting all your eggs into one basket, so you should keep using you other services. They have way more traffic also, but what you can do, is move your whales or maybe just move your new fans to – This earns you an extra 5% on their token purchases. That’s the 105% of what they spend that you get to keep (if they spent it on you of course, if they don’t down the road, you still get the 5% for nothing) and as an added bonus, this is for life!

How much money is an extra 25% to you as an adult creator?

That is what you should be asking yourself…. and once you come to the conclusion that it’s a lot:

Start moving your fans today!

Still want to know more? Content creators (and fans) can read more about adultnode by searching on this site.

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