HashTags from OnlyFans: How to Strengthen Your Marketing Plan

Tired of posting content on your OnlyFans profile but still without followers, views, likes, comments or haven’t even earned your desired set of money?

Just like in the real world, fans need PR specialists, promotion in the virtual world goes by your timeless friend called “Hashtags”.

This is one of the popular techniques which is used by the content creators as it helps in boosting the reach and also directly enhances the followers. In this article, we will discuss the ways which will help to enhance the promotional strategy by using the Only Fans HashTags. 

Top 50 Best Onlyfans Hashtags for Twitter, Instagram & Tiktok (2022)

What are Hashtags? 

Hashtags are simply the # sign plus a keyword. For Example = #blondegirl. Mind you, Hashtags CANNOT use dots (.), symbols ([email protected]+=) or spaces in any circumstances. But they CAN contain emojis, underscores (_), upper and lower case letters and numbers.

They are put across as captions or descriptions of any of your media posted on your OnlyFan or any other social media profile. You can also follow hashtags to get contents of various social media profiles with a single hashtag search. So if someone was following the #blondegirl hashtag and you made a post with ‘#blondegirl’ in the caption, those people might find your content. It helps the people to find the content very easily.

What is the need for Hashtags for OnlyFans promotion

The need for using Hashtags has arisen in this digital marketing age because it has various advantages associated with it. Some of them are- 

Benefits of using hashtags

How many hashtags should you use for better promotion? 

It’s obvious to have this question in our minds since there is an ocean of hashtags swimming in the software and we need to be selective in order to avoid the flood of hashtags. You don’t also want to look like a wannabe.

This is why Instagram and Twitter are both limited to 30 hashtags in either a post or a comment. But I recommend you to use all 30 of them because of simple logic, more hashtags, more traffic or either use a minimum of 10.

Keep these important things in mind while using hashtags-

List of Top OnlyFans hashtags 

Top OnlyFans hashtags for Instagram

Top Twitter OnlyFans hashtags 

Most Popular hashtags for Onlyfans

Most trending hashtags for Onlyfans

What are the different hashtags categories 

Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags come to use when any event gets hold of public eye and becomes popular within a few hours of posting online. Some historical examples of these trending events are super-bowl, pride week, the ‘C virus’ or even large public protests. You, as content creator, can grab hold of this opportunity to drive this once-in-a-while traffic to even your profile by creating content related to relevant hashtags, however trivial it may be. These hashtags fits on the popular adage “When opportunity knocks at your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be”.

Example hashtags: #worldcup  #BLM #prideweek

Niche and Sub-niche Hashtags

Niche and sub-niche hashtags help you to narrow down your research options of hashtags by finding specific hashtags related to one’s own content. They are either related broadly (eg #blondegirl) or specifically as sub-niche hashtag(Lilly).You can also use online tools like  http://hashtagify.me, https://displaypurposes.com to ease out your work.

Examples of niche hashtags are #bbw, #pawg , #gamergirl and so on.

Viral Hashtags

These are super popular hashtags, even more than the trending hashtags, with more than 100 million posts. Pro tip is you should steer away from these sort of hashtags as they are over-saturated in terms of usage. As a result, your post would remain just like any other post in the market without catching the public eye.

Example viral hashtags: #love #instagood #cute #follow #followme #happy #photo

Emotion Hashtags

Humans are endowed with the ability to feel and respond unlike inanimate things. That’s why emotions form a key component of human existence which is now capitalized by the social media world. Through the emotion hashtags it would be easy to enhance the reach of your content to the target audience. 

Hence, you can dwell into emotional hashtags when your content is evoking some sort of emotion and you are not able to reach the limit of 30 hashtags.

 For instance, if you’re smiling in your picture add a #happy hashtag.


I hope you will try out these hashtags next time you post anything on your social media. I assure you the results would be ravishing. You can also find already researched hashtags at https://best-hashtags.com.  But if you still don’t want to engage in this research work of hashtags, you can hire a freelancer to do this job for you. Freelancers can easily enhance the reach of your content by using the different hashtags which will not only increase the followers but also the views on the content. So, we can say that yes hashtags are good to be used as it helps in overall promotion of the activities. If hashtags are used at the right place then the right target audience can be reached. So, never miss to use the hashtags if you really want to enhance the reach of your content and if you want to enhance the followers. 


Do hashtags work on Onlyfans?

No, Hashtags are a universal mechanism available on every social media platform like Insta, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok as well as OnlyFans. This is because they serve the same purpose of promotion everywhere.

What are the good hashtags for Onlyfans?

Good hashtags for your OnlyFans posts are those which are related to your niche, sub-niche as well as content style. So if you are into furry sexual content, hashtags related to the same like #furrydaddy, #furrypokemon will be good for your publicity.

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