How To Generate Organic Traffic To Your Adult Website

So you have created a new adult website and you are looking for a free organic traffic to it? Every adult webmaster wants traffic, because without any visitors you will not earn money at all. If you have a quality content, there are bigger chances that you will make decent money. Porn is a very, very big and competitive market. So if your content is average, repeat material that can be found on thousands of websites, then visitors will probably not come back to your website.

At the core of it is this: never expect to gain traffic simply because we build a webpage. I am saying this because most of us hold the opinion that, “I have just built a website, I am slowing getting traffic. I expect to get more as I add more pages to my site.” The reality is this: in order for any of us to get traffic, someone somewhere had to renounce traffic for us. Why? Because, had we not written our webpage, that traffic would have gone to him. More content is not always more traffic, but quality and fresh content catch traffic. Gone are the days when websites are few and searches generous. Nowadays everybody and his uncle has a site or blog, all hungry for traffic, but the population just can not grow fast enough to provide so much traffic to so many.

There are thousands of webmasters that start their sites without any funds to buy the traffic, so I created this guide article for them. you can generate a completely free and organic traffic to your website. I am here to help you guys. Below are my best tips on how to drive traffic to your adult website completely for free. I use all these methods to send a ton of free traffic to my websites every single day.

There are many events by you can use bloat out the traffic on your website. I am going to give some events which are really practical to make achievable to you gain the traffic on the website. Social Media Marketing is one of advanced system to sustain of website. By creating the expanse of different social media sites you can make improved the traffic of your website. Search Engine Optimization, link building and post adds also really useful to get the traffic on the web site.

You should probably do all the most obvious things first, some might be more suitable than others depending on the type of site you have. But you could try these:

Content Is King

Content is what bring you traffic. As you write more topics and expand your website, you will get more traffic. I would just like to add one more thing. When you create your content, make sure you write for your readers and not the search engines. Many times people would “optimize” their content to get a better rank in search engines. Search engines will only index your site. Readers are the ones that will make you the money… eventually.

Add unique and fresh content continuously to your adult site. Unique content is exactly what those two words describe. It is original, and not copied from another source. If you simply rewrite one post, I call it a rewrite and not unique. When you attempt to write unique, high-quality content, you need to be genuine and write about a topic that you really like. People want to connect with a real person, not a robot or an article spinner. It is also very important to create value for your audience instead of merely selling a product or a service to your prospective customers. If you have a video tube site, add at least some scene descriptions for your clips to make it unique. Once you do this, in combination with a good social marketing strategy and SEO techniques, traffic will naturally come to your site.

Optimize Your Porn Website

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO ) is optimizing a website as high as possible in the search engines. The goal is of course the first spot in Google for the free results. This is also called organic search results within Google. Without SEO you will not earn any money as your site is unknown for everyone. SEO helps the search engines figure out what a web page is about, and how it may be useful for users. It gives visibility to a website among people and increase popularity of that website as well.

First you have to start posting at least daily. The real key for success is posting repeatedly unique and quality content. Use descriptive and unique titles containing the keywords (but do not abuse). Google gives importance to H1 and H2 in blog posts, so use them smartly. Use ALT tags for each picture: each picture title should contain your pointing keywords. Take care of the long tail keywords and consider the keyword difficulty: you can reach some good results with some longtails rather than with the simple ones.

No point focusing on the big terms like “gay porn”, you will not stand a chance if your site is brand new. Go for longtail instead something like “gay interracial porn”.

Content is everything. Good quality, unique and regular new posts. You definitely can not just copy ready made text or collages. It has to attract and engage people.

I would also suggest you make it less about selling a membership from every video post and more about running an informative and interesting site. Do not make every single post an affiliate post. Create content that is useful and entertaining, content that does not just sell a membership.

Many affiliates seem to think that every single post should have a link to a site and posts that do not will never make you money. In reality, those posts without links, being informative and genuinely interesting to readers (showing that you are not just flogging them porn), will increase your traffic overall, which in-turn increases the opportunity to sell through one of the posts linking out.

Get Backlinks

Relevant backlinks refer to links built from pertinent webpages with the same niche and with good authority. This helps to build high quality backlinks for your website and your backlinks receive greater link juice for your keyword rankings. Avoiding link farms, duplicate contents and webpages with irrelevant backlinks are some of the major criteria to build high quality relevant backlinks for your website.

Search for the forums, blogs and video sites which are in your niche. I think this would be enough to build your backlinks. You can start with guest posting, listing your business in some quality niche directories and start to post about your site on the relevant forums. Apart from these strategies, you can look around the sites in your niche and request to submit a press release about your site.

Basically, look around in your niche for places to get links. Look at what the top ranked porn sites are doing. Also look in closely related niches.

Engage With Social Media

Create a Twitter account and a Tumblr too. Every time you post share that content on those platforms with images that draw people in. Make those two accounts fun in their own right.

Use popular hashtags, of course make sure that they are relevant to your niche. Follow users that follow accounts related to your own one. Let’s say you have a website in a big ass niche, then find accounts in the same or similar niche and follow their followers. Not all of them will follow you back, but if your social media account has a great content, they will follow you, retweet or re-blog your posts and visit your main porn site.

You have to post daily some hot pictures or gifs, otherwise some of your current followers will unfollow your account or blog. You can also ask other webmasters that own some great porn social accounts for an exchange, they will retweet or re-blog your posts and you will do the same for them. It is a really fantastic way to gain new adult followers. Check out some huge porn accounts that have a big following, examine why they have so many followers and try to repeat some of their ideas on your own accounts. From my experience, Tumblr has a high quality traffic. But it is very easy to get your account deleted once you are caught doing affiliate marketing things.

Do not just be the guy standing in the corner of the room with a megaphone screaming at people to come and buy stuff. Like I said, post daily some content but do not include links in every post. Engage with other users, engage with performers you just featured, create content that is actually interesting and compelling rather than just trying to sell a membership to a site. The buyer knows the game and they have little interest in just being sold to.

Get Traffic From Reddit

Sign up on Reddit to boost traffic to your adult site. You can gain a hell a lot of visitors from this fantastic website but only if you do it right. Once the subreddit peacemaker catch you spamming your links, they will never forgive you. Never.

Horny redditors are looking for some porn on a daily basis so no wonder that there are many great nsfw subreddits where you can post your own porn tube. Just submitting your link to any of these porn subreddits can bring you thousands of visitors per day. Please check out my article titled How To Get Traffic From Reddit To Your Adult Website  for more information on how to generate traffic for free from Reddit.

Get Links In Your Niche

You can easily find other sites relevant to you on Google. Best way to find non automated sites, is finding a site managed by actual webmasters. For this you just need to perform a simple search in Google.

Ask the owner of the website about the link exchange with your site. If your site does not have too many visitors, it will not get you much traffic though, see it as a long term investment.

Start posting your site to directories and porn list sites to get a decent amount of traffic as a start.

Tube Uploading

You are free to upload watermarked videos with your domain on the biggest porn tube sites. There are tubes that allow you to add a link to your site.

Do not add the full clip scenes, but cut them to be short, so visitors will visit your site for more content. Make sure you choose a unique title so it can be easily found on the search engine sites. Upload at least a few videos on as many sites as you can. The most famous porn sites generate over million visits each day, so why not get some free traffic from them.

Porn Forums

Most of the porn forums allow you to put links in your signature. You can also add watermarked pictures and videos in threads. Create an account and make some useful posts before you start promoting your sites. Do not be too aggressive with it because moderators will terminate your account.

Traffic exchanges

I recommend you to use the following sites to trade your adult traffic with other webmasters:

  • PlugRush
  • Linkspun
  • TraffDAQ

These sites are very easy to use, the most importantly you can gain loads of traffic for free. Traffic trade is another tremendous way to get your site in front of thousands people.

Image Porn Sites

Submit watermarked porn pictures to these image porn sites:


These days, almost all TGP sites are dead or do not have any traffic, only sites mentioned above can drive you quality traffic and make you some great money. You will waste your time adding any content to the other image websites.

Review Sites

Do you have a porn paysite? Then you should definitely get reviews on all these websites:


They all accept only paysites, so you can not submit your free site for a review there. They do not send a lot of traffic, but I have to admit that they convert very well.

Top Lists and Dumps

Dump sites list the best porn sites and sort them into many categories. Here are some of them:


Contact the site owners and suggest your porn sites. They may ask you about placing a backlink.

Porn Pin Sites

Webmasters should also consider promoting their sites on porn pin sites:


Just upload some watermarked pictures or GIFs and add your website link. Users will click on the links to see more content. Do not be too spammy.


Search engine optimization can definitely help a lot but the problem is the matter of time because in nearly all cases, SEO is considered to be very time-consuming, requiring weeks and months of constant work before real outcomes are achieved. As per my comprehension organic and genuine traffic is good enough to move you up gradually. It may take little time but will remain with you forever.

Through adding fresh contents to your website and in the meanwhile using social media sites, you will be able to spread the word about your site efficiently, redirecting strong flows of traffic to your content pages and even winning some links. There are directories online and if you add your URL to a few of them, moderately your ranks on search engines too will improve considerably.

Please share your own ideas and suggestions on the other ways of getting free traffic in the comments.

I hope you like this article on How To Generate Organic Traffic To Your Adult Website.

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