How to send emails in bulk virtually free

There are a lot of mailing providers out there and it’s a jungle. Believe me, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on different mailing solutions over the last couple of years… that is, until someone turned me on to Sendy.

It’s amazing, simple, beautiful and easy to use, no hiccups and it can handle 99% of all use cases you can come up with. And the price! Oh man. Nothing comes close to even beating it it, and this isn’t one of those scams where you get some cheap service that won’t run (like a dreamhost VPS lol).

This is an article that will show you with examples, why sending mails with this method is more than ten times cheaper than all providers you will find on page one of Google when you search for “bulk e-mail service”. Even those that claims it’s free, because let me tell you this my friends – if they claim it’s free, you are the product and they will hinder your money making progress in a big way. So read on, you can afford it, believe me!

Let’s start with comparing some prices here. For argument’s sake let’s say you have a list of 20.000 e-mails.

MailChimp will set you back $159 a month + more when you start to actually mail people and need some features, it’s crazy!

mailchimp pricing example

YNot mail is even worse, they charge you $40 just to get started and that won’t even get you a single campaign out the door, you also need to contact them to get a price (don’t worry, I have a price example below this image):

ynotmail pricing example

On top of that, I’ve used Ynot mail and their delivery rate is terrible. Last time I used them my rate was 75K a month and they charged me $199 a month for that. Can you believe it? I actually had to time my campaigns around when the monthly limit would reset. How lame!

Why is Sendy so cheap? Because it’s an (awesome) script that runs on top of Amazon SES.

With Amazon SES you get 10K mails sent for $1. With Sendy you pay a one time fee for $59 for a license and you are good to go. Sure you need to get setup with SES and you need to install the script on a server. If you don’t want to to do this (it’s really easy if you follow their get started guide) you can pay a one time fee of $79 and the scriptwriter (Ben) will do it for you.

You can do it on an EC2 with Amazon AWS, that is the cheapest solution out there. Check this out:

example of my amazon aws costs

The cost of around $13 a month is what it costs me to run the server with SES (EC2, elastic IP etc). Sending out mails costs looks like this:

example of my amazon simple email service (SES) costs over time

As you can guess, June wasn’t a big mailing month. But you can send A LOT of mails every day if you need to, even if you need a higher limit, just request it and Amazon will increase it here is mine from today:

example of my amazon ses limits

Back to the price point and why Sendy is the only real solution for mailing for affiliate marketers…

In April I sent around 100K mails, in May I did around 65K and June only 25K (vacation time baby) and now for July I’m starting up again with this killer guide for you guys.

If you aren’t convinced that you need to use Sendy for your all your bulk mailing needs, be it adult mailing, affiliate marketing, mainstream newsletters, loveletters or you name it – I don’t know what would convince you. But read on my friends.

Like I wrote and proved above, I sent out over 100K mails in April. Lets see what that would cost me with different services:

WEbFX $3000 – Campaign Monitor $989 – Mailchimp $499 – Ynotmail $249

Price to send 100,000 e-mails with Sendy including everything:


That’s $0.0002445 per e-mail – and if you send more, it gets cheaper, because the base price for sending mail is $0.0001 per mail!

Get Sendy today!

Let’s talk about opening rate. Check out these newsletter numbers for opening rates on one of my lists:

table displaying the opening and click rate of my campaigns with Sendy bulk mailing solution

Now click rates depends on your newsletter skills and most of you have probably seen mine, I’m not great hahah – but the opening rate shows you how good your system is at getting your mail inboxed….

And above 20% average is good (the top one has a low opening rate since it was just sent out and people haven’t had a chance to check their mail yet, it will go up) for my industry. As an average in the Media industry, the opening rate is 17.58% and the CTR is around 2.5% so I’m not doing too bad with my mails.

At this point I’m not sure what else to say. Other than I want to help you succeed, so feel free to join my newsletter (powered by Sendy ? ) or e-mail me any time.

Go and Get Sendy today!

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