Start Selling Content on Customs4U and Make Money

If you are looking for the most popular custom  video selling platform in the internet then you must have to go with Customs4u.

You can make money from your adult clips  by using this great platform.​

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What is Customs4u?

Customs4U is a website which offers adult videos that have specialization in custom content demands.

Custom Content creates more cash than an ordinary video sale, because of the item being customized and personalized to the client’s requirements.

You correspondingly find the opportunity to get a few deals which you normally wouldn’t get, due to not having the correct type of content that the client is searching for.

Custom content pays a good amount as well as can be utilized for motivation on future substance.

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What is required To Get Started?

Getting started with Customs4U is fast and uncomplicated. The only criterion is that you’re eighteen years of age or more. To use this you must have to be Adult.

There is no need to worry, as all your personal information is kept private. Once your record is endorsed, you will be able to setup your profile and begin performing.

There is no interview or meeting, but you will be required to go through the verification process. You’ll need an electronic copy of personal ID for this.

Higher is the quality of production gear and software, the better quality item you can create.

Despite the fact that this isn’t a necessity, any investment can be made by you in updating the equipment and it will at last benefit you with significant profit.

Having large-scale variety of toys, undergarments and different props will enable you to make a considerably broader scope of content and furthermore improve your shows and ultimately income.

You’ll additionally need some material to upload and offer at the beginning. On the off chance that you’ve got some content to upload, at that point you’re on the ball.

If not, you have to begin delivering a few recordings. Providentially, you can, in any case, profit off by offering custom content demands while you develop your video clips to sell.

How much Money Do Customs4U Models Make?

The earning prospective differs from model to model and also the amount of attractiveness you produce in your videos.

There are many variables that influence what a model’s earning potentially is.

Having higher quality content and more content will come at last prompt more sales.

It entirely depends on you to choose whether you want to gain expertise on a particular type of fetish or want to provide a wide variety of content to your clients.

Both the routes will be beneficial. End decision is yours!

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Different variables that effect a model’s earning potential is age, physical appearance, how well they’re ready to do their promotion, personality, how your fans and potential clients see you’re your following outside of Customs4U and an extensive variety of different factors.

In case you’re savvy and shrewd, you’ll clear a path for more cash than a model, which just uploads two or three videos and hopes to get rich easily.

Majority of revenue generated is given to the model. Customs4U supplies all the payment handling, delivery of content, processing, model support and client support.

Here’s the percentage of income the model gets for each kind of service:

  • Customs = 70%
  • Webcam shows = 60%
  • Video clips = 70%
  • Tips and tributes = 75%

How Are Payments Made?

Customs4U pays out models using Payoneer. Payoneer is a payment processor, like PayPal, that can be utilized to send or get funds.

Models are likewise can get an express payout for a 5% fee. Express payouts can take up to 3 days, however, are paid within 24 hours of the request.

From Payoneer, you can send the cash specifically to your bank account. Free payments are made within two weeks of hitting the base payout of $20.

Offering Custom Content Requests

Custom substance demands are the one noteworthy component of Customs4U. If you are a seller who acknowledges custom content demands, you’ll be listed in Customs segment of the site.

On your profile, there will be a pack of tags stating the kind of content you’re willing to create.

This will enable the client to sort out the unique interests, props and different components they want to be included in your custom content.

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Offering Your Adult Video Clips

Video selling is an awesome way of paying, as every continent that you have made available for sale has intent to get you money for your entire life.

Now, making money by selling video clips is easy. Apart from selling custom requests, you can upload some other video content too.

Your recordings available for sale will be posted on your profile and clip search menu.

If your quality of content if better then you have better chances of making a good money.

Get Paid for Accepting Tips and Tributes

You can get paid with the feature of tipping and tributes by your followers giving you tips apart from getting paid for selling videos.

Models likewise make an extra 5% on all tips and tributes. Since getting tipped doesn’t require any effort on your end, it’s free cash!

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Studios Wanted! Make A Studio Account

In case you’re a studio with adult video content available to be purchased, Customs4U enables you to create a studio account.

On the off chance that you know what date the shoots are going to be and the kind of content will be shot, book sales ahead of time.

Studio accounts can do everything an individual account can do, in addition to one extra important feature. They can offer pre-sales for future shoots.

Studio accounts can book custom content requests for in the interest of the models.

All you need to do is tell the price per minute, resolution of the video you are going to shoot and the date of a shoot with the delivery time.

Give your fans the alternative of picking what performers they’d like featured in the video.

Customs4u alternatives

Customs4u is one of the platform where you can sell custom adult video content.

Although not considered the best, but yes it is a good platform for selling adult clips.

The recommended networks are Manyvids and clips4sale.​

The network I recommend is Manyvids as this is the best network in terms of traffic and sale volumes. Also all the top camgirls, and adult pornstars are present here so this is why you will find customers flocking for video content.​

The best part about selling adult video clips is that you are not limited to just one platform. See all these video marketplaces have an audience of their own. And also they don’t have specific rules where you can only sell video on that platform. So once you make a video, you must upload it to as many platforms as possible to get maximum video sales.

Make Money Money As an Affiliate

You are not only limited to make money through selling video clips.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you can refer customers through your affiliate links, so whatever they end up buying you will get a commission. All this can be done free of cost.​

SingUp As A Customs4U Model Today

Are you ready to start as a Customs4U model? SignUp for Customs4U today to start earning. The procedure is simple.

On approval, you can begin performing immediately. Upload and offer your adult videos and get paid for custom content demands. Until you are not approved you are not eligible to upload anything to site to sell.

Customs4U gives all of you the devices and assets you require as an amateur porn maker.


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