The Best Solution in The Cam Industry : xShows

The Best Solution in The Cam Industry xShows

If you are looking for the best solution in the cam industry then you are landed on the right page today. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, webcam model, or an aspiring entrepreneur, starting your own webcam site is the best way to set up a cash cow machine today. If you have been following our posts, you must be knowing that a turnkey webcam script can make this dream a reality.

It’s fairly simple, isn’t it?

  1. Purchase a decent adult webcam script,
  2. Host it on an adult web-server of your choice,
  3. Setup your website using a graphical user interface,
  4. Hire and invite adult webcam models to sign up and, 
  5. Start driving traffic to generate revenue with your business. 

This is what we have been doing with our legendary webcam script – the xCams

With xCams we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to set up their webcam modeling site. We made it possible for these brilliant minds to claim their share from the massive adult webcam industry, which holds the giants like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, BongaCams, and others.

After all, who would not want to generate maximum revenue from such a massive market, that too without spending sleepless nights in developing a camming website from scratch?

That’s what a normal cambuilder script should do for entrepreneurs like you. A script like xCams is all about taking all your hassles away and delivering the best adult webcam solution in the least possible investment.

What is xShows?

xShows is a turnkey script that can build a live webcam site with multiple channels of revenue and model sourcing. The AWEmipre Blacklabel pulls cam shows from LiveJasmin and presents them to your users as your own native shows. The Whitelabel API, however, lets you embed a show preview, which redirects users to the original site where you earn affiliate commissions if they purchase tokens.

You can have native models with native revenue channels, and third-party models with affiliate revenue channels.

xShows has integrated multiple Whitelabel APIs from top webcam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams, xlovecams, Stripchat into its service. You can run a webcam site without necessarily needing to hire models under your company. Choose your preferred package to get one or all of the channels to maximize your prospects.

But…Hiring adult models is still a headache, isn’t it?

Okay, xCams did 90% of the tasks. 

It gave you the best webcam site you could think of, but you still need to hire webcam models on your site before you can proceed with driving traffic to it. So how are you going to do it?

In fact, no users would visit your website if you don’t have models on it, and no model would sign up on your website if you can’t give them traffic. It’s a classical chicken-and-egg problem right here. 

No doubt, it is possible to attract as many models to a newly built website with proper marketing and launch with a boom. However, the question is- are you going to do that? 

Not every entrepreneur has the budget for big marketing campaigns and endorsements from the influencers. Today, everyone knows about Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and BongaCams, but they spent a fortune to get this fame. Not everyone can afford that level of PR.

That’s where you can rely on our newest Multicam script, which will take away not just your hassle of website development but also hiring adult webcam models for it. It’s something that can get you thousands of live webcam models right from the first day of your launch. In short, you will be making money from the first day of your launch. 

Introducing xShows – An adult webcam script with models onboard

The xShows is our latest cambuilder script with multi-role capabilities out of the box, that’s why the name – Multicam script. It’s our webcam script with model APIthat takes away your biggest hassle.

You can rely on xShows to build your webcam site, while it will also automate an array of after-launch responsibilities- such as hiring professional webcam models for your newly launched site and setting up the most advanced revenue channels to generate income from multiple sources.

What is a Multicam Cambuilder Script?

A Multicam script like xShows can build your webcam site with multiple revenue channels and multiple channels for model sourcing. With a respective xShows package from Adent, you can build a webcam site with up to three different business models, to be precise: 

  • Native model: With native revenue channels, you can hire your webcam models and generate revenue by charging commission from whatever your models earn. For native models, the website will have all possible revenue channels such as tokens, tips, private chat, public chat, eCommerce selling, etc.  
  • Whitelabel API model: If you don’t want to hire your models, you can use the Whitelabel API to pull thousands of live models from popular webcam sites like Bongacams, Chaturbate, Stripchat, and xLovecams. Here, you can redirect your traffic to other webcam sites and earn affiliate commissions if your referred users purchase tokens from them.  
  • Blacklabel API model: If you don’t want to hire in-house models, but want to generate a bigger income than just affiliate commissions, you can pull live models from LiveJasmin using AWEmpire blacklabel API. This special API will embed LiveJasmin’s live shows on your website and allow your users to watch the shows without leaving your website. Your users won’t even realize that they are viewing LiveJasmin’s models on your website. Besides, your users can purchase tokens from your website and send tips to these models.

xShows – The Complete Multicam Package

The Best Solution in The Cam Industry xShows

You can run a webcam site without necessarily hiring in-house models under your company’s contract. xShows comes in two different packages, which offer two different business models. You can choose your preferred package to get adult webcam script with models and above-discussed channels to maximize your prospects. Package details are as follows:

xShows Pro: Comes with Blacklable API + Live Cam Softwre. In short, you can enjoy all of the following benefits with just one script:

  • Have native webcam models with native revenue channels
  • Have LiveJasmin models with affiliate revenue channels 

xShows Lite: Supports Whitelabel API model details of which are in the comparison below.

Difference between xShows Lite (Whitelabel) Vs xShows Pro (Backlabel)

xShows LitexShows Pro
– Models integrated from 4 different cam networks– Models integrated from AWEmpire LiveJasmin
– Redirect traffic back to the original cam site– No redirect to the LiveJasmin website. Keep your traffic on your website
– Make money via affiliate commissions on user signups & token sales– Your users won’t even know that models are from LiveJasmin database
– Fully customizable.– Make double income – Commission from token sales + Your own models streaming alongside LiveJasmin models.
– Integrate different promo tools from different cam networks to boost sales.– Fully customizable.
 – Modify or Integrate any third-party tools to boost sales.

How is xShows different from xCams?

xCams is one of the best adult webcam solutions for website development. On the other hand, xShows goes a step beyond by offering not just a turnkey webcam solution, but also webcam models sourcing solution. Let’s compare xCams with the two versions of xShows -Lite and Pro.

The Best Solution in The Cam Industry xShows

How much can you earn with xShows?

Affiliate income With AWEmpire Blacklabel:

Assuming $1 = 1 credit

If you bring in 500 users per day and 300 of those users purchase at least 2 credits each, you generate-

  • 600 credits Per Day
  • 18,000 credits Per Month

AWEmpire pays 45% commission if you are generating more than 18,000 credit purchases.

  • 45% of 18,000 credits = 8,100 credits (i.e. $8,100).
  • You can easily make over $8,100 per month without managing any in-house models.

Native income from your own models:

Assuming private chat costs 4.99 per minute, and have a 25% conversion rate

If you have 10 models performing 4 days a week for 5 hours each day, you sell-

  • 12000 minutes of private chat in a Week

If you make $60,000 per month of total revenue and payout 80% to the models –

  • Your net revenue will be around $12000 Per Month

Total income via AWEmpire Affiliate + Your Own Models:

Your AWEmpire affiliate sales = $8,100

Revenue from your own models = $12,000

Total Monthly Income = $20,100

After business expenses, you will easily have a net profit = $17,000 Per Month.

Note: We have not factored the income from selling Videos clips, Photo Albums, Social media Access, and the gifts from the fans.

Why xShows is the best choice to build a cam site?

With any other competent webcam script, you get a ready-made website, but you still go through the hassle of hiring in-house models. Trust me, hiring adult webcam models for your website is not an easy job. In fact, we get hundreds of enrollments in our model recruitment training program each month, just because hiring in-house models is a big hassle. Especially for new entrepreneurs who are unaware of corporate and legal complexities of hiring adult models. 

With xShows, you get instant adult models from 3rd party sites and you need not have to look for models to start making money from your webcam site. For example, the xShows Pro gives webcam script with model API to pull thousands of models from LiveJasmin’s database and embed them on your website. Besides, you can still hire and add your in-house models with native channels if you want.  

Hence, xShows is a complete package of everything that a general webcam script offers, apart from extra model APIs that only xShows give in the market.

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