10+ Top WordPress Themes for Adult and Pornographic Websites

Looking for the best adult wordpress themes?

You are at the right place.

When You make a Porn Website then it is advised that it should be built on WordPress as it is an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress on its own does not appeal great so everybody uses a theme which is installed.

If you have made an adult content related Website and you are looking for some of the best adult related themes for your site then you are in the right place.

There are many WordPress themes out there which can easily confuse anyone to choose hence, we have compiled a list of some of the best themes on your behalf with some great features.

It is easier to create a site with the theme that’s been designed for adult sites only rather than making a site from other categories of themes.

Adult site themes are unique on its own hence, you will need to change things about them for your own purpose with some editing.

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Adult WordPress Themes (2022): Top 10 Best Porn Themes

1. RetroTube by WP-Script

Best Overall  

WP-Script is one of the leaders in the business of adult WordPress themes.

They have more than 4000 active members and 20000 Websites created through their themes with which you can easily understand how valuable this product is.

RetroTube provides a free HTML5 video player which works great and it also helps you bring videos from other popular tube sites by the addition of WPS mass embedder plugin (not included).

It also helps you to track URLs which is an important feature.

It also allows you to watermark all videos automatically to make your brand recognizable.

It has other valuable features as well as lifetime updates for free and only for the price of $49.

2. ZingTube by XWP themes

Best Overall Budget 

ZingTube is another of the leading designers in adult themes.

It is a very fast theme as it fully loads in less than 4 seconds.

This theme has great bootstrap 3 technology and it has a nice global appreciation all over the world.

This theme has great features too and it offers multiple thumbnails for the videos.

This theme gives a feel of fun and value for price even though it is one of the most priced themes in this list.

It has easy to use features even for the new web creators as it has an import tool which helps the creators to get the videos from other sites easily.

It offers its services for $79.99 but it is mostly available on sale for some nice discounts.

3. EasyTube by AdultWPThemes

Best Overall Quality 

EasyTube by AdultWPThemes is also another fast theme as it loads under two seconds and has an average of Under 3 MB size which makes it one of the fastest themes.

This theme works on phones and tablets but it has a page size problem for some phones and it has a user side cache problem which makes it slower for the phone user in comparison with tablet and laptops.

EasyTube makes it easier for users to engage with social media as it takes a social media page and allows users to like its content.

It also has a feature similar to Google of ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ as it takes users on a random page on its site.

It offers its services for $39 only which is a great price for the services that you will receive.

4. Play by TubeAce

Play by TubeAce is another great theme for the adult Websites and its specialty is it’s a free theme for its users which is a great thing for you.

Play is a fast theme as it has minimal approach and most of its pages are lightweight.

It has some great features as it comes with great customization options with them you can make your site to your own visual style.

Most of its options are available in other themes as well but it offers them in a really great organized way as they are available in the admin area.

It also offers its users to review the videos with ratings. This theme is also suited with WooCommerce which helps you sell your products.

5. Zozo Play by MyTubePress

This is also a great adult theme which is a search engine friendly theme meaning it is easier to find on the search engines.

This theme allows you to create a page on which you can get the user submissions, which is helpful to create a community adult site like Pornhub and xvideos.

If you make a community Website then it is easier to get the money.

It also helps you to integrate with buddypress which also helps you to create a community porn Website.

If you do not want to add the user submission then that is alright too, you can upload your own videos that you want to upload on the site and add them in a custom HTML5 player.

It provides its features for $39 for a single site.

6. Bang themes by AdultWPThemes

Bang themes is also made by AdultWPThemes and it is a great Adult tube theme as it does not offer just a single theme and they offer various WordPress porn themes for the users to choose.

This feature lets you choose the perfect theme that you want for your Website.

All of the themes that bang themes offer are quite different from each other’s and it helps to create different kinds of adult business Websites like for different porn stars, escort services and of course adult film Websites.

These themes can also run on mobile devices which makes it great for a bigger market for the content that you want to show on your Website.

Price: $30-$35

7. KolorTube by WP-Script

Kolortube theme is also a nice theme by WP-Script. This is a special theme which was designed by keeping the adult sites in mind.

This is the theme which helps you to create SEO-friendly Websites with easy to upload the content features.

This theme offers the option to change the overall color of the theme which helps you to create whatever design and color that you want for your Website with just a single option.

It also helps in positioning the advertisements on the places which are most profitable for the adult Websites.

It is a well-suited theme with most of the plugins which means that this theme can grow with the growth of your Website.

The price for this theme is $49 for a single site, $69 for 5 sites and $99 for unlimited sites.

8. Easy Tube by MyTubePress

Easy Tube is another great theme for the adult tube content.

Websites like Xhamster use easy tube for their work. You can make changes and your own variations through the various options on the theme page.

It has features like user uploads which helps create the community porn sites like Pornhub.

It also has fully automated features as well and of course it is also suited for your own video uploads.

It is pretty easy to make categories in this theme so that users can easily find the content that they are looking for.

It is also well-suited for all the WordPress plugins which helps you add functions to stay updated with your customers.

It comes in the normal price range of less than $50.

9. Ultima tube by WP-Script

UltimaTube sells itself as one of the best WordPress tube themes out there and it is easy to understand why.

It has so many features that it is easy to use and create the Website.

It is fully responsive for the laptops and mobiles versions.

It is well-suited with all the plugins of the WordPress, It has built-in Templates and HTML5 player to play the videos from all .mp4 links.

It has thumbnail options so that customers can easily choose what they like or not from the video trailers.

It also allows you to keep a blog so that you can add more content to your Website.

Ultimately, UltimaTube is a full package deal for the adult site creation and it comes only for $49 per site.

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