A Lockdown Proof Income: My Experience Making Passive Income from Adult Websites

If there’s one thing that I think it’s safe to say we’ve all learned from this year. It’s the amount of things which are out of our control. Whether you’ve lost a job, business or just gotten into debt due to lockdown, it has been a difficult year all round. After running a business through the Great Recession and now through Covid. I got tired of relying solely on my client based businesses. I started looking into new ways to make money. This is how How I make a passive Income From Adult Websites.

I was lucky that I had Affiliate Marketing income from a few of my websites. I wondered could I make a recession proof business that would even go up when everything else is down. Thus I started to look at online trends. I realized that there were a few businesses that had made a fortune due to lockdown. Netflix and the likes, Ecommerce and of course, “The Adult Entertainment Industry”.

Now I have no interest in getting into content streaming. it’s a nightmare and I’ve done dropshipping and online retail enough to know it’s risky and you really need upfront investment to take that risk. Which I wasn’t willing to do again I hadn’t enjoyed online retail much over the years. This left one choice: Adult Online content. I began to focus on maing a passive income from adult websites.

How I began making a passive income from adult websites.

As you may have seen from the very first post on this site, and indeed one of the early ones on my new Passive Income website. I researched ways to start with little to no money, because I wanted to learn how the whole industry worked. Within two months, I was up to $600 per month. It looked promising, and it’s grown. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue, it felt overwhelming. After a while I Stopped, but something drew me back in. I knew I could make a passive income from adult websites.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole of Adult Websites.

I decided that given the income potential and out of sheer curiosity, to scale up and see how I could get even more traffic. So the search began to make a list of different places I could send traffic too. I found 3 more cam sites that would allow me to send traffic and create my own White Label versions: Camsoda, Bongacams, and Live Jasmin. I also signed up for HubTraffic. This gave me access to video content as this is the official affiliate program for Pornhub. These offered different models of revenue and also are tweaked for a different kind of customer. Which means I could expand my range. I also went to Share A Sale and searched for affiliates with which I could earn money from but would be relevant on my sites.

This gave me multiple income streams from the websites that I now had. Then came the next challenge. I had to increase the traffic and I found one massive stumbling block that wasn’t explained to me at the start.

Only a Single Search Away

Now I had an entire network of products, services and websites that I could earn money from. I had been sticking to the white labels up until this point, using social media to share the platforms. However in the past, how I grew my affiliate marketing websites was initially marketing them but relying on SEO. This is so that about six months in, Google would send me more than enough free traffic.

I noticed about six weeks in, I wasn’t even showing on Google. This is when I realized, the white labels are restricted by the parent sites from showing up in Google results. So I would have to rely on the social media sharing such as Instagram (using this strategy) to grow the site. However I wanted to make this truly passive. That’s when I decided to go with a content strategy.

I signed up for ViceTemple hosting. Which would allow adult content (unlike most others), and began using content from the different sites and writing reviews around the models and so on. This has now turned into Google Searches. I’m starting to get up to around 1,500 average hits a day from organic search. The income has gone up with this as well.

My advice for this content, is to focus first in on a niche, a specific type of content, ethnicity, kink etc. It will allow you to get to the first page of Google faster. I would also advise that if you want the quickest results and you’re not an SEO specialist then use a tool like Semrush to get all the guidance you need to reach number 1.

My next step for passive income adult websites

The way to make a really, true passive income, of scale in this industry is to find the right people who will register for your white label or the right models who will sign up and promote your business, bringing massive income. What I’ve learned so far is that not all countries are the same and this has helped focus in and start rising the income.

However my next step is to profile the entire industry and look for key demographics and focus in on the people who will most likely spend, BIGLY. I will report back on my findings in due time..

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