Accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on OnlyFans?

Cryptocurrencies are the Internet digital currencies that you can use to invest in online or withdraw Fiat. As an adult content creator on Onlyfans and other adult subscription sites, it takes over 4 to 5 working days to get the money in your bank account but if you use Cryptocurrencies as a payout method, it will take less than 5 minutes, and you are paid.

With over 170 million users, OnlyFans is the biggest website for premium content and monetization. With cryptocurrencies taking the world by storm, many ask themselves: Does OnlyFans accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency?

Why do you need cryptocurrency payouts?

Before we get into OnlyFans and Bitcoin, we need to answer an even more important question: Why does a creator need Bitcoin as a payout method? And the answer is very simple: to be free and independent.

Last year’s announcement of the adult creator ban has caused a lot of fear and uncertainty and it might be only a matter of time before something similar happens again. Most restrictions that Creators have to deal with every day are actually caused by legacy banks and payment processors, not by the platforms themselves.

With Bitcoin and platforms that support Bitcoin (like Starbackr, more on that later) frozen funds, late payouts, and locked accounts are a thing of the past, because it is an open and permissionless payment network, without single points of power. Censorship and exclusion are pretty much impossible and the fees are much lower compared to credit card payments or wire transfers.

No crypto on OnlyFans, but there are alternatives

Unfortunately, OnlyFans does not offer Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But that does not have to be the end of the financial freedom and self-determination of Creators, because they’re most definitely alternatives! One of these alternatives is Starbackr.

There are other adult subscription sites like Fanvue and Fansly that pay through certain cryptocurrencies. In the case of Fansly, the payout in cryptocurrencies are available to only a few countries.

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Onlyfans Crypto Alternatives: Sites For Adult Content Creators To Receive Earnings In Crypto

What are some sites like Onlyfans that pay in Cryptocurrencies? We have listed some potential Onlyfans crypto alternatives that pay you in Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, or DAI.


creator economy

What is Starbackr and what makes it different?

Starbackr is a paid social media platform, similar to OnlyFans, but it is built completely on Bitcoin. It was created as a platform free of moral censorship, where content creators of any kind (yes, Creators too!) can create freely and don’t have to fear deplatforming or exclusion. Additionally, Starbackr creators enjoy instant payouts and keep at least 90 cents of every dollar they earn.

Starbackr allows users to top up their wallets using credit cards and creators can use debit cards to withdraw their earnings, but those methods are always optional and will only add to the Bitcoin payment rails.

Because creators and users don’t have to depend on the legacy payment system, banks and processors have no power over Starbackr or anyone on the platform. Sign up here!

With Starbackr creators are always in full control of their earnings and can instantly withdraw at any time and the best thing about it is that creator get to keep at least 90% of their earnings! Here is a quick overview of the benefits Starbackr offers:

Get paid in Bitcoin

Keep at least 90% of your earnings

Withdraw instantly without a minimum

Your content, your prices (min. 0.01 USD)

Does Onlyfans accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

If you are a fan or a creator and want to pay for a subscription through coin or get paid through Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies then the answer is ‘No’ You can’t pay neither you can receive payouts in the Cryptocurrencies on Onlyfans.

They might add the feature of getting paid through cryptocurrencies but it will be at a later stage and I think it will take more time.

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