Best Way to Make More Money on Chaturbate 2019

Best Way to Make More Money on Chaturbate 2019

Chaturbate is one of the most visited cam site and all the top most cam users have their account in Chaturbate. This Chaturbate is a free adult community offering sex chat and live webcam shows with amateurs and exhibitionists around the world.

Chaturbate is an adult website providing live webcam performances by individual webcam models and couples, typically featuring nudity and sexual activity ranging from striptease and dirty talk to masturbation with sex toys that is often highly explicit. The site is divided into five categories: female cams, male cams, couple cams, transgender cams and spy shows.

The top priority of a hardworking Chaturbate model is to earn as much tokens as possible. More tokens is more money, and more money is more fun. It is undebatable that the majority of cam girls and guys who have been age-verified by Chaturbate are there for the money. But there are quite a few who are passionate about broadcasting. This is great, but being there just for the money is also not too bad! After all, you help your viewers orgasm. You should not feel bad when they pay you back with tokens which you can convert to cash. My girlfriend is a female cam girl and I’m a male cam model, we broadcast from our homes and make mad cash.

On Chaturbate there are certain types of people who usually make more money than others. We will talk about them later on in this discussion.

Best Way to Make More Money on Chaturbate

How to get more tips or tokens on Chaturbate?

In order to make more money, you have to be very, very equanimous. You have to flash once in a while. And You have to tease your viewers. You have to stay on cam for a long time. Having sound helps too.

If you make a lot of money without doing those things, it means you could be earning double or more of the money if you did those things.

A broadcaster of Chaturbate who wants more cash flow should not always ask the viewers to tip. It is not a great idea to scream “Tip guys! Tip Tip Tip!!” every minute. The viewers who have tokens and love your show and want to see more would actually tip without you nagging them. It’s okay to remind them to tip once in a while, but not every minute. Nagging your viewers to tip could make the blue ones leave your room and you would be left with selfish grey freeloaders.

Be sure to thank all tippers whenever they tip, even if they tip one token. I once tipped one token to a cam girl and she quickly responded sarcastically to me saying “That will make me rich!” she did not know that I was planning to do a Yellow Wall of tips for her, but I didn’t do it anymore – she missed it, and upon that I unfollowed her.

Do not argue with your viewers or try to insult them back when they insult you. If you strongly feel like yelling at someone or insulting back, just ban the person instead, whether the person has tipped you in the past or not. Move on with new viewers and people of interest.

Do not grant the mediator privilege to a lot of people. One moderator is enough for a chatroom of a hundred viewers. Two mods are enough for a chatroom of five hundred viewers. Three are enough for a thousand viewers. Let your tippers remain your tippers. We found out that your tippers would stop tipping you or buying tokens if you make them all your mods.

If you have many viewers like two hundred or more, it is best to not have a moderator. You should instead mute all grey users (those who have no tokens). You can set that from your Settings & Privacy section.

And now, let’s talk about those who tend to Make More Money on Chaturbate than others broadcasting! The following is the list of broadcaster groups by earning prospective, with highest earners on top:

  1. Couples – the group known as “Couple” tends to do far better than solo cam stars. Also for some reason Chaturbate purports that a couple is a male and a female. Couples may also include more than one male or female as long as there is at least one male and one female. 
  2. Females – the group identified as “Female” tends to do better than every other group except Couples.
  3. Males – the “Male” broadcasters hardly make it to the top of the homepage, but it is not completely impossible for them. Males tend to have lower performance input than the females. Fun fact – a handful of males perform better than some females! Only thing is, any guy who is broadcasting should assume and embrace the fact that he is broadcasting to an audience of male homosexuals.
  4. Transsexuals – Chaturbate purports transsexuals to be male-to-female sex changed broadcasters. This group is useful to the site, but they seem to currently have small marketability as of now.

If you want to start making great money broadcasting on Chaturbate, then . Otherwise you should see this !

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