Cam Boys: A Step-By-Step Guide to Become Webcam Male Model (2018)

There is no doubt that the camming industry is growing at an aggressive rate and the sooner you enroll, the better. Its the time to get enrolled and make a huge amount of money.

Cam boys and cam girls are models who earn money by performing, entertaining and broadcasting on webcams either from their homes or studios. They are making huge money from their home.

Becoming a camboy is a appropriate way to make extra cash as you are your own boss and you determine your own work schedule.

male webcam camboy cam boys

Anyone can sign up and get started as a webcam model. However, climbing up the highest ranks of webcam modeling requires dynamic performances, charm, and natural assets, and keep updating yourself.

You can turn cam modeling from a part-time to a full-time job if you’ve got the requisite dedication and determination.

Any successful webcam model out there will tell you that working for a reputable company and learning how to maximize your visibility is predominant.

How to become a cam boy – Step-by-Step guide

You must also check out our how to become a camgirl article, where I explain in detail (9000+ word step by step guide). Also the same guide can be applied for camboys as well only with little modification. So you must have to read the article and you can get an idea about how to become a cam model.

Becoming a webcam male model can be easy and hassle-free, more so because no initial investment is required. You just need to get online and start making money for free.You must have all the required equipment and a good internet connection.

Nowadays, many camming sites accept male webcam models, straight couples, as well as gay couples.

You can set your camming profession off the ground once you’ve arranged all the equipment and accessories needed to become a cam boy.

Equipments Required to Started Camming and Become one of the Webcam boys

Before you begin camming, you will require the following equipments:

Prerequisites—Tools, Equipment, and Accessories to Get Started as a Camboy.

If you’re interested in becoming a camboy, you probably have a lots of questions lingering in your mind.

One of the mysteries is what tools, equipment and accessories do you need to become a webcam model. Here I have mentioned all below.

Below is a checklist of the essentials you need to kick-start your career path as a camboy.

  • Computer/PC : One of the must-haves is a functional Windows or Mac with good processing power. You will need to install the software of your preferred camming network for you to go live. Streaming from a webcam is usually processor-intensive, which is why having Windows or Mac with at least 2GB of RAM is mandatory. If you have a higher configuration system then that’s much better.
  • Webcam: Get a high-quality HD webcam to help you engage a maximum number of audiences. Using a high-quality picture increases your odds of making money, so never settle for anything less than 1080p. If your stream is in HD then all girls will be liking you and will tipping your. Remember, none of your viewers would like to see low quality streams. Check our article on best webcam for camming.
  • Lighting—Correct lighting is key to delivering a crisp and crystal-clear streaming show. If you have a proper lighting in your studio then the picture quality will be clear. Choosing the best possible lighting gives your viewers a high-quality stream that improves their interest. Aside from excellent lighting, choose a clean and uncluttered place to perform your live streaming shows. Choose a place with no distractions; you don’t want a phone ringing or someone knocking on your door while at it.
  • Internet: A high-speed connection is a must to avoid lagging while streaming live. If your internet speed is slow then your stream will be interrupted and none of your viewers don’t like it. A wired connection is highly advised as it is much faster than a Wi-Fi. A speedier streaming show increases your audience experience, whereas a lag or slow streaming will negatively affect your income.
  • Lingerie/Outfits—You will need a wide selection of attention-grabbing outfits that draw viewers to your show. Wearing sexier attires can significantly improve your customer experience. Having different layers that you can take off can be helpful as it makes the shows more teasing and allows you to change them up. You can purchase a broad selection of lingerie to suit what you’re doing, such as costume-play shows.

To get a complete list of all the tools, toys , props and everything else you need to look like a professional camgirl/camboy even on your first day, then check our article on Camgirl Shopping list

Logitech C920

Logitech C970

Logitech C922x

DropCam WIFI

C920 High Quality Webcam, Logitech
Digital Wireless Dropcam

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(Recommended if you

have budget)

Full HD 1080p video calling

HD 720p video calling

Full HD 1080p at 30fps

Video Calling

720p HD video Calling

Compatible with all Windows 7,

Windows 8, Windows 10 or later

Works with Windows XP (SP2 or higher),

Windows Vista or

Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Compatible with Windows 10

or later, Windows 8, Windows

Work with Alexa Also

Automatic light correction

Always focused

Always focused

Night Vision

Photo quality – 15MP

Photo quality – 3MP

Photo quality – 15MP

Camera: Color with digital zoom

H.264 encoding Supported

In-built microphone filters

H.264 encoding Supported

H.264 encoding Supported

Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price

Setting up Your Camming Area

A camming area is a place or room where you will perform your live streaming shows.

Apparently, a camming space can make or break your entire show as it dramatically impacts your audience interest. Your audience don’t wants any interruptions.

Find a secure location where no one will disturb you while camming.

Keep distractions to the minimum so that your audiences will focus entirely on you and not anything else on the background wall. If the show will be clear and audible for your audiences then they will like it.

Keep off all items that are likely to give away your location.

Make sure that all items that can be used to deduce the area where you cam are kept far away, including photos, books, or anything else.

Choosing Your Adult Performer Name

Privacy is critical as far as camming is concerned. Before you sign up for a camming network, the first thing to do is to pick out a name under which you’ll be performing. So you can chose that name when you will do live show on screen and that name will be visible for all users.

Of course, this is for your privacy concerns, unless you’re willing to use your real name. Use an actual name (not your real name) that your fans will call you.

Choose a smart and fun name that sounds sexy for that will add up to your bonus points.

Camboys: Signing Up For a Reputable Camming Company

Now it’s time to register for a reliable camming network or company. Several companies are hiring male performers, and they all have different features and functionalities on offer. So you have to read all the features and have to check all the functionalities.

Review each company thoroughly to find out whether or not it is reputable. You must have to check and do our homework about the company reputation.

Choose a network that has more traffic, pays better and offers different functionalities for male cam models.

The following points will help you choose a male camming network that suits your needs:

  1. Payment Rates and Schedule : While some camming companies will deduct certain charge backs from your revenue, others don’t. Additionally, different networks offer different payment schedules along with various methods of payout. You are advised to read and understand any payment terms before signing up for a given system. Its better you read all the Terms of Services as well.
  2. Features and Functionalities : Different sites offer different features and functionalities. Some camming firms prohibit models from working for tips in public chat but allow private chat only. Other camming sites offer services that models can sell, whereas some provide a ton of free tools and bots that will enable models to stay organized in their chat room. No single camming network is identical to the other. Thus, you have to compare their features and functionalities before making your final decision. 
  3. Traffic  : Consider the traffic that the camming network generates when registering for one. Cam sites that do a lot of marketing can drive a ton of traffic to their sites. Most of this traffic will end up in your chat room. Because some of them may be your fan or some might be liking your show. The more traffic your preferred network can drive, the more traffic you will receive in your end and more money in return.
  4. Marketing Tools: Choose a camming network that gives you relevant tools to market your shows. These entail messaging features, social media integration, and fan-clubs. These tools will make it easy for your fans to follow you and know when you’re online.
  5. Competition : Cam sites with a lot of models performing on the site have huge competition. That means you will be battling it out with several other models for the site visitors and tips. Cam sites with more models typically boast greater traffic. As long as the site traffic exceeds the competition, you’re good to go. Make sure your profile stands out from the crowd for you to get noticed. 
  6. Hardware & Software Requirements : Before choosing any particular network, make sure your computer and operating system meet the requirements. Otherwise, you may not be able to cam. Checking the hardware & software requirements is essential to make sure their software is compatible with your PC for smooth and hassle-free streaming. You must have to check the internet connection before going to live show.
  7. Read Reviews  : Read various camming site reviews written by other male models to regulate whether a given site is reputable. Usually, multiple positive reviews indicate that a company is trustworthy. You might also want to watch YouTube videos by other male webcam models to have their insight regarding the webcam industry. 

Join Chaturbate

Cam boys sites: Male Web Cams That Accept Male Performers








Set According to You

Visit Camgasm






Visit ImLive




Visit Streamate



Visit XCams



Visit MyFetishLive

Sell videos, clips, photos, etc on these sites:





network details






















Account Creation

The process involved in creating an account is quick and easy. You will have to provide a digital copy of your ID to prove that you are above 18 years.

Only male and female models of age 18 years and beyond are legally permitted to showcase their performance in the adult industry.

Certain networks require a headshot along with a photo of you holding the Identification Document to show that it’s yours.

You can only configure your profile and start performing once your submitted attachments have successfully been approved.

Create Your Male Webcam Profile

Upload your photo

Upload a high-quality picture of yourself. All your images need to be colorful, and you’re advised to take them from diverse locations. they should not blurred images.

A picture tells a lot about yourself and can grab your audience’s attention. Make sure that your photographs say things that attract members. It tells about your personality.

Upload not less than seven pictures and spread them across three albums. High-quality photos will get you more visitors and more money as a result.

Your most attention-grabbing image should be your primary profile picture listed whenever you are online. your photo should be attractive and clear so anyone visit to your profile should be impressed by your profile picture.

Every member looking through the gallery of male webcam models should stop by upon reaching your profile. Your photo should entice and lure them to enter your chat room.

Describe Yourself

Give a detailed description of yourself. Explain in detail all your kinks or fixation so that members searching for those kinks and fetishes can easily find you.

Specific networks will allow you to place text atop the chat box. Using this as a sales opportunity can be a great idea.

Start Playing—Show Time


Prepare your appearance

Groom yourself as you deem fit and dress depending on how you wish to perform.

You may want to pick out an alluring outfit if you intend to have a seductive broadcast.

For a casual or low-key broadcast, a less revealing (but cute) outfit will do.

Ensure that you’ve got extra costumes especially if you accept role play requests because it’ll make it easy to switch to a private show when necessary. You must be ready for all these types of challenges.


Take a few deep breaths and make sure you’re relaxed before going live

Your personality remains the most crucial part of webcam modeling.

Having supermodel looks isn’t compulsory.

Your viewers want to get to know the REAL you; don’t shy away from being yourself and don’t complicate things.


Smile, be outgoing and engage your audiences in a conversation.

Your primary goal is keeping your viewers entertained in your chat room. If they are enjoying then it means you are making money.

Create a realistic and intense connection with viewers by looking directly at the camera.


Have sheer fun and don’t focus on making money

A camboy who enjoys his job is more fun than the one who’s just on cam to make money. They are actually an actor who love to show them on a camera.

People are more than willing to pay you for your time if they find you entertaining and fun.

Unless your fun and wild side is portrayed in your show, you’re unlikely to make any money camming.


Don’t make it annoying.

You can search for ideas by browsing through a few cams available online.

Look at what they are offering, and strive to make yours even better.

Strive to augment your overall customer experience.


Have your blood flowing and keep your enthusiasm up

Get up so often and dance around a bit if necessary. Be lively and maintain a happy mood.

If you sit there looking gloomy and bored, you might find it difficult to get paid for private chats.

Camboy case studies : How to become a Cam guy


Case Study One: Camming Preparation and Performance

We interviewed Brett, a 25-yeard-old blonde webcam male model, for his insights on how to prepare and perform in a streaming show.

Brett says cleanliness is essential in his line of business. He wakes up at 7 am and works out before going to the shower.

He gets his air gelled and applies concealer to the dark spots beneath his bright blue eyes.

Brett, who preferred his last name concealed obviously for privacy reasons, is a top-ranking webcam model working through the Chaturbate network.

The platform allows him to perform from his home to hundreds of members who log into his virtual chat room thrice a week.

Brett advises enthusiastic cam guys to invest in studios and maintain a consistent schedule.

Regarding what he typically does on camera, Brett says his camera routine would change depending on what viewers want.

At times he strips tease; sometimes he works out in his boxer briefs—or even works out naked. He also says other times he pleasures himself on a cam if that is what audiences want to see.

Brett develops the way he performs by trying to please his viewers and make them happy.

He says most of his viewers give him a five-star rating for a great show. “Of course, it isn’t easy to make everyone happy because there are certain things I don’t accept to do” he concludes.

Maximize Your Profits

Being extra active when getting started or during your first week of camming can be useful as far as maximizing your profit goes.

Many male camming sites spotlight newcomers in their network. Advantaging this additional exposure is key to establishing your client base and boosting your earnings.

You can set your earnings target to help you estimate the numbers of hours you need to work per week to obtain that desired income.

Promote Your Services and Build a Customer Base

Although many sites work tirelessly to drive significant traffic to their networks, you can also do your own promotion to fill up your room.

Promoting your services makes your chat room a lot more active thus increasing your revenue.

Besides, doing your own promotion helps you stay in touch with your best customers and loyal fans. The following tips will help you promote your services with ease.

(i) Build your social media following

It is important to promote your content by establishing an active social media presence. So try to increase your social media fan followers and you will drive the traffic from their to your chat room.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, provide great approaches to extend your fan base and bring in many new clients.

You can also utilize social media to alert your audiences about the exact time you intend to perform a live broadcast. Once they are notified about your live broadcast they will be eager to see you.

Building a dedicated following on social media makes it easy for your followers and fans to share whatever content and services you have on offer.

When your friends and loyal followers share your content, you gradually gain new followers and expand your reach.

You can turn these new followers into customers and let them assist you in achieving even more exposure.

(ii) Get featured in articles and blogs

Getting featured on camming blogs is an excellent avenue to gain valuable exposure. Male camming networks have blogs where they periodically showcase their members through interviews or blog posts.

You can win more followers when your camming company shares your profile through their various social media channels.

(iii) Utilize profile sites and directories

The internet offers a vast role in camming model directories readily available. These directory sites prove handy when it comes to providing traffic and exposure. In camming all is over the internet.

Many camming directory websites allow cam models to list all camming networks they belong to, hence driving valuable traffic and exposure that could turn into actual sales and tips.


Case Study Two: How Stefano Joined Webcam Modeling and Won the Coveted Award

In our second case study, we had a privilege of conducting a one-on-one conversation with Stefano, an adult entertainer who won the Cam Boy of The Year award. Here’s how it all went:

Thank you, Stefano, for accepting the interview with us. Kindly let us know how you started your journey in the adult industry.

My journey in the modeling industry started when I was 19 years old. I remember I was looking for a summer job before joining the university.

Then, I came across an ad for an online job, but it lacked the details.

I decided to go and meet those people, and it turned out that the job was about video chat. They didn’t tell me I would be sitting naked, but I was told I would be sitting in my underwear and engaging people in a conversation.

Actually, it was my first client who told me what my real job was all about. And, that is how my career in the adult industry started.

From your experience and point of view, where do you think the adult industry would be in 5 years from now? Tell us about your success story as well.

I have been a cam boy for 15 years. I started my business with a network called Flirt4Fee, and I’ve grown over the years to become one of the most successful male webcam models in my category.

I haven’t been working solely behind the camera in all those years, though. I have worked as a fitness model and a blogger.

This diversity has allowed me to build a robust fan base on social media, helping me become the best cam boy on Flirt4Free.

All these efforts have enabled me to establish my niche in the male webcam industry. Flirt4Free offered me an exclusive contract to become their brand ambassador. And YES, this sector is blossoming at an alarming rate and I can see many more people joining in the next couple of years.

In your opinion, do you think having impeccable marketing strategies is vital in this niche?

Marketing and branding are necessary for any model aiming to succeed in webcam modeling. You have to promote yourself if you want to establish your presence and reap massive income in this career path. Its a growing industry and you can join it today if you wants to make a huge amount of money.

Depending exclusively on site traffic is ill-advised. Having the ability to bring in new customers can help you grow your income and build your loyal customer base.

How can you advise an upcoming generation of models?

If you’ve decided to go for this job as a career, you’ve got to learn and improve yourself in different facets including language and marketing.

You’re lucky you have professional trainers in studios these days. We didn’t have this luxury when we were getting started. We were the stragglers who did all firs either it was wrong or right then we learn.

This career path goes beyond having a pretty face or a superb body behind a camera. Learn strategies from experienced models, motivate yourself, and take care of your looks.

Above all, treat this job as your career and invest in yourself to become a product that everyone admires. That’s how you will become a star.

Final Words:

Becoming a successful camboy calls for a substantial amount of time, persistence, and dedication.

You have to adhere to your schedule, engage your audiences in a friendly approach and be passionate every time you’re doing a live show.

Create a good rapport with your clients and always strive to produce high-quality content that goes beyond expectations. Trust me; these seemingly little tips could help you get started and earn regular profits.

I hope you like this article on how to become a cam boy. If you like this you can share your views on my email or you  can also put a comment here on this article if you have any queries I will be glad to solve it.

Now without wasting any time, start your camming journey right now ?


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