Describe Fanvue. How to Create a Subscription Page on Fanvue as an Adult Creator and Earn Money

Fanvue is a new name in the game. Subscription-based websites like Onlyfans, Fansly, MYM, LoyalFans, and countless other websites that let you start a fan page and introduce a monthly subscription have a lot of problems but Fanvue, in my opinion, is solving most of these problems. There are a lot of good things that Fanvue is doing, and we have discussed them in great length in this article.

One of the things I liked about Fanvue is the evolution of the company is very fast. Every week they introduced new features and helped adult content creators make more money.

What is Fanvue?

Fanvue is a social media site for content creators (NSFW and SFW) to start producing content, getting exposure, and make money through getting subscribers and other ways like Tips, good discoverability, and just paying 15% of service charges per transaction compared to most platforms like Onlyfans charging 20% of the transactions.

You can see that how neat and clean the design of Fanvue is for adult content creators. I have used Onlyfans and Fanvue but I found Fanvue much faster and easy to load and navigate compared to its competitors.

how to be a content creator and make money on Fanvue? / Screenshot by the author

How to be a verified creator on Fanvue? A Guide to selling adult content subscription on / Screenshot by the author

Fanvue features:

Following are some of the Fanvue features that you need to know about:

Fanvue is a social media site for content creators who want to start a fan page and charge users a fixed monthly fee.

They have all the features available that Onlyfans have.

They charge you 15% service charges for your first 12 months.

Fanvue developers team are pros and developing interesting features for content creators to create better content and understand their audience.

They have a ‘request a feature’ page where you can request a feature and it will be available in a few days.

Fanvue is a lot better, safe, secure, and there is no way you wake up with the bad news that this platform is closing.

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Fanvue Vs Other adult subscription platforms?

Following is a five-point comparison between Fanvue vs other adult subscription platforms including Onlyfans, LoyalFans, Fansly, or other adult subscription platforms.

Fanvue allows everyone to start a subscription business around their content. Even though you can do the same on Onlyfans but if you are a content creator who produces SFW content, you might feel a little hesitant to ask your followers to subscribe on Onlyfans.

Fanvue charges you 15% of the service charges while Onlyfans, Fansly, or other adult subscription platforms are charging 20% of the service charges. 5% Isn’t that big but if you are making more money, 5% is a lot of money.

Fanvue protects your identity as well as your content. There are a lot of cases of videos leaks of Onlyfans creators, Fanvue protects your data and your content.

For an Onlyfans creator who makes money, it takes over 7 days in order to get paid. The process of verification is a bit very hectic. In Fanvue, you can get paid in minutes and the process of verification is very easy.

The support team of Fanvue is amazing and you can get your issue resolved in a few hours. Compared to other subscription platforms like Fansly or Onlyfans, it takes 14 to 24 hours to get a response.

Sign-up for Fanvue here as Creator

PS: Fanvue For adult content Creators:

Fanvue is one of the best adult creator platforms I have used and it is the best platform for adult content creators to share their content and make money running adult subscriptions.

They charge 15% instead of 20%, and they are very supportive of the creators. As an adult content creator, you should choose platforms that promise discoverability or exposure and Fanvue is planning to have an Instagram-like feed system where the best content will be discovered.

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