Did your OnlyFans referral income disappear today?

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One year ago OnlyFans announced that they were changing their referral program. The change meant that you “only” got paid for the first 12 months of any users income that you referred. Big deal? Yes. because they made it retroactively on their lifetime referrals.

If you are someone like me, that helps adult creators, models and performers to make more money and makes your money via the referral programs (and that’s fair right, if your tips help people make money you do too – if you are a faker, you make zero money that way!), well this is not only a huge financial blow but also a trust issue.

How can we trust anything OnlyFans says from now on?

They promised us lifetime referrals. We helped them grow. It takes time for creators to make money on these platforms, sometimes it even takes years before you see a real return – and OnlyFans knows this. They saw how much money they were paying out to affiliates and decided to rather keep that money for them selves. After all, affiliates are small fish and OnlyFans are now a giant business.

If they had started out with 12 months payment only, no-one would have referred them any adult creators. They knew this. So they had a plan, under the guise of “updating infrastructure”, they pulled the rug and stole our money. For me it’s more than $XX.XXX every single year from today that’s just gone. Pocketed by someone that doesn’t even need them.

The question is now, what shall we do about it? Where shall we refer models, creators, adult performers and the fans & surfers that spend the money?

What is the alternative to OnlyFans?

What other programs have a referral program we can rely on. Who can we trust? What platform do we want to push now? I know. I know a place that’s run by decent people. I know a place that doesn’t mix adult and mainstream. I know a place that has lower rates than all the others, because the owners aren’t greedy. Enter AdultNode.com – they aren’t new, but they also aren’t that big yet.

Their affiliate program is simple, they pay 5% on all earnings made by the users you refer. The payment is calculated when the user cashes out their earnings and for as long as the website exists, the lifetime referral promise will never change. I called one of the owners of the platform, who happens to be the wife of a good friend of mine and asked for a quote. She said:

We recognize that trust is a huge issue when it comes to telling your fans, your friends, your creators or your business partners to register and spend time on a program. Mike, you know me and I can assure you that for as long as we are in operation, we will never go back on our promise. Lifetime is lifetime with us.

We are a smaller “mom/pop” operation, but that also means that we can be heard and that are willing to make changes that helps our creators make more money and our fans to have more fun – at the end of that day, that’s what we want right? Fun and money. That usually leads to better sex too haha.

– JaneTheLip


Will people make money on a new platform that is an alternative to OnlyFans.com? It depends. Should you stop using OnlyFans.com if you are making money? No. Of course not. But you might want to consider this: If they are willing to fuck over the professionals that refer models and creators to OnlyFans, when will the take the bread out of YOUR mouth? I would never tell people to stop using a platform where you make money. But I will tell you this: Cover your ass and have a backup plan. Start building up your audience other places too.

How to best move your fans to a new platform

Real talk here. Your fans are YOUR fans. With OnlyFans you pay 20% of YOUR income for using their platform. The fans there aren’t there because it’s OnlyFans, they are there because YOU brought them there.

You can move them.

What if I told you that you can instantly make 5% more money if you move your fanbase to a new platform? It’s simple. You pay lower fees with AdultNode.com than you do with OnlyFans.com.

You also know who you whales are, the big spenders that is. Ask them to register and make sure they register using your links, because you never know when one of them makes money too. You probably know a bunch of creators on OnlyFans that want to earn 5% more, refer them and you now have 5% extra from their income added to your own.

But be careful. Don’t make obvious posts about it. Use your other social media accounts like insta, twitter, tictoc to refer these users. Do it in DMs, snaps and talk about it on your videos and show it in images. That way their filters won’t catch up on it.

Let’s show these greedy fuckers who really is in control. We. The creators!

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