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There are lots of other useful article in this website from which you can make a decent amount of money. Today I will do a bongacash review – Adult webcam affiliate program, network for webmasters.  I have shared multiple article on making money as an adult affiliate and I have also mentioned that my network of choice is Crakrevenue. Bongacash is another webcam affiliate program for (One of the highly popular webcam website on the internet).

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If you are a newbie then I would recommend you to first read these articles mentioned below, so that you can understand the basic of adult affiliate marketing and how to make money through adult affiliate networks. I have already shared multiple methods on how to make money. Check out the complete step by step guide for money making articles:

What is Bongacash Review?

Bongacash is an adult affiliate network and works substantially for (an adult sex cam site). You can refer members to the website and make money through multiple channels, which are shared below.

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How can I make money through bongacash?

You make money when you refer members to its affiliate website bongacams through your affiliate income. Here are the two ways you make money:

  1. PPL (Pay per lead): When someone signs up on Bongacams through your affiliate links, you will get a commission depending on the location of your visitors. Tier-1 countries like the US can get you between $2-$5 per free signup. By free signup I mean that the person just has to verify his email address and no information about his credit card is required.
  2. Revenue-share: You make money when people sign up on Bongacams through your affiliate link and then end up paying for buying credits which are used to interact with the webcam model. Although you won’t get instant money through this method, unlike PPL, the opportunity and prospective of making money using Revshare method is tremendous. Experienced adult webmaster and adult media buyer focus exclusively only on Revenue sharing compared to PPl. Also if you are sending a lot of PPL but non of them ends up converting for the network, your account might get banned as well. This might be a spamming. In the end the whole purpose of PPL is for the website to finally convert them in paying customers. You will get 25% of the money spent by the member sent by you.

There is one other method to make money, and that is by referring other adult webmasters to Bongacash through your affiliate links. When someone from your affiliate links join Bongacash , you will get 5% of his earnings for lifetime. So if you have an audience you can teach or people who trust you (especially in forums), then you can easily make 5% of earnings of your referred members.

There is one other great way of making money and that is by referring models and studios to the network. If you have ways to refer webcammodels (I have shared multiple ways on this website (add links) then you can make lifetime revenue from models and studios you refer.

How can I promote my affiliate link? What are the promo tools available on the network?

Here is a list of all the promotional tools that you can use :

  1. API – Models online: Integrating this on your website will show exactly which model is online right now. You can get the real time status of model.
  2. Popunder code: When someone clicks anywhere on your website, Bongacams pop-up will open up in the background. if someone ends up signing , then you will get a commission. Similarly you can create a mobile popunder banner.
  3. Instant messenger ads: You must have seen a floating IM banner on many websites. Works great.
  4. Embedding Cam and Chat rooms: You can even integrate live chat room directly into the web page.
  5. Geo targeting banners: Target your audience according to the location of their country, by using GEO banner. Your customers will see banner ads content according to your country location.
  6. Model Referral banners: You can also refer new models and studios to bongacams and make attractive lifetime earnings from the their income.
  7. Whitelabels: One of a very popular way to refer and earn. Just can create your own webcam model site. You have full customization ability, your logo and color theme. Additional revenue opportunity by integrating your own banners to make even more money. You can create customized banner.
  8. Direct link: Create your one banners and then directly link bongacams using your affiliate code.
  9. Other ways like category widget, text links, footer bar, background skin are also available.

How can I withdraw my payments or my earnings, what are the payment method available?

Here are the different payment options you have:

  1. Webmoney – 3% fees
  2. Paxum
  3. Payoneer
  4. Wire Transfer – $35 fees

Minimum payout is $200.

Bongacash dashboard

The beautiful dashboard provides you with great features to track your statistics, promo tools and creating white labels.

Other Information you should know:

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I hope you like this article on bongacash review – Adult webcam affiliate program, network for webmasters.

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