Differences Between Two Adult Subscription Platforms: Onlyfans vs. iFans

iFans and Onlyfans are two adult subscription platforms where content creators can make money on these platforms. iFans like Onlyfans is for everyone, like YouTubers, Instagrammers, and people who create content can join iFans and make money. Onlyfans started with the same premises, but later the platform was a 98% of the creators were adult content creators, which is good.

This article or guide will discuss the differences between popular adult content subscription websites, Onlyfans and iFans.

Both adult content subscription websites come with sophisticated features, and we will discuss them one by one.

Table of content:

What is Onlyfans?

What is iFans?

A Better Alternative to iFans and Onlyfans

What features does Onlyfans provide to creators?

What features does iFans provide to creators?

Pros and cons of Onlyfans

Pros and cons of iFans

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is a famous content subscription website that hosts content creators of all niches, but adult content creators are in the majority. It is a safe platform for adult content creators because they can sell their content without worrying about security and privacy.

Onlyfans is the most used adult content subscription website having millions of users. They host many content creators; approximately 450,000 registered content creators are working on Onlyfans. If we talk about adult content safety and privacy, then Onlyfans assures its content creators that they would do anything to protect the data and content of their content creators.

Onlyfans have deployed the latest features to protect the content of their creators. It is not easy for anyone to download or misuse the content of an adult content creator. You can also read: Onlyfans Vs Fansly: What is the difference between the two adult subscription platforms?

What is iFans?

iFans is a comparatively new adult content subscription platform getting popular because of its attractive and user-friendly website. Apart from their pretty-looking website, iFans provides unique and amazing features to its content creators.

Like Onlyfans, iFans is also a safe platform for adult content creators. They have plenty of features that can be used for making a lot of money on the platform.

You can see iFans from two angles, for instance, a website with a more excellent look than Onlyfans and secondly a website with more features than Onlyfans.

The earning and monetisation models are similar on both platforms, but there is one thing in which iFans is much better than Onlyfans is the referral system of iFans. iFans gives numerous perks to its content creator for referring someone to register on the platform.

A Better Alternative to Onlyfans and iFans:

I think the best alternative to Onlyfans and iFans is FrindsOnly. FriendsOnly is an adult subscription platform where you can create vertical videos and make money through selling subscriptions of your page, make money by selling pay-per-view based videos, and make money by getting gifts (in the form of $$) from your fans or viewers.

Neither iFans nor Onlyfans allows you to get discovered or give exposure to your content. Still, FriendsOnly is a platform that help you make money passively by providing exposure to your content or helping your content get discovered by its millions of followers. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here as an adult content creator.

What features does Onlyfans provide to creators?  

Onlyfans provides a medium where adult content creators and adult content lovers can interact. Onlyfans allows users to subscribe to their favourite adult content creator and enjoy their content.

Onlyfans has different monetisation models that content creators use to make money. You can make money on Onlyfans easily by getting tipped for your content. You can also get paid for monthly subscriptions; the more you get subscribers, the more you can earn from monthly subscriptions. The other fantastic feature or service that Onlyfans provide is the option of selling content through direct paid messaging.

Following is the short version of what features you can get being an Onlyfans creator:

You can create a fan page and make money by getting more paid subscribers or fans.

You can sell your Pay-Per-View based videos by either sending automatic messages to new followers or when a PPV video is up, you can mass message them. How much to charge for your PPVs in Onlyfans?

Get tips in messages or from the fans on the content you have published on your page.

What services does iFans provide?

iFans provides many benefits to its content creators, and like Onlyfans, it is also a content subscription website. You can expect every feature from iFans that a content subscription website should provide. iFans charges you 20% on every transaction between you and your fans which is very similar to what Onlyfans charges you.

On iFans, a content creator can make money by selling content individually or through pay-to-view content to all those fans who will pay for it. iFans has many valuable features that can help a content creator make a lot of money on the platform.

iFans website is built by keeping the user in mind, and they developed the website to look appealing and straightforward. If we talk about Onlyfans, the website of Onlyfans is not built by keeping the user in mind, and the Onlyfans website is not that much appealing as the iFans website is.

Pros and Cons of Onlyfans:


Onlyfans is the most famous platform among content creators and users.

Onlyfans is a safe platform with many features that protect the creator’s content and data.

Onlyfans have different monetisation methods to help content creators make a lot of money on the platform.

A content creator can post content in any niche, and if you are an adult content creator, then Onlyfans can be your choice.

A unique feature that Onlyfans introduced is geo-blocking, and it is very beneficial for the protection of privacy of a content creator. A content creator can block certain regions from watching its content.


The website of Onlyfans is not much appealing and straightforward.

Competition for getting subscribers is very high on Onlyfans because of saturation.

Payout takes 21-days to reach the content creator’s account.

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Pros and Cons of iFans:


iFans is a new platform with less competition.

iFans has the latest features that a content creator can use to make money.

Payouts are fast, and it only takes 7-days for the payments to be ready for withdrawal.

The website is attractive and appealing. iFans have an easy-to-use website, and it is very user-friendly.

The next benefit a content creator gets is the deep referral system of iFans. iFans pay heavily to its content creators in their referral system.


As the platform is new and not so popular, it is hard to attract an audience. So, it means you have to build your audience by using different social media platforms.

Like Onlyfans, iFans also takes a commission of 20% from the earnings of a content creator.

Which is easy to use, Onlyfans or iFans?

iFans has an easy-to-use and simple website with no complex menus. iFans is also built by keeping its users in mind. So, if we talk about the convenience in usability, then iFans is one step ahead of Onlyfans. iFans website is fast, and it has all the necessary features with a straightforward and appealing layout that is super user-friendly.

Concluding thoughts on Onlyfans and iFans:

Onlyfans is the most popular platform with many features and a large audience. It has millions of users, and you can say it is a safe platform for adult content creators. The earning potential is high on Onlyfans.

iFans is a new platform, and it does not have a large number of users, but it has got potential because of its user-friendly website with all the necessary features. It is getting popular among the masses. If you have a good following on social media platforms, you can make a lot of money on iFans.

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