Fansly Chargebacks: Does Fansly Permit Cancellation by Fans and Chargebacks by Users?

During the pandemic, a rush came to platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly and started massive earnings through their seductive content. Fansly is one of the revolutionary porn sites where many sex workers share their content like images videos and earn money from there. This is one of the most popular sites ever, but many sex workers are now thinking of leaving the site as they feel violated.

Being such a popular platform, what’s the reason that creators are not feeling the same to continue their creation over here?

Why is that so? Because of the rules and payment issues creators face. The creators are selling their content through pay-to-view options, but some users are cheating on that, and after enjoying the content, they ask for a refund via fraudulent chargebacks.

Chargebacks become one of the most irritating headaches for all the newcomers and experienced creators of Fansly, and they have become victims of such incidents.

But Fansly failed to cancel or stop the chargeback asked by the fans. And as a result, the transaction amount is deducted from the creator’s account, which is a lost cause.

What is this Chargeback? What’s the difference between Chargeback and Refund?

Chargeback is a charge sent back to a payment or credit card when the cardholder successfully disputes an item on their transaction report or account statement.

A chargeback may occur on credit cards and debit cards in the USA.

A chargeback is a payment or transaction amount that is refunded to a credit card or debit cardholder after filing a dispute or simply returning the item.

This process can be run by either the cardholder’s issuing bank or the merchant.

The merchant initiates a refund without complications, whereas chargeback occurs from your debit or credit card issuer. Whenever a refund doesn’t work, chargeback should be the next step. You can apply this directly with your card issuer to reverse the transaction.

Is there any platform that protects you from Chargebacks?

Yes, FriendsOnly is a platform that protects you from chargebacks when someone subscribes to you, there is no way they can get their money back unless they have a solid case against you. In FriendsOnly, you need to create adult vertical videos like you do in TikTok and make money on FriendsOnly by getting paid subscriptions, selling Pay-per-view based videos, and getting gifts from your viewers. Join FriendsOnly as a creator here.  

Where are the creators of the issues faced on Fansly for that Chargeback reason?

When a creator pays her complete dedication to her content to entertain the users or customers, she only requires the subscription or followers as support to strengthen her profile. But on Fansly, some customers misuse this facility, to reimburse the amount they dispute the payment with their credit card company. Despite having access to all the content, the scammer does this chargeback.

After taking the Subscription, they suddenly block you from everywhere.

When a scammer purchases your subscription, he gets access to all your content. As a creator, you can also share some of your exclusive content with them, but you realize something weird is happening under your nose after that.

When the fraud customer blocks you from everywhere after spending a lot of money on your subscription, sometimes these chargebacks come after six months, which is violated and ridiculous.

What percentage is Fansly deduct from the creator?

Fansly and Onlyfans deduct 20% from each creator. But Fansly is a bit weak in that matter to protect its creator from this kind of fraud. When someone calls their bank and asks, ‘I don’t buy this subscription.’ and then within a fraction of a moment, the amount is taken back from the creators’ accounts. Even after they paid the content creators and took advantage of custom album services. Fansly doesn’t do anything to protect its creator from such fraud. Instead, it seems like they protect the scammers.

In this case, Fansly has to be more careful and organized to protect the creators who choose the platform.

What does Fansly say regarding this Chargeback?

Well, Fansly is firm about not sending the refund; the site mentions in FAQ that: “If a user makes a dispute or seeks a chargeback from their credit card company, the user’s account on Fansly is supposed to be limited or discontinued. If you find that it is an error, please get in touch with support.”

“Any amounts that Users chargeback or sick to refund will be notified to the Creator and will be removed from the Creator’s income.”

It’s all about the Worker’s Rights issue:

When the sex workers are giving efforts, and the platform is deducting fees, why should all existing sex workers have to pay back the amount when legitimate fraud or not, someone has gone through the content?

According to the lawyer Myles Jackman, “People purchase the subscription and sexual content in their happy time, after that, after rewarding they feel guilty, shame and try to get back the money.”

“Platforms like Fansly need to upgrade their policy and raise the game, in terms of representing the rights of the performers in a much more proactive fashion, ” he adds.’’

Does Fansly allow users to chargebacks?

According to Fansly authority, “All chargeback requests are reviewed properly by the Fansly team to determine the legitimacy.”

“To protect our creators, a user can only chargebacks once, and then they are blocked from the platform. We are constantly improving our policies to ensure users and creators are aptly protected.”

How does Fansly protect creators from Chargebacks?

If a creator faces this issue, then Fansly covers them from now. If someone subscribes to a creator, receives the content, and then tries to initiate a chargeback, Fansly authority covers that.

But, if the opposite situation arises, users paid in advance to the creators for would-be content but failed to send that promised content to their fans. Then Fansly doesn’t cover that chargeback.

If you check the FAQ of Fansly, you will come to know written documentation from the official Fansly support that “Fansly protects creators from chargebacks in nearly all cases. If a consumer purchases your content then decides to initiate a chargeback, we would cover that. We do not cover content promised by a creator to a fan, and the fan paid for it, and then the content was never delivered. However, creators are given more than an adequate amount of time to deliver the promised content before Fansly gets involved.”

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