Five suggestions for Fansly creators on how to improve their work and earn more money

Hey, What’s Up? Planning to take a new ride on another Fan Site after great success with your OnlyFans page? Or do you think about starting your brand new career with the new fansite platform Fansly?

We are here to help you grow your fan base and make more money. As you have already come across the craze of the Fansly site, that’s why we are presenting you with the top 5 tips for the fansly creator to be a better creator and make more money.

Onlyfans and Fansly are the two subscription platforms open for adult content creators and we have a complete review of both the platforms here: Onlyfans Vs Fansly: Which of the adult subscription platform is best for you?

But, the problem with both the platforms are; they don’t give you the exposure you deserve and there are some platforms like FriendsOnly where you can start uploading TikTok styled vertical videos and start a subscription business as you do in Onlyfans or Fansly. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here as a creator.

Fansly Overview

Fansly is packed with a content subscription service like other social media platforms. Like Onlyfans, here also fans need to invest or purchase a monthly subscription to see creators’ content like photos, videos, etc. Content creators can earn 80% from their subscribers, and 20% goes to Fansly as a website fee.

Fansly is gaining popularity like a fire, and it can be the second-best choice after OnlyFans. So many content creators and models are already signing up there.

Now focus on the main thing.

How to Make Money on Fansly?

It is a similar platform to Onlyfans. You can earn money here in various ways.

Firstly you need to set up a paid account, from where you can earn money from the fans who will buy the monthly subscription to watch out for your exclusive posts and profile.

Your paid fans can give you tips or feedback using their monthly subscription values via the direct message feature so that you can improve or modify your content.

You can create paid posts for those who have a free account on Fansly, fans will pay to unlock your certain posts.

You can create a free account there too, but a paid account will help you gain paid subscriptions. The more fans will subscribe, the more money you can earn.

You can read the detailed guide about making money on Fansly here.

Select Your Niche or Content Which You Can Post

Once you have created a nice-looking profile, it’s time to post content there before starting promoting. Without having any content like photos or videos, it will be useless to promote because your fans won’t see anything there when they visit your profile

In large, Fansly is an adult-subscription-based platform where you can start a fan page around your adult content. Now, there are different categories where you can start focusing like; if you are a single woman, you can start uploading your nudes or finding a partner and recording your videos with him or her. There is a range of different categories that you can focus on depending upon you are single, a couple, or someone who is a bit more adventurous.

So keep that in mind that no one will be willing to pay for an empty profile; your fans must want bang for the bucks.

What Type of Content Should You Post There?

You can post various types of content, though some sectors have tough content to promote. So, it depends on you, what type of content or niche you want to deal with.

Check out some of the examples.

You can promote Non-Sexual Content like Music, Food, Art and Fitness, etc.

Post Nude content with or without your face.

Non-nude content will also be great, like bikini or fitness photos.

You can post content on Fetishes like feet, legs, and hands pictures. You can read: How to make money selling feet pics on Onlyfans?

Don’t Compromise with the Quality of Content.

There is no need to purchase a new or expensive camera, but make sure to shoot your images or videos with a high resolution that looks decent and clear enough to attract your fans. After all, they are paying money to see some stunning photographs and content, right? So keep this in mind, and capture some attractive images to increase your content quality and subscribers.

Make sure to notice a few things while capturing videos or photos:

Camera Angle

Attractive pose

Lighting to improve the quality

A fine background

Some fashionable clothes

Interactive objects

Give Some Extra Time on Promotion & Marketing

Without promotion and marketing, no one will be able to know about your profile. You have to increase your Fansly profile reach to get attention and subscribers.

Marketing and promoting your profile to various sources and external platforms is one of the essential steps. It will help you to generate earning potential through Fansly. This is the most effective way for beginners, and even existing content creators can boost their fanbase and increase their subscribers.

Don’t you know where to promote your profile? Check below, and we have shared a few platforms from where you can grab more subscribers for your Fansly account.

Reddit – You will get the number of NSFW subreddits that allow you to promote your content or images. A few subreddits allow you to share your Fansly link in the comment section. Go for the partnership with Fans Magician, and it will help you get an extensive list of subreddits that are available for promotion.

Twitter – If you have a strong Twitter account with large followers, you can utilize it pretty well.

Facebook – It is a strict medium and less effective than other platforms, and its content policy regarding sharing extent links is not so suitable. But still, you can share your Fansly profile to generate subscribers.

Instagram – Another effective platform if you have a strong following. You can share your profile link or content here, and Instagram has a great engagement facility.

Discord – You will find out many public discord platforms that you can use for promotion. You will find the discord server lists from Disboard or, etc.

Cam /Tube Sites – Are you an active user of Cam / Tube sites? You can offer your viewers and audiences to subscribe to your Fansly account to enjoy exclusive content.

Shout-outs – Like Instagram and Twitter, Fansly has many followers, and they can offer you shout-outs to promote your profile to a large audience.

Here is a guide I wrote for Onlyfans creators discussing different marketing strategies which are equally valid for Fansly creators;

How To Promote Onlyfans Page? 11 Genius Ways To Get More Followers On Your Onlyfans

How to grow and promote your Onlyfans page to get more followers? we have listed 11 ways to market your Onlyfans page. You can use social media platforms as well as other tools to grow your Onlyfans page.


creator economy

Check Out A Few Fansly Tricks & Marketing Strategies

Marketing Bonus Tip 1- The simple and easy hack is to keep your monthly subscription $0, which means free. And keep your profiles engaged with free and paid posts also. Free posts help to make your audience queries to check the hidden parts. And you can utilize that part by grabbing the audience to take the paid subscription to enjoy your posts. a $0 monthly subscription profile can get faster engagement and fanbase. You can use DM procedures to increase sales.

Marketing Bonus Tip 2 – You can set reward points for your most loyal or favorite fans. Suppose a  fan purchases a subscription for a certain period of time, or gives you a tip of a good amount, then as a reward, you can mark those fans as “VIP fans.” That reward sometimes provides some discounts or freebies, and it is a gesture and encourages them to keep supporting you.

You can read our complete guide about marketing your Fansly here:

How To Promote Your Fansly Account? 11 Methods To Get More Fans On Your Fansly Page

A step-by-step guide for adult content creators to get more Fans or followers on their Fansly page.


creator economy

How to Start Posting on Fansly?

Be Organized – Select a particular day in a week or hours to sort out the photos, create some effective content and engage yourself to promote your profile.

Be Dedicated and Patient – You have to be dedicated enough to your profile to get your fans and subscribers. On a digital platform, it’s not an easy task to gain subscribers as much as you want. So, keep patient and keep working.

Choose Your Niche You Will Love to Work On – Don’t just go for nude posting. Post that content on which you can use your creativity. Otherwise, the market will throw you out from the competition.

Ignore Useless Trolls- Last but not least, don’t focus on trolls. Don’t even think that every person will be nice to you, and some will poke you to irritate you. Don’t respond; ignore the trolls, focus on your profile and make quality content.

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