For your Chaturbate affiliate business, use these 3 different content strategies.

I’ve spoken in the past about why content strategies are the best way to grow your adult business and how you can host them without getting in trouble using ViceTemple. However a lot of you have been asking us what kind of content that you should be working on in order to grow your business efficiently. Today we’ll be covering three different adult content strategies that you can use to grow your Chaturbate Affiliate Business. These will also work with over Adult Affiliate Programs. If you want a head start on the first of our list, check out our Adult Cam Affiliate Crash Course (now only $14.99 with the coupon code “MikeT” at checkout)

If you’re not a fan of reading, that’s ok! Watch this video instead!

1. Review Website

One of the simplest ways to get some headway going on this industry is to do a review style website. This is where you choose a particular niche such as 70’s Porn Music reviews and you go ahead and make a website all around that topic. You would create three reviews of the porn music from a particular 70’s porn movie. This will bring traffic of older people (who should have more money) to your website. Then you can link them out to the different affiliates and cam sites you are promoting as well as capture email addresses. You could also review cam girls, similar to Galacticams. There are tones of ways you could start a review website in this industry if you use your Walt Disney sized imagination.

2. Advice/Industry Magazine Site

Another strategy is to use your current skills and apply them to the adult industry. Much like this website itself, where we are applying our Affiliate Marketing expertise to the Adult Industry. If you’re an digital marketing expert you could teach people ways to use paid ads and seo to grow their adult cam profile or porn website. A great example is Shenanicams where Mostly Mustache will be using his deep knowledge of how Cam Girls (and Guys) can increase their user engagement metrics by utilizing the tools that Chaturbate offers. This is a great way to get a targeted user base to your website and run to the top of Google results!

3. Your Own Tube/Cam Site

A tube site is a video streaming porn site which allows users to view adult content from any device including their mobile phone. If you’ve ever used Pornhub then you already know what a tube site is.

When you start your own tube site, you gain the ability to monetise the videos viewed on your website through various methods. You can embed videos from other providers who will give you a cut of their earnings from each view. You can also create or produce content, or scrape free copywrite free content from around the web.

Read more about this strategy in this full article and let us know in the comments what you think!

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