Guide: Selling Worn Panties, Lingerie and Tangibles

Guide: Selling Worn Panties, Lingerie and Tangibles

Make Money Selling Worn Panties and Goods

If you are planning on selling items such as worn panties you may have some questions, what is the best way to go about it? How do you make the buyer doesn’t claim they didn’t get it and refund? What is safe to mail? This guide is here to answer all of your questions when it comes to mailed goods. We’ve also got a list of networks that can be used to sell panties and other tangibles listed below.

Sites For Selling Panties and Other Products

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Guide To Selling Worn Panties / Tangibles:

How To Get Sales For Worn Panties, Bras, Lingerie

Many models find success in taking photos or videos in or of the items that they have for sale in order to draw more attention to it. This also shows the buyer exactly what they are getting. This also helps protect you as the seller, because the buyer can not claim that they were not expecting the item in the condition that you sent it.

Using social media to advertise your products for sale will also improve the attention it receives and the chances of getting a sale.

Ad-Ons: Videos and Photos Wearing the Panties

Guide: Selling Worn Panties, Lingerie and Tangibles

Some models have also shown great success in offering “add ons” to items they’re selling, for example: if you are selling worn panties you can offer a short video of you in the panties for an additional $x amount. It combines the allure of custom content with a “trophy” from the content that the buyer is able to hold onto.

You’ve made a sale, what do you do now?

Once you make a sale of your product, whatever it may be, you will have to get into contact with the customer to get their mailing information. Some sites with storefront options will automatically do this for you, but depending on the site you chose to sell through, you may have to contact them yourself.

Keep note of their mailing address in a safe place, so that it will not be taken or used for any purpose but mailing the item. It may also help to add a disclaimer that if they do not provide a real name you can’t guarantee they will be able to receive their package if they miss the delivery at the door. Most places require an ID with a matching name to pick up packages if they miss you when they’re being delivered.

Shipping Worn Panties, Socks, Bras

Now that you have their mailing information you are ready to ship! You can do this either in-store or online. If you do it online, many places also offer a package pickup. Keep in mind that shipping is not always cheap, so depending on what you are selling, you may want to opt for an option like Flat Rate through USPS (if you’re in the US.)

Sending Panties Overseas: If you are shipping across borders, you should also keep in mind that you will have to pay taxes on the items passing the border + it is subject to being searched and denied.

Double Check Address Before Sending: Double-check the address before you complete your order.

Your Return Address: For the return address there are many options to keep you safe including using a PO Box or using an online mail forwarding platform (similar to a PO Box but they actually send the mail to you). If you don’t have access to these options you can also cut out the return address on the packaging label, although the customer may still be able to access your location with a tracking number so this is not the best option.

Save The Receipt / Tracking Number: Once you print your label, you should also print the receipt/tracking number that comes with it so you can ensure the package makes it to the location.

Protect Yourself Against Refunds and Complaints!

A major concern with tangible goods is that since it relies on a mailing system and the honesty of both parties that it is a cesspool of false claims and refunds. The best way as an honest seller to guarantee you won’t get chargebacks or refunds on items that you did send is to always make sure to keep the tracking number and provide it to the site if they contact you about the status of an item. Some sites will even allow you to add the tracking number to an order fulfillment when you complete your order so that the customer can also track it. In some rare cases, the mailing service you use may lose your package, in which case you should always contact the mailing service and ask for a refund for the value of your package.

Another good safety practice is to take photos of your package in the open container and once it is closed, even a video of you dropping it at the post office/mailbox can serve as proof of your intention to send your item. For the most part, sites will rarely penalize the seller for things that are out of their control, and will side with the seller if they are able to provide multiple forms of evidence that they did everything they could to ensure the package would reach the customer.

More Panty Selling Tips

Presentation of an item is important, and you are more likely to receive repeat customers if your package presentation is nice. You can include a thank you note, colorful packing paper, and other things to create a more personalized and professional touch.

International shipping is very expensive, and you should account for this cost as well. Make sure your description states if you do international shipping, and if you do if there is an increase in shipping cost due to this.

It has been speculated that shipping worn items is illegal, so check with your local laws to make sure you are not doing anything that could endanger you legally.

If you are shipping delicate items, you can order “fragile” stickers online to attach to your package to ensure it is handled with care. You should also invest in bubble wrap/air packs if you’ll be sending delicate items.

Do not put your legal name on your package, even for the return address. Make sure you discuss with your PO Box, mail forwarding system, or other option that you will be using your professional name. Once they approve this, you will be able to get return packages safely, and won’t have to worry about your legal name being seen by your customer.

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