How to get Free Unlimited organic adult traffic for adult tube website

If you wants to get free unlimited organic adult traffic for your adult tube website then this post is an important part of the whole journey of making $3500 per month: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today I will tell you How to get Free Unlimited direct traffic for adult tube website.

These technique will help anyone in the following adult industry:

  1. Adult blogs or Porn Blogs (just like mine)
  2. Adult tube website (This technique works best for adult tube sites)
  3. Adult service (Adult games, Adult Messages, Adult Chat etc)
  4. Premium adult websites (Like Brazzers, where you charge for porn clips)
  5. Adult online shops
  6. Adult Video hosting websites
  7. Adult image hosting websites
  8. Cam sites
  9. Adult Forums
  10. Adult Affiliate sites (dating websites)
  11. Adult chat sites
  12. Escort sites

Although I am strictly pro-free traffic, I mean free organic traffic from Google. For that I have already told you many techniques here on this post : Read our Adult SEO Article for some amazing ways and tricks to get you website ranked on Google. This is a complete step by step guide to generate an organic traffic to your website.

Legal disclaimer: This article is for information only. Of course I assume that you asked the content owners for permission or otherwise own the necessary rights to use the content. does not endorse the violation of copyrights. will not be liable of any copyright issues you might face.

But any free traffic is welcomed by a website owner. Today I will tell you a Goldmine of free niche focused adult traffic. For this we will be using famous adult tube websites (like Redtube, Xvideos etc). I have listed down the key steps that we will be following in this whole process and then I will explain each one of it:

  1. Download niche specific videos from adult tube website only choose HD with no watermark.
  2. Edit the video to add branding of your website.
  3. Upload the video on leading tube websites (Read this to make this process super easy: Advanced Video Submitter full review for adult tube website).
  4. Settings, title, tags and description of each video.

Before moving forward I would request you to install ANT video downloader in Mozilla. This is an amazing plugin which I have been using since five years now to download the best videos from various website that are related to the niche of my adult tube website. After installing this plugin, the moment any video starts playing you can download it by clicking on the button on your toolbar. This is really simple to download any video.

unlimited free adult traffic ant video downloader

Lets start with step 1. Download niche specific videos

Where shall I find the the best videos related to my niche. For this you can start by searching for a similar tube website which is focused on the same niche as yours and then downloading the popular videos from that website. You have to download only a good quality videos.

OR you can visit popular tube websites and then after searching for the keywords of your niche, downloading the high quality Popular videos with many likes

(NOTE: Check our RESOURCES page to learn all the tools and websites i use to make more than $5,000 per month. Majority of them are free and you can achieve the same results if you follow my advice)

OR you can find the key companies in the niche of your website which make videos and sell them or subscription based model. Then search for the torrents or download links of those videos and downloading those videos. Make sure there is no watermark in the video.


Lets start with step 2. Edit the video to add branding of your website

The videos you download using Ant video downloader plugin will be in .FLV format. I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos but sadly it does not allow .flv videos to be edited and hence I use a video converter software named as “Total video converter” for converting my videos from .flv to .wmv. You can choose any software for this. If you have any other Video editor which allows .flv videos to be edited then you do not need this extra step of converting the videos from .flv to .mp4 or .wmv.

First of all let me tell you the kind of branding that we will be adding to the video

  • A five second image before the start of video.
  • A five second Image at the end of Video.
  • Our website logo throughout entire video length at one of the corners.

How to select the image?

For this all you have to do is go to Google images and search the primary keyword of your niche and adding the word “wallpaper” with it. For example if your niche is foot fetish, then on Google image search use the query “Foot fetish wallpaper” and then download a high definition photo which relates to your niche. Download it in a good quality pictures.

Now we have to edit this photo to add some text on this photo. For this you can use Snagit software or Adobe Photoshop. On the image you have to write, “Best HD (niche primary keyword) videos only at (website name) updated regularly). The final image should look something like this:

before after video free traffic

Using Adobe Premiere Pro, I add this image at the start and end of video for five seconds each. Also quickly create a logo for your website using Online or Adobe Photoshop or any other software and add this logo at the corner of your videos. After adding all this branding export the videos from Adobe Premier Pro software. There are lots of online websites who offer to create your logo in just few clicks.

Automate Premiere Pro export

If you are following my How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites guide, then this article on Automate Premiere Pro export will help you a lot.

Automation is loved by all. In the end everyone wants their key or core work to be automated so that they can focus on other things while you can see your money grow with minimum effort. All the automated process should be working correct then its good.

If you already knew this trick then good for you, but if you don’t then this will save you tons of time and headache.

Automate Premiere Pro export trick is about easily exporting multiple videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. Earlier if I had to edit and export lets say 20 clips, then I was first editing the first clip and then waiting for its export so that I can work on my second clip. This required my constant attention and a lot of time and energy was spent. This will make you tired and the output will not be desired.

Then I came across this amazing video which showed how you can edit all the videos at once and then queue them up for exporting later. So instead of waiting for each video to get rendered and exported, you can queue them up and check back later.  This is really very helpful. Here is the video:


All you need in extra is Adobe Media Encoder. Install it. And when you are exporting the video by going to File –>Export –> Media or by keyboard shortcut Cntrl + M, instead of clicking export, click on Queue.

And then one by one you can edit the videos and queue them without waiting for exports.

Automate Premiere Pro export

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in comments section below. you can directly ask me on my email [email protected].

Lets start with step 3. Upload the video on leading tube websites.

If you do not want to waste any more time and want to speed up your process of making money from adult tube websites then I request you to read this to make this process super easy: Advanced Video Submitter full review for adult tube website. Using this software will make your whole process of money making super easy and the best part is that this software can be used in many other adult money making methods that I have shared on this website. I have posted some useful articles here on this site those are really helpful for you to get more money. I personally would request you to invest some money in this software if you are serious about making a huge regular passive income. Advanced Video Submitter full review for adult tube website.

If you are not buying this software and want to do this work by yourself then you will first have to make accounts at the leading adult tube websites.

Now I want you to add two videos each day to each of this website. Read step four now as it gives a very important tip

Lets start with step 4. Settings, title, tags and description of each video

Now all the videos you upload on these adult tube websites, for them to send you traffic, first they need to get popular on these websites. For this they need to be easily discover-able. This can easily be done be adding relevant title, tags and description of each video. Make the titles, tags and description SEO friendly.

Do not skip this step thinking that it will just waste some more time (this is exactly why I request to invest in this software to save all these extra hours: Advanced Video Submitter full review for adult tube website). Give time to write relevant tags and small description describing the scene and the pornstar name in the video.

TIP: Here is a great tip to drive more traffic. Although not all websites, but some of these adult tube websites allow you to include your website name in the title of the video. (for eg: allows it) I want you to include your websites home page url at the end of the title of your video. For example if the title of your video is “best foot fetish video” change it to “best foot fetish video –

Build Adult traffic – Smart and Innovative ways

Building adult traffic for your adult website might seem extremely difficult as first. Because its not a normal site its content is adult and its bit hard at the beginning. If you have been following my website for long then you probably already know the best working methods to drive insane adult traffic to your adult site. My personal favorite is Adult seo  and I have written a comprehensive guide on that topic, do check it out.

Today I will be sharing with you methods of driving adult visitors that are not regular. Do not expect them to drive enormous amount of visitors to your adult site, but they will definitely help you increase your overall traffic. So lets start:

Build Adult traffic - Smart and Innovative ways disqusDisqus Comments

It is an excellent way to drive user engagement on your website as well as drive additional traffic. Disqus is by far the most common commenting system on the internet. You can generate a goo traffic from here. They proudly pronounce themselves as a company that helps increase website traffic and trust me they are not lying, I have been using disqus comments for almost all my adult sites and it has really solved the need of a great commenting system while also driving additional traffic. (Even on this website I use Disqus comments).

How can Disqus comments helps your adult website?

I use my domain name as my Disqus name, this helps in more exposure.

Since disqus is very popular you can easily find relevant blogs in your niche and add relevant helpful comments on multiple ares, and this drives targeted traffic back to your websites. When visitors see your name in Disqus then they are actually seeing your website domain name.

Links in Disqus comments are “nofollow” so do not think this will help you in link building and link juice for adult search engine optimization but it will definitely help in building nofollow links that will improve overall trust factor of the website. This is a process of link buildings so you have to do this in a proper way.

They also show relevant internal articles along with each post, hence Pages/visit metric increases.

Traffic trading

If I am interested in making money online, then probably I am visiting multiple websites and blogs in that niche. This is how you as an owner of adult website/porn site can leverage to drive more traffic. Make a list of all the websites that are relevant to your niche, and also add the contact information of each websites (Contact form URL or direst Email address , if you can find it). As much information you can collect just grab it.

Start sending them personalized email about trading traffic by putting each others link on both websites. This will help in driving targeted relevant traffic between both websites and benefits all. I have seen that not many websites owners say no to this, because it is helping them as well. They have need for this traffic and they can’t say no. Just make sure to not target the giants in your niche, because most probably they wont reply back to you. Try to find websites with similar traffic stats. For finding traffic estimations of any website, use Similarweb , it gives the most accurate traffic estimates of any website.

The best part about this technique is that you will also get the backlink from a relevant niche website which will tremendously help in adult seo of your website. If the link is nofollow then it will help in improving trust flow of your website, if the link is follow then good for you.

You can also apply the same technique for Twitter as well, find twitter handles that are relevant to your niche and then ask them for shutouts trading. You can leverage and promote each other and trade the followers. You have to make your followers in the Twitter and from there you can generate a good traffic.

Watermarking and then promoting your websites

Watermarking your content is a great way of driving highly targeted direct (type-in) adult traffic . This also helps in leveraging websites and people who steal your content, by getting some of those visitors back to the original websites. If you are a webcam model, just watermark your pics and videos with your website domain name, or twitter handle if you want that. If you use watermark to your pics and videos then its bit harder for those who steal your content.

If you are a clipstore owner or even any adult performer (camgirl, webcam models etc) then you can easily share trailers of your clips or videos after watermarking them on various tube sites, twitter Facebook etc. This will help drive those people to your website that just found your video and were interested in knowing more about you. Without the watermark they will just watch the videos and will have no clue about finding you. Its very important to add the watermark in your pics and videos.

You can even watermark your images and post it on porn pinning sites (example to drive targeted traffic.

These are all the four steps you have to follow to drive huge traffic towards your website from already established adult tube websites. You have to follow all these step to generate a good traffic to your website and here blow a lot is still coming.

Building adult traffic the right way – Complete guide

Traffic is king. The more the traffic, the more money you will make. If you have a regular traffic then you are making regular money. Before seeing any positive results as an adult website owner, you need targeted adult traffic. One of the most asked question to me (through email, FB messages and comments on the website) are:

Building adult traffic

  1. how to generate adult audience.
  2. How to increase my adult following?
  3. How to build an adult audience?
  4. How to get adult traffic.

One of the biggest problem I find is that people expect that they will do one thing and thousands of targeted adult traffic visitors will start coming on their website. (although through paid advertising you can achieve that). But your using the free and just only SEO tricks its bit harder. There is no secret trick to generate adult traffic within days. Building adult audience/traffic/following for your website will take time. You need to be patient. Now that I have mentioned this very important fact, now let’s move on the tactics/methods you can deploy to drive more traffic to your adult website.

Quality is everything

People think that they will follow get rich quick guide and they will become millionaire. It doesn’t work that way. The one rule that I have learned over the years is that you will first have to provide value to other, in order to be successful. The thing is how quality content you are delivering in your website. Whenever someone visits your website they must be astonished. They must be so happy with the quality of the content that they decide to become an active reader, share your content, email you, post comments and become genuine fans.

Keep the quality of your content to 1000%. Yes, quality is everything. Find your metamorphose factor.

Even if you succeed in driving thousands of visitors to your website, but if the content is not up to the mark, they will never come back. They will just come once and never ever will come back to your website.


Leverage embedding and content of others

You don’t have to become a content producer in order to make money. You can become and affiliate to sell other products. Similarly, you can use content on other website to drive traffic to your website.  I give you a step-by-step  guide on making amazing passive income through tube website with minimum cost. If you start uploading your own videos, then it will take a toll on your time and bandwidth. Rather I ask you to embed the videos from other major tube websites such as (videos, pornhub etc.). This way you are utilizing the expensive servers of other major companies to benefit you. You have to do just a little work and you can start making money.

Note: Please note that never ever use content that you do not own copyright to. never advise that to its visitor. You must have the consent of the party whose content you are slicing.

There are numerous ways of adding content to your website

  1. If you are tube website owner then you can embed the videos from popular tube websites.
  2. You can create an adult blog on any adult niche and add relevant articles.
  3. If you are a clipstore model, then you can create a website for you showcasing all the things you do, videos you produced, camshows you participate in, etc. More like an aggregator of all the adult services you provide. Similarly, you can do the same if you are a webcam model.
  4. Many more ways of starting an adult website, check out other articles on our website for more knowledge and information.

Promoting your website and content for adult traffic and building an adult audience

Promotion is the trickiest part. People already spend a lot of time building the content of their adult website, and when it comes to promotion they become lazy. (honestly I am also like that). The actual fact is that your hard work start from this point. Understand one thing, even if you have the most amazing content in the world, but if people cannot find you then you will never ever make money.

Dedicate time for promotion and marketing of your website. There are multiple ways of driving traffic:

  1. Search Engine Optimization or Adult SEO guide
  2. Social Media
  3. Direct traffic
  4. Traffic trades
  5. Live Shows

I have written detailed articles on all of these methods of adult traffic generation, do check them out

If you are not creating a tube website, then I will highly recommend you to indulge in Lead generation. Capturing email ids of your website visitors is a must if you want to be successful online. Grab some information of your visitor. You don’t want the visitor to come, get the information and leave. To make them loyal followers, you will need their email ids, so that you can build a relationship with them over the email.

Keep adding value to them through email, so that soon they will become regular and loyal fans and then you can sell them the products that will make you money.  This can be done just only by making a good relationship. Smart people never depend on advertising income for making money, they create and sell products.

Building adult traffic is not tough, but it will take some time and smart decisions.

Why I don’t like display advertisements

If you will notice on this website, then you will realize that I do not have a singe banner advertisement. I have make this website very simple and easy to readable for visitors. The reason is simple; I do not really care about those few dollars. Why would I drive my visitors to some other website, when I can drive them to my other articles, so that they read more and more. The more they read, the more they will like my content. This helps in building a stronger relationship and hence a community of people who want to make money in adult niche. This community is what I am looking for. Instead of placing Ad-banners, I have banners of my own articles directing them to that content.

You goal is to make your visitors fall in love with you and your website. This will make them begging for more, and they will become repeat visitors. They will come here to find some more information and they will start contacting you for some help.

Try to give them as much love as possible. Add value in their life, and soon they will help you make money through your website. Remember shady methods of making money can give you instant pleasure, but a long term sustainable business is always build upon strong foundations.


Image sharing websites for adult seo and free traffic

If you are lazy and are happy with the slow rise of traffic from google then it is fine, but if you are like me who wants to make money as fast as possible then investing some time on Image sharing websites for adult seo and free adult traffic will be really helpful. This is also good trick to get more money.

So where can I find a list of image sharing websites you ask, don’t worry I already have that covered. Here are the major adult image sharing websites:

  • 4 chan
  • TheFapp
  • Bustybay
  • Fapstr
  • Fappyness
  • Fuskator
  • HelloKisses
  • ShePoses
  • faplr
  • Phapit
  • Picleecher
  • Dumpomaat
  • Shuttur
  • Grazzier
  • Post-Tits
  • ApinaPorn
  • I-Like-NSFW
  • Subimg
  • BootyOfTheDay
  • AssPictures
  • SexyGorgeousWomen
  • WeLuvPorn
  • Smoder
  • Sexit
  • TehGirrafe

All you have to do is Watermark Adult Pics in the niche of your website and Upload them to these popular image sharing sites. Some websites also offer a place to put your link which can be really helpful in making backlinks. You just have to put your website link there.

Increase Adult traffic through Google image search

Ranking a adult website is getting tougher by the day. Google is making extremely difficult for adult website to rank higher is Google search results. In general, it is already difficult to do Adult Seo and make Adult Backlinks, compared to non-adult websites. Because the Search Engine doesn’t allows to promote the adult content. Today I will tell you about how to Increase Adult traffic through Google image search.
This is the reason adult webmasters have to think of innovative ways to drive traffic to their websites. One such avenue of traffic is Google image search. People looking for adult content have a tendency to do a higher number of Google image search compared to a non-adult website, this is because of the graphic nature of adult websites.


What is adult seo for your images?

SEO for images is done through “ALT” text. These tags are like giving Google a brief description about your image. You have to put all the images in your website using the ALT tags with keywords that you are using. So whether you are operating a adult tube website, or working on a article based adult website, adding few images with relevant alt text  can help you a lot in capturing image based traffic.

So how to do adult seo for your images, or how to add alt text?

Adding ALT text  for your adult images is very simple. Whenever you add an image from your wordpress “Add Media” section and upload an image, you get an option to put the following information for your image:

Increase Adult traffic through Google image search add media

Increase Adult traffic through Google image search upload media

alt tag adult image seo

In the highlighted , “Alt Text”, add the keyword you are targeting to rank for. You can also add the title of your post or article. This is the basic things that will increase your website ranking.

TIP: If you have a adult tube website, then adding the Alt text in the featured image can also help a lot.


Generate enormous adult traffic – Affiliate marketing – White/Black/Grey hat methods

Generating converting traffic is the core of Affiliate marketing. As an affiliate everyone tries to find the best and high converting traffic for their affiliate product/service/offer. To generate this traffic there are three ways on the internet:

  1. White hat methods
  2. Black Hat methods
  3. Grey hat methods

Let’s talk about this one by one.

White hat methods for generating traffic for Affiliate marketing

This is the best methods to generate traffic to your website. These are legally accepted methods that most of the affiliates use to drive conversions. Methods like Adult media buying , Adult SEO are few examples. Since these methods are legal and also targeting is done correctly they give a long-term benefit. Your website will be in search result by using these methods. Also getting conversions through them is acceptable and also beneficial for advertisers and people with affiliate products or services.

Black hat methods for generating traffic for Affiliate marketing

By using these methods you can get instant results but these are not good for long term. There are underground illegal ways that many use to cheat the system. These are unethical ways deployed by some crooked souls to make quick cash at the expense of someone else loss. Using black hat methods advertisers lose money and people using black hat methods come under the purview of law if caught.

These methods only give short-term gains and wont give you a steady passive income in a long-term scenario.

Grey hat methods for generating traffic for Affiliate marketing

Among the two extreme world lie another world known as “grey hat”. In this, there are techniques and methods to generate traffic that are not strictly blackhat and neither Whitehat. Black hat methods are strictly banned by all affiliate networks because they care about their advertisers. They are not for long term. White hat methods are loved by all. However adult affiliate websites also allow Grey hat methods as they somewhat legal and also leads to genuine conversions.

Since out topic in hand today is Grey hat methods, so lets talk about them in detail.

NOTE: Important Note before using any of these methods

Many affiliate networks or affiliate programs do not allow grey hat methods of traffic to their affiliate offer so please do check the TOS before using any one of these. If you get banned or your CPA account gets terminated because of this then I shall not be deemed liable. These methods are not strictly acceptable  and hence you must take action at your own risk.

Keyword spamming

One of the most popular methods use to get your articles and post indexed in Google is Keyword spamming. This is also a bad technique to get instant result. Although with recent many algorithm updates many website have been hit badly with the penalty but I can still see many websites  (websites like watching movies online, adult tube websites etc) still flourishing with their keyword stuffing techniques.

Content spinning

This is a very popular technique sued by people to drive target organic traffic to their website.To get organic content or content from search engines, you need to add high quality original content regularly on your website. But doing this requires time and effort. To bypass this, people started using content spinning software’s that changes the words, phrases, sentences in such a way that Google thinks that the content is original. But this is not also recommended you have to update your all content manually.

Since Google is tricked into believing this, and hence they don’t penalize this website for stolen content. If you have gone through my How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites  guide then one major part of driving organic traffic is changing wordings of Adult tube video title.


Redirection is when someone is sent to a url “” and when he reaches there instead of opening “” it gets redirected to some other url lets say “”. It is also called domain redirection and can easily be done using a WordPress plugin or even from the backend of your hosting provider. Peoples are doing this for generating leads.

Buying backlinks for Adult SEO

Everyone wants high quality targeted traffic to their website. For this you need to invest in Adult SEO of your website. This requires time and a lot of work as adding great content and building high quality relevant backlinks requires a lot of effort.

To bypass this effort some adult webmaster resort to paying other high quality website owners (who are in the same niche) to buy backlinks in exchange of money. Although google does not like this method but it is extremely difficult for them to find out whether the backlink is paid or not. So find some high quality niche focused website and pay money to get your website or service listed there.

Creating PBN or private blog networks

If you have ever hired a SEO agency or any other SEO company for your website then you might have heard of PBN’s or private blog networks. These are hundreds of websites owned by these companies that are used to build easy and quick back links for the clients website. Use of PBN requires a lot of expertise and knowledge as one wrong move can lead to a penalty from Google which will have drastic consequences on your organic traffic. You must be aware of these that by using such things can ban you on Google.

Comment spamming

There are many softwares that can be used to do comment spamming. Many people use such software’s to automate their comment spamming so that they can drive traffic to their affiliate offer if the comment is visible to the website visitors.

Promoting adult content on Mainstream social media

Not all social media giants like Facebook are adult friendly. Most of them do not allow posting of adult content and will ban your account if you do so. If you are into adult affiliate marketing it becomes extremely difficult for you to generate traffic for your adult affiliate offer.

Although there are many ways and workarounds for using adult content on social media sites and I will be writing an article about this very soon.


Adult porn tube websites to submit videos for traffic

Legal disclaimer: This article is for information only. Of course I assume that you asked the content owners for permission or otherwise own the necessary rights to use the content. does not endorse the violation of copyrights. will not be liable of any copyright issues you might face.

If you are uploading the videos manually (which I strictly do not prefer) then choose 10-15 the most popular tube websites among the below given list and after creating accounts on those websites start uploading the videos.

  • xHamsterBeeg
  • PornHub
  • eporner
  • YouPorn
  • MadThumbs
  • PornerBros
  • xVideos
  • RedTube
  • XXX
  • FreudBox
  • XNXX
  • MotherOfPorn
  • Porn
  • VideoLovesYou
  • Tube8
  • AlphaPorno
  • Orgasm
  • WhoreSlag
  • BigTits
  • Shufuni
  • xFapZap
  • Spankwire
  • YouBunny
  • FastJizz
  • My18Tube
  • Pornwall
  • MorningStarClub
  • AnalPornHD
  • Pornhost
  • fapdu
  • UserPorn
  • SpankBang
  • MoviesAnd
  • XooGo
  • HDPornstar
  • pornjog
  • SubmitYourFlix
  • WetPussy
  • GirlsOnGirlsTube
  • XXXBunker
  • KeezMovies
  • HDPorn
  • Chumleaf
  • FuckTube
  • YouJizz
  • PornRabbit
  • fookgle
  • Pornative
  • Dailee
  • StileProject
  • ExtremeTube
  • Sexfans
  • fux
  • Sluttyred
  • pk5
  • 24h-Porn
  • PornSharia
  • StepOnMyBalls
  • KuntFuTube
  • YouPunish
  • YOBT
  • Cuntest
  • ThisAV
  • FemdomTube
  • DefineFetish
  • Vidxnet
  • MilkyDick
  • NextDoorDolls
  • Smoder
  • Eroxia
  • PornOXO
  • YOBT
  • tnaFlix
  • TheGooTube
  • BondageTube
  • SpankingTube
  • JizzBox
  • Sextv1
  • empFlix
  • Pornheed
  • Fuckuh
  • PornWaiter
  • YourPornJizz
  • LubeTube
  • Porncor
  • 4tube
  • Pornorake
  • Slutload
  • Definebabe
  • MaxJizzTube
  • YTeenPorn
  • NurglesTube
  • yPorn
  • Vankoi
  • Asianxtv
  • TheyXXX
  • BestHDTube
  • AsianTubeSex
  • Zuzandra
  • Moviesguy
  • BustNow
  • DirtyDirtyAngels
  • exgfupload
  • Deviantclip
  • PornSiteChoice
  • FapTV
  • HardSexTube
  • BrazzersHDTube
  • Yazum
  • Analxtv

Drive adult traffic to a porn website

Drive adult traffic to a porn website is one of the biggest challenge for any adult website owner. Building or creating an adult website to make money is easy How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, but to make money or passive income requires you to drive targeted traffic back you your website. In other general website you can do that easily but here the content of your website is Adult. Whether you own an adult website, adult tube website, adult products, adult affiliate network, webcam model, clipstore studio owner, driving traffic is extremely crucial for your success.

You can drive traffic in multiple ways and rough multiple channels:

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Traffic from tube websites
  3. Driving traffic from adult forums, directories
  4. Buying traffic or adult media buying
  5. Adult Social media traffic
  6. Building an email list to make money and driving traffic
  7. Trading traffic

Let’s go to each topic one by one and I will tell you exactly step-by-step how you can drive huge directed adult traffic for your adult porn website.



Organic traffic or Search engine traffic

Optimizing your website in such a way that your website is listed among first few results on Google on your target search query is extremely crucial. If you are an adult webmaster, then being good at Adult SEO is a mandatory skill. You must have at least the basic knowledge of SEO. This is a vast topic and hence I have covered it in detail in our ADULT SEO  section. Adult SEO has been a prime focus area on this website. I have written numerous articles and guides on ADULT seo, check them out: ADULT SEO articles.


Drive adult traffic from Popular Adult tube sites

This is one of the best form of traffic and I highly recommend it. I have written a whole guide on how you can easily make money from adult tube website. You can check it on other article here on this website.

You can read the complete guide on this topic here: How to get Free Unlimited direct traffic for adult tube website.


Adult social media traffic

Social media is an essential part of your overall traffic volume. Adult Social media traffic is an amazing way to drive targeted adult traffic back to your website. If you are into adult affiliate marketing, then you already know the power of social media and how you can easily sell adult affiliate products and make a commission of them.

You have to understand that not all social media platforms are adult friendly. Keep that in your mind otherwise you account might be gets banned. You need to find adult-friendly social media networks and then drive traffic from there. You can easily drive traffic from Twitter, Tumblr, Reedit, Porn pinning sites ( etc.)

Google is also giving raking preference to websites that have a good social media presence so in a way you will also help in Adult seo of your website.


Driving traffic from adult forums, directories

Finding the right forums (in your niche) and then regularly interacting there with other people also can be extremely beneficial. It helps in two ways:

  1. You can drive targeted traffic to your website.
  2. Forum backlinks are extremely helpful in Adult seo and will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Driving traffic through adult forums takes time. If you spam early on then you will be banned. You need to look genuine and as if you will add value to the forum. Chat, interact, comment on forums in initial days to build authority. This method of driving traffic is especially useful for webcam models or clips or studio owners to get more clip sales or webcam shows customers.


Building an email list to make money and driving traffic

I have always been a strong supporter of affiliate marketing and building an email list, whichever niche you are in. This is a key of success to collect the emails. Building an email list will help you if you are in the following adult sectors:

  1. Webcam models
  2. Clip store studio owners
  3. Affiliate marketer
  4. Adult product website
  5. Affiliate marketer
  6. Anything related to adult industry where you need to sell something or make the person do a specific action like signing up for a dating offer.

Power of email list building and making money from it is extensive. Millions are being made everyday by people online just through email marketing.


Buying traffic or adult media buying

This method will only be advantageous if you have some spare cash to spend. Adult media buying can be used to drive targeted customers back to your website or offer or whatever you are selling. You can also use it to build an email list by first setting up a landing page and then monetizing that list.

Become good at Adult media buying takes time and hence I request you to check our adult media buying section regularly to become an expert as soon as possible. You can see some other articles here on this website they are also useful for money making from Adult site.


Trading traffic with other adult websites

You can find similar niche website online and then contact them to place a link of your website on their website. People do this to get good quality backlinks (as Google want’s the backlink to come from same niche). Link trading can be extremely beneficial for your adult SEO and also driving targeted traffic to your website. I wrote an article about this Make Adult backlinks using Link exchange website. You can create multiple websites to do links interchange.

Also if you have multiple websites, then you can interlink them to gain the maximum benefit from your visitors.


Tumblr Guide – Drive enormous adult traffic

The best part about Tumblr for adult webmasters is that it allows adult content. This permits adult website owners to make a following on Tumblr (people following your blogs) and then driving these visitors to your website. This in turn will help you make money through Tumblr. Make a good profile here and if you have a good number of followers then you can easily drive traffic to our website.

The process is very simple, first set up your tumblr blog, gain following, grow your adult tumblr blog, and then make money through your adult tumblr blog.

Setting up the blog in the perfect manner is important. Here is a screenshot of the correct working settings:

Tumblr Guide - Drive enormous adult traffic

Do not forget to turn on the “Flag this blog as adult-oriented” other wise you will be banned very soon.

You will also need to unlock adult content in tumblr to be able to see such content. To do this just search for any adult term and click on unlock button:

Drive Tumblr traffic

How to get the initial boost you need on Tumblr:

To prevent the website from spammers and unethical people, tumblr doesn’t show content of new blogs in its search results and other ways until you show your originality. People are too much focused on getting traffic that they end up posting hundreds of posts without thinking twice about being looked like a spammer. Just like Google hits you with a penalty if you do backlink spamming, similarly you have to be patient to Drive Tumblr traffic.

These are the steps you can follow:

  1. Verify your email address.
  2. Make some changes in the appearance of your blog, so it should look nice.
  3. Follow few other blogs in your niche, post few pictures and videos.
  4. Update your blog regularly with unique content.
  5. Reblog content of other blogs in your niche.
  6. Be regular and do this for few days.

Note: These are not absolute steps that help you get featured in search results. This is what have been witnessed by me and other adult webmasters. Also Tumblr gives the following explanation for ” Why aren’t my posts appearing on tag pages?”

Why aren/t my posts appearing on tag pages?

The most effective way of gaining Tumblr Followers:

If you are someone who thinks spamming will easily help you gain thousands of tumblr followers overnight then you are wrong. Honestly I have been against spamming be it anywhere. I like to put in some extra effort so that quality is always  above everything. I know by spamming you can get some followers but soon later your account will be banned.

You will have to build a social proof. In in the initial days when you still trying to create a following on Tumblr, try to build relationship with the popular blogs in your niche. Keep in mind that content on your blog should be high quality for this to work. You should keep updating it regularly. Try to comment on posts of other blogs (not spam but genuine comments), like their content, these owners of popular blogs will come to your website and when they see some quality content they will reblog your content. This will drive their audience to your website and thereby giving you a initial push that you want on tumblr. You aim to Drive tumblr traffic starts from here.

Other way to Drive Tumblr traffic and gain/get tumblr followers is following other people in your niche:

 Adult traffic on Autopilot - Tumblr Guide

Follow-unfollow method has been used since long for people to gain twitter followers. Similar is the case here. According to a statistic, if you follow 1000 people then few of then will automatically follow you back. So its better you also start following some peoples and you can be flollwed by them.

Remember here I am not talking about blogs in your niche, rather people who love the content in your niche -i.e you audience. Go to popular posts in your niche and look at the notes section. This is a list of people who loved that post. This is the perfect audience for your blog. These are the people you should follow. You can start following them and some of them will follow you back.

gain/get tumblr followers

Steps to avoid being banned on Tumblr:

  1. Flag the blog as Adult.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Follow the TOS of tumblr.
  4. Change the image description, name etc. Using same description will get you banned.
  5. Don’t use advertisements on your tumblr blog, rather put links in your post description.
  6. Do not post illegal stuff.
  7. Do not paste direct affiliate links, rather use a redirect Hostgator Hosting with free domain name.

Drive Tumblr traffic and How to make money from Adult Tumblr Blogs:

Crakrevenue is my choice of affiliate network for Making money through Adult tumblr blogs. Get your affiliate link and then put it in the image description. This is best way to put your affiliate links here and you can’t get banned. People will click the link and if you get few conversions, you can easily make easy money through tumblr adult blogs.

Update: Do not paste direct blank affiliate links in image description of your tumblr blogs, rather buy a Hostgator Hosting with free domain name and the redirect that domain name to your affiliate offer. This is the safest way of preventing your blog from getting banned.

These tips will also help you if you are focused on How to get Traffic from Tumblr:

  1. Media Type you post: You have many options, photos, text, videos, gifs etc. Try to post a balanced portfolio of such media types.
  2. Build an amazing profile: Be thorough and authentic in your profile. Make a good profile with all necessary information. Its the first thing a person will judge you upon before following you. So your first impression should be a killer one.
  3. Be generous with tags: Just like hastags in twitter and Instagram, tags in tumblr helps user find your blog. So add as many relevant tags as possible to every piece of content you post. Use relevent hashtags to get more users to your blog.
  4. Memes to the rescue: Posting funny memes really help in gaining a loyal audience and also help in getting repeat visitors. You can create them yourself or find few in your niche. If you post attractive and creative content users will automatically liking your blog.
  5. Riches in the niches: Everyone now knows that Google gives preference to blogs or website that are focused towards a niche. So choose one niche and build a authority blog on that niche. Niche blogs also have low bounce rate and high page views which in-turn help gaining better google rankings.
  6. Don’t be shy and ignorant: Interact with your blogs audience. Comment on their post, reblog, and following them helps a lot.
  7. Reblogging to the rescue: Re-blogging other people content will provide your audience with a steady stream of fresh content while also giving you a chance of other people re-blogging your stuff thereby driving more traffic. This benefits both party and helps in making authority. This is an important step so take this seriously.
  8. Being active is the Key: If you just create a business and do not invest time in it, it will never grow. You have to treat it like your child and nurture it. Similarly, be regular and active with your blog. Add content daily and this will build a trust and following among your audience.
  9. Quality is everything: Just like you would not visit a site again if you did not like the content, similarly give high quality content to your audience and they will become fan for a very long time.

10 Methods to get/drive free adult traffic

This guide of 10 ways free adult traffic will cover everything you need to learn about driving adult traffic to your adult website.

free adult traffic

First lets understand the basis of adult traffic:

  • Pros: Easy to get because everyone loves adult content, they might not talk about it openly but secretly everyone is looking for adult content to satisfy their biological urges. So this is a plus point that you will get free traffic if you have a quality content.
  • Cons: Since adult content is questionable it becomes a little bit difficult to find websites that allow adult content, as well as in some websites you have the risk of getting banned if you do not follow their TOS. Most of Social Networks and Search Engine don’t allows the adult content.

Lets start with the list of 10 ways free adult traffic, drive thousands of visitors to your website.


drive free adult traffic

  1. Tube Uploading

One of the easiest and fastest ways to drive extensive adult traffic to your adult website. I have been using the same method for almost 6 years now.

This is by far the best way to drive traffic to your website. I have been getting amazing results . The best part is people searches on google and then visit your website, so this will easily give you google rankings as well.You will get both free traffic and Google Ranking.

The only issue with this method is Copyright infringement of videos. You account might get banned, your videos might get deleted, but you can easily drive traffic to your adult website through this method.

If I have to choose one method then this will be it. If you can focus on this method alone then you won’t need to follow other 8 ways (apart from Adult SEO steps) , to drive adult traffic to your website.

2. Adult SEO complete guide

My only goal in any website is targeting Google. Getting good rankings so that once I reach a level (lets say 20,000 visitors per month), then I can make the website on autopilot and move onto some other project. This is really a good visitors record if can get this in a month.

Adult SEO is complicated and I cannot tell you all about it in just few lines. Trust me on this, your ultimate goal should be getting good rankings on Google and money will start pouring in easily.

adult traffic drive free

3. Facebook and Twitter

I follow this method just to get the social proof of the website. If you have a tube website then social proof will help you in getting google rankings. Always make an account there with full description.

Although both of these platforms do not allow adult content, but there are ways you can do that.

For Facebook you can post in adult groups by joining them first. You can even make Facebook pages of hot models and then promote affiliate products (like camming check out our Crakrevenue Review and Payment proof ). Hot girls easily get friend request and soon you will have a following, then you can promote your offer and make money off it.

Note: Do not post naked/nude pics or you will be banned. Facebook is a good way to drive adult traffic to your website, but the traffic is very less so I do not recommend it if you are looking only for traffic.

For Twitter:  There are many different ways to make money of Twitter. Choosing the right HashTags is very important. Build a following by tweeting regularly and using hashtags relevant to your niche. If you add right hashtags with your post you will get more traffic.

For both Facebook and twitter, targeting the audience related to your niche is critical. Otherwise you will have high bounce rate and all your hard-work will amount to nothing.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is a great way to drive good amount of traffic to your website. I will soon be writing a detailed article on Making money as well as driving traffic through Tumblr. Keep checking my new articles here on this website.

adult traffic easy methods drive free

5. Stumbleupon and Reddit

You should make it a habit of submitting your content of Stumbleupon and Reddit. This in turn will drive targeted traffic to your website. Giving a good catchy title is very important.

I personally like Reddit. First find the subreddit of your niche and then post links of your website. Note: Reddit has strict policy against spammers so do not spam rather become an active contributor. The Direct targeted traffic will give a good jump to your website traffic.

6. The most important way

Focus on above five methods only. Trust me on that, I can give you 20 more ways to drive traffic but that will be information overload for you and in the end you will do nothing. After years of experience I have noticed that the above methods give the best results. you just have to stick on my advice, follow all the steps. So choose these methods  and  focus on them to drive results. This is the reason i am not writing about point number 7, 8 , 9 and 10.

There are many other ways like Comments, Dumps, Pin sites, Forums, etc etc but I wont talk about them. Here at my goal is for you to get free thousands of visitors with organic search and make money of them. If you love the other content of the website and trust my advice then focus on these first. If you still do not find success then feel free to contact me on Facebook or twitter.

Make Money from Adult traffic – Monetize adult website

The ultimate goal for any adult site is to Make Money Adult traffic or to Monetize adult website. To achieve this there are several techniques, methods and strategies available depending on the type or traffic and website one might have.

Let’s discuss about types of adult traffics a how you can monetize them and make money from them.

  1. Organic traffic – Free traffic received from Search engines

To get organic traffic you must be familiar with Adult SEO. I have covered several areas and written comprehensive step by step guides on this topic in our Adult SEO section, do check it out. Although having a text intensive website like Blog can really help in achieving Search engine rankings, but even other websites can be made to rank higher with effective adult seo strategies.

I love search engine organic adult traffic, because

  1. It is free.
  2. Evergreen traffic: Unless and until you do not update your website for months, the same level of traffic will continue to come to your website
  3. Time or money is not traded for traffic

You can make money through direct display banners :

Although I only recommend Pop-up advertisements on tube websites, (stay away from them if you have any product base website or an adult blog), here are the best adult pop-under net words:

Affiliate marketing: Make a commission on driving people to a particle website where a service/product is sold, for every sale you will make some commission on agreed terms. You will get that commission for lifetime. Generally dating offers are promoted the most in adult affiliate marketing.

Paid reviews or sponsored post. This opportunity of making money will only come when you have a adequate traffic on your website. All the major companies and product based websites are looking for targeted traffic that converts. Reviews are a great part of marketing, so you can expect emails from these companies who might be looking for paid reviews or sponsored post. You can yourself reach out to these companies and debate a rate for the article. This is an amazing source of revenue once you reach a certain traffic level.

  1. Social adult traffic or Referral traffic

This type of adult traffic generally comes form social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc. Since the traffic is not highly targeted, the conversions are correspondingly lesser than the direct traffic or organic traffic

How to get adult social traffic?

This will be a long uninteresting process. You can only drive your followers to your link/website. For this you will need to first get a huge following. We will soon be adding detailed guides on driving social adult traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Reedit and Instagram, so keep checking the website.

Monetizing adult social traffic: Just like organic traffic you can make money through driving visitors to the website. You can even promote an affiliate link and make money off it.

  1. Adult Email Traffic

One of the best and highly converting traffic source. The problem is to first obtain these email ids. In this world of internet, everyone is doing everything in their power to obtain these email-ids of the visitors, so people are now-a-days doubtful in sharing their email-ids. So you must offer something lucrative (lead magnet) for them to opt-in in your email list. If your target is Make Money Adult traffic and to Monetize your  adult website, then you must focus on email marketing

If you check our website, then you will see a number of places where we have placed lead-magnets to receive the email-ids. Like free eBooks or guides in exchange of email-ids.

We will soon be adding articles on making money through email marketing in adult niche soon. Do check the website for latest articles, and learn the expert tips, and tricks to use to make money in adult industry online.

Email traffic is the highest converting traffic, so spending some time in email marketing will work wonders for you. You gets direct to your customers through email marketing.

  1. Paying money for obtaining adult traffic

When you pay money to place banners or pop-under or any other way of driving visitor to your link, then it is known as paid adult traffic. Make Money Adult traffic from paid advertising is utilized by many adult webmasters.

There are many adult ad-networks you can utilize to buy adult traffic such as Traffic junky, juicy ads, exoclick etc.

Check out our adult media buying guide for getting step-by-step procedure on how to become a pro in adult media buying.

How to make money from paid adult traffic?

If you are product based website or a service based website, then paid advertising is a great option of driving adult traffic to your website. You can make changes in the Geo-location, banner types, websites on which advertisements are dialyzed to find the sweet spot of maximum conversion’s.

You can also use adult media buying for promoting affiliate links or dating offers to make money

Driving Free adult traffic from Porn list websites

What are Porn list websites?

If you have ever searched on the internet about a list of best adult tube websites, or any other list related to adult industry websites then you must have encountered This website homepage has a list of websites in various sections. They have make a list of all the porn site in their home page. Few of the sections are listed in the bullet points above. Theporndude gets almost a million hits everyday. So a porn list website contains links to other popular websites on the internet , segmented under various categories.

Now imagine your website being featured in the top position on “” under your proffered category. you will easily drive few thousands of visitors back to your website.

Similar to the success of theporndude, many such similar websites have come up and have copied the concept of theporndude. Now if you can get your website listed in these Porn list websites, you can easily drive free targeted traffic to your website while also getting a high quality adult backlink to your website.

Why would they list my website?

These porn list websites are looking for high quality adult websites so that the overall quality of their website is increased. Also since most of them are interested in link exchange, they are eager to talk to any high quality adult websites.

How can I list my website in porn list sites?

It is very simple, just shoot them an email. To make it easy for you, I have compiled a table with the website name and their email address.

 Website Contact Email
The Porn Dude [email protected] [email protected]
mypornbible [email protected]
judepornlist [email protected] [email protected]
Thepornlist [email protected]
sexpornlist [email protected]
Thepornlist [email protected]
Zewiporn [email protected]
freesafeporn [email protected]
pornplanner [email protected]
steezylist [email protected]

What should be the content of my email?

You need to give them a reason to include your website. If you have just started your website then forget about they including your website. You must have a good reputation in the market. You need to have alexa ranking of at lest below 250000 in order to be even looked by any of these websites.

TIP: Install Mailtrack add-on for your browser. This way whenever you will send any email, you will get to know if your email was opened or not and also at what time it was opened by the recipient. Just make an account at mailtrack for gmail, login with your gmail account and grant the permission. Using the service is free of cost. Whenever you will send an email, it will show a “Sent with Mailtrack” , just hit the close button and still the service will work.

As for the content of your email, you can write something like this:

Subject: Inclusion of my website on [sitename]


Hey hi [sitename],

My name is [your name] and I am the owner of  [your site name].
First of all congratulations for having one of the biggest Porn list website on the internet. Honestly when I started my own website one year back, I had your website in my mind that one day I will write this email to you (obviously when I have grown enough). 
My website is the only [some good lines about you why your website is the best]
If you find my website worthy, then kindly include it in your “[category on the website]” section. If you decide not to, no issues, I am just a fan and will keep loving your website. Thanks for reading this email, and hoping for a positive reply.

Do not expect that all of your emails will get a reply. But make sure whoever replies, you try to get your link on their website. Be friendly and you can easily get few links to your website. Feel free to make changes in the email script and let me know if your script is getting much better response rate.


Trick: Drive enormous free traffic from adult tube websites

The trick comes after you have uploaded the video. The target being getting featured on the home page or rank higher for certain keywords. Yes you read that right, it will be like video optimization for adult tubes.

So how does this method work. ?

Popular adult tube websites get tons of traffic, and we will be targeting to get a small pie of that free adult traffic. I will be using popular adult tube website “Xvideos” as an example. Every uploaded video has a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” option just like youtube has “like and dislike”.

Load “Fiddler” or any other HTTP Analyzer (For ex: LiveHTTPHeaders for Firefox) and then press the thumbs of button for one of your video.

You will be given a new link which looks something like this:

Now as we are embedding the videos that we upload on our website. We embed the videos by copying the iframe embed code. Which looks like

<iframe src=”″ frameborder=0 width=510 height=400 scrolling=no></iframe>

Now after you have embedded your video, just below that embed code copy the same embed code with some changes. Here are the list of changes

After your video starts getting some views on your website, every visitor that watches the video on your website, will automatically make a “thumbs up”. This will help in boosting the rating of the video on Xvideos and helping it rank higher.

Apart from xvideos, this method works on many other websites as well. This method can help you Drive enormous free traffic from adult tube websites.

Adult Traffic Infographic


Adult Traffic Infographic is an overview of how you can drive enormous targeted traffic to your adult website.


If I missed some point or you were not able to understand something, please share your query in the comments section below. I will be quick to reply to all the queries.



You can always reach me at Contact US or through [email protected] for any queries. I will be quick to reply.
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