How Can a Fan Site Like Onlyfans Be Created? Making a clone of Onlyfans

Can you make a WordPress website or build a clone like Onlyfans? we have the answer to your questions.

Onlyfans is one of the most profitable sites on the face of the earth. Onlyfans recently announced that they are going toward more strict conditions for uploading creators who upload adult content. This is got creators worried about their future in the platform and all the time and money they have invested to make good money from the platform.

Onlyfans at the same time is a very profitable company and a lot of people who are interested to make money or start an entrepreneurial journey might want to start a variant of Onlyfans. I have answers for all the individuals looking to start a site like Onlyfans.

Sites for Onlyfans creators:

If you are an Onlyfans creator and looking for ways to start their own site with more chances of success and other metrics that are important for you, also if you looking for creating a clone of Onlyfans where you just get the best of the experience, without worrying about the fact that someday you woke up with bad news that the said platform is changing its policies for allowing adult-content creators make money.


Want to build your own custom site as an adult creator, Scrile Connect is one of the best platforms for a branded adult creator. Sign Up Here. 

Following are the sites for Onlyfans creators that help you integrate into Onlyfans like experience but with more independence;

FriendsOnly: FriendsOnly is a site like Onlyfans but with high discoverability and a more TikTok and Onlyfans variant. You can add free posts, paid posts, PPV (pay-per-view) posts into your profile and let people pay you for that. friendsOnly has high discoverability which makes it easier for creators to make the best of the content.

Fanvue is a social media site like Onlyfans where you can start your own fan club website and make money through multiple ways like charging a monthly subscription fee, fast payouts, Pay-per-view based videos, and options to get discovered. One of the things I really liked about Fanvue is that they are innovating and making new features every week. Sign-up for Fanvue here as a creator.

Scrile Connect: Scrile connect is probably the best solution out there that could help you build a fully functional Onlyfans alternative with no restriction on the type of content you upload. You can build an independent business using Scrile connect. It charges a 0% transaction fee from revenue. Anyone with no experience can start a fully functional, independent platform using Scrile connect. You can start a 14-days free trial here.

CliqFans: Cliqfans is a website for adult content creators to start making money creating an adult subscription business. The payout takes less than 2 days unlike Onlyfans 4 to 5 working days and they charge a 15% commission on every transaction for the first three months. They are also a very safe platform for creating content and they are trying hard to get the creators to get the exposure they deserve. Sign-up for Cliq as a Creator here.

MyTribe: MyTribe is probably the most advanced tool out there that could help you start a paid subscription-based community around your adult content. If you have more fans, you can go for their enterprise plan which is like making your own site like Onlyfans. They have two plans; a 10% transaction fee if you have less than 10,000 fans and a custom solution if you have more than 10,000 fans. MyTribe is providing a clone of Onlyfans to the creators as well as entrepreneurs.

iFans: iFans is a potential Onlyfans alternative with a more promising solution to creators. They have no cap on Tips, both NSFW and SF positive, public live-streaming, and having custom messaging. I believe creators should go for platforms that are potential Onlyfans alternatives. iFans works on a standard 80/20 split of transactions between creators and the company much like Onlyfans.

Make a Potential site like Onlyfans using Scrile Connect (but with your domain and brand)

If you searching for a clone of Onlyfans or for a platform that gives you a custom domain, branded opportunities, all the features that Onlyfans give to you, I personally find Scrile connect one of the best for adult content creators.

.Sign Up Here for Scrile connect 14-days free trial.

How can I make a website like OnlyFans using WordPress or Wix?

First thing first; it takes a lot of money to manage a site like Onlyfans. When you give the ability to everyone to create content, you could expect a huge data being sent to your servers, this will cost you a lot of money to manage, run smoothly, and give a better and fast video or content viewing experience to your users. It could cost you a lot of money, in millions, to manage a site like Onlyfans.

If you want to create a website like Onlyfans using WordPress or Wix, you can’t do it. You need to find a host like Amazon web services and a tech developer who helps you solve bugs. Bugs will always be there and if you aren’t a technical person, it would be really hard for you to manage a site like Onlyfans.

This is just the operational costs, we even aren’t talking about marketing and paying your employees. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can I make an App like Onlyfans?

Do you know, Onlyfans has an App hosted on Playstore and Appstore, but when more adult-content creators go to the platform and the platform was known to be a place for adult-content creators, they just ban the app. Can you make an app like Onlyfans?

Yes. Onlyfans isn’t just an app now, they have designed their website in such a way that while using their website on mobile, they give you an app experience.

The first thing you need to make an app like Onlyfans is to create a website and then create an app just by integrating it into an app. But, as we already discussed, it is very expensive to run a site like Onlyfans.

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