How Can A Novice Sell Feet Images? Listing Websites And Apps Where You Can Sell Images Of Feet

You may notice several blogs on selling Feet Pictures. But do you know there are some applications and websites where you can sell your sexy feet pictures? Of course, but you may have questions like, are those safe and secure enough to upload images?

I have searched everywhere and found no relevant information for anyone who could effectively sell feet pics through different ways. Therefore, this article is a complete guide for anyone looking to sell pictures of their feet.

In a BusinessInsider interview, a creator who made over $115,000 in 2019 shared her story about selling their feet pictures and share a guide. Well, there are great apps and websites in the online market. But which platform is safe and secure enough to make money online?

I have chosen some app and websites where you can run your business. These are fully certified and trusted. So don’t worry, you won’t meet with any scammers. But be aware of trusting anyone blindly.

Check these points before selling feet pics:

Before you start selling, don’t forget the presentation part. If you upload an attractive clip, buyers will automatically get attracted to it, and you will get a quick response from them. So, follow such tips that can help you sell feet pictures without any inconvenience, and you can start earning quickly.

For best selling, you require clean, attractive feet and high-quality photography. Your feet should have that quality to convince the buyer to purchase from you. Neglected feet would not collect money.

Finding the right apps or websites to sell pictures is necessary. Completely secure apps help you to earn money quickly.

Remember, different websites or apps have other policies of monetization. For example, some websites require a subscription. But, at the same time, some websites sell your products without any subscription.  So, find out the things in detail before you sign up.

Best five websites to sell feet pics

1. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is one of the best sites for selling your feet pictures. Many sellers are earning handsome money using this platform every year. This site keeps your personal information secure and safe. If you want, you can anonymously vend your feet pics.

On FeetFinder, creators have made over $90,000 to date. If you are interested in selling feet pics, FeetFinder is a platform that helps you list your feet pics and add a price tag. You can use the link of FeetFinder to add it to your Bio On Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter. Social media is an effective tool for a creator to advertise their promotion and find more customers.

2. Using Stock Photo Websites

Using Stock Photo Websites will light up some of your burdens. This site helps you to connect to your customers easily. People are linking this site because of its automatic promoting features. So, list your feet pics properly with price and wait for a few moments to get a quick call from your client. Isn’t it an easy way to sell your picture here and earn money? Half of your tasks are done by this website. You focus on creating quality images. That helps you to increase your sales.

3. Onlyfans

Another popular site is Onlyfans, where you can share plenty of your feet images with your fans. Onlyfans is a subscription-based website where you can introduce subscriptions to your fans and upload posts only for those people who are paying you a monthly fee. You can charge somewhere between $5 to $49.99 a month from your fans.

I think Onlyfans is one of the best sites for anyone looking to sell pictures of their feet.

Here you will get a high price just for one click. Race of publics collects $ 200$ per day for selling feet pictures. You are not bound to show your face but a facial expression along with your feet clips, just a bingo.

4. Craigslist

Feet pic selling on Craigslist is very easy. Make an advertisement on this site to draw the attention of your customers. Fix the price of your photos, and wait for the response. Interested people will contact you to purchase the image.

Keep in mind that Craigslist is a popular site, so, naturally, it is crowded by scammers. To avoid that, put watermark on your pictures.

5. Etsy

It’s a rear case that a person does not know the site ETSY. Many foot fetishes and modeling agencies are there who pay for feet pics. Etsy is classified as well as a popular website for selling your feet pics asset. Here you can publish pictures for free. This is quite a big marketplace for online earning.

It is essential to put unique creative items. Otherwise, your account will be closed by them. They have a few charges of about $0.20 for the product list and 5% for the transaction.

6. Using TikTok to sell feet pics:

You can use TikTok to sell feet pics. Remember, like Instagram, TikTok is also against showing sexually explicit images or videos. Selling feet pics could be in the grey zone for this platform, so you can show your feet in your TikToks and add a link in bio to any sales page like your Onlyfans or platform for feet pics like FeetFinder.

Best 5 Websites to sell feet pics

1. Instagram

It is one of the trending applications on your smartphone. You can sell snaps of your feet over here. Let me share the two simple ways to trade your images.

First is the direct approach- You can ask people directly to buy pictures.

The second is the indirect approach- It is a bit effective way; here, you can get buyers through the sharing links of your feet pictures. Didn’t get me? Okay, let me give an example.

Suppose you have been using some websites to sell the picture. Just upload your different angles of feet images, attach those links from those web pages, and share the links with your customer or clients—a simple and effective process.

2. Twitter

What if I say you can use Twitter apps to sell your feet images? Will you be excited? Great!

Twitter has the vast majority of users, and that can be used as your online gems. To grow your followers and keep posting your feet pics constantly. Let people know about your service, and show them your feet images. Slowly, you will start getting responses.

Whenever customer contacts you, chat with them and sell your pictures out. Here is how you can use Twitter to sell feet pics?

3. Instant:

Instant is an alternative to Onlyfans. It provides a subscription service for selling feet pics. Just like a regular social media method, you are asked to create a profile on Instafeet first. Then post your selling content. Finally, fix the value of your pictures. If you are a new user, it would be better to keep the price low. It helps you to get noticed and when you get a genuine buyer, encash them out.

4.  Reddit

This app is open to all kinds of picture content. Reddit community accepts every interest group. And that is why it is crowded by sellers that purchase feet pics. You can share pictures in the comment section too, yet attract buyers. Using this popular platform, you can reach many buyers.

5. Zazzle

In the Zazzle app, various content creators or designers are present. They regularly post their creative work. Quickly you can get info of your interest designers from there. And approach them to buy your feet pics.

So, why are you waiting for me? Install the Zazzle application on your mobile. Follow the steps to create an account. Then drag your feet pics with price tags and share. The designer may like your pics to use in their work. Must try! Isn’t it an excellent approach and easy way of selling feet pics?

Before we end this article, let’s discuss some questions that you might be asking related to selling feet pics online.

How to sell feet pics without getting scammed?

Do you know when people get scammed when they sell something? It is when they provide the product first and then expect the client to pay. There are two ways to secure these conditions: the escrow method and get 50% payment first from your client.

You only get scammed selling feet pics if you sell your feet pics to someone directly.

Getting paid through escrow: You can use escrow services like using a freelance platform like Upwork to avoid getting scammed online.

Getting 50% payment in advance: Well, some clients might be reluctant to pay 50% because the idea of being scammed goes both ways. It is better to build trust before you ask someone to pay 50% of the money without knowing the deliverables.

Is it legal to sell feet pics?

Yes. It is legal in most countries to sell and buy feet pics. It would be best if you were 18+ to sell pictures of your feet. If you are someone who is buying feet pics, make sure that the model should be 18+

In most developed countries like The United States, Canada, England, Europe (continent), and almost all countries where there is no censorship, their citizens can sell pictures of their feet and make money.

You also have to pay taxes on the money you make selling feet pics, and doing so could make you a valuable citizen of a country.

How much should you charge to sell feet pics?

This is an ultimate question, and during the time, I have been asked many times about this. If you want to sell feet pics on subscription platforms like Onlyfans, the minimum you can charge is $5 a month. So, for subscription-based platforms, you can set up to $5 to $20 from your fans.

If you want to sell feet pics as a one-time sale and use platforms like FeetFinder, Zizzle, or others, then you can charge up from $5 to $10, and you can charge more if you have a big social media following on Instagram or Twitter. You can charge the same amount from someone who contacts you directly through DMs and has a personal request, but charge more if it takes you more time to fulfill the request.

Pro tip: Always open the table for negotiations for pricing.  

How to promote or market your feet pics to get more clients or sales?

As a marketer and writer, I have helped many Creators get the recognition they deserve. Here I will mention some ways through which you can promote your feet pics and get more orders or sales.

Using Social media platforms: Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and your blog could be the ideal platform for you to promote your feet pics and get more audience who might be interested in getting pics of your feet. You can use relevant hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to reach your targeted audience.

Writing. Writing is underrated, and most people miss the boat. You can write about how you sell feet pics, how you catch new clients, share your feet pics in your articles. With platforms like Medium and Vocal, you can do it for free. Link back to your sales page where you sell feet pics, and you might find more audience.

Be consistent in putting more content: Pro-tip: The general rule of the Internet is those who are consistent, get rewarded. So you can populate your Onlyfans or other subscription platform and upload the same pictures to your Feetfinder, Craigslist, or Twitter and let people find you.  

A Case study of a creator who made over $120,000 last year selling feet pics:

I’m a foot fetish model who made over $115,000 last year. It takes a lot more than just pretty feet to make it in my industry — here’s how I’ve built a steady income and client base. Source.

Goddess Valora is a foot fetish model, and she made over $115k a year just uploading pictures of her feet and working with modeling agencies for feet pics. She diversified her income by selling feet pics and having in-hour fetish parties, in-person webcamming with clients, and webcamming.

Valora says:

Fetish modeling isn’t for everyone, and it’s not as quick of a payoff as some people may think — it takes time to build a dedicated audience and regular client base.

In her teenage years, according to Valora, she wanted to be a model. During her twenties, she worked for a payroll company in the admin; the job lasted for three years. She also applied for modeling jobs on the side. Finally, she got a job in a modeling agency in Orlando.

According to her:

When I got to Florida and arrived for the shoot, it turned out to be for a fetish modeling video.

She made over $150 an hour from this side-gig and met a model who was a full-time fetish model. So she moved back, left her family, boyfriend, and started a full-time hustle to become a fetish model.

According to her:

A lot of guys with foot fetishes think they have the strangest fetish on earth, but in reality, it’s one of the most common.

This is how you, too, can make money selling feet pics, learning from the experience of Goddess Valora.

Final thoughts:

Selling feet pics are easy, and you too can do that. If someone told you that the market is concentrated or competitive, yes it is, but if you are consistent and putting more effort into producing high-quality content, you too will find the best content.

I hope the tips mentioned above will help you to sell your feet pics successfully. Choose whichever apps or websites you like and make money online selling feet pics. These are the trusted and certified platforms, so you can sell without any worry and start your earning through these. But don’t trust anyone blindly, I would like to suggest you keep your eye on it.

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