How Can I Create an Onlyfans Page Without Any Followers? A Creators’ Guide for Adult Content

Adult content creators are making good money on Onlyfans, but if you are new, you must be thinking, ‘How do I reach there?’ it is a difficult question, and that’s why I am going to show you a complete step-by-step guide to start an Onlyfans without followers.

You are new to the platform and have no social media followers. If you have big social media followers, it is easy to get traction. If you want to start anonymous Onlyfans, everything starts from scratch. This is a guide where you can learn to start Onlyfans without followers and reach a stage where you are in the top 2% of the creators in a few months.

How to start an Onlyfans With no followers?

Starting an Onlyfans as a beginner is easy. Follow the following step-by-step guide and you will be able to start an Onlyfans account.

Note: Anyone can create an account but you have to go through a verification process before being able to start adding a paywall to your videos and pictures.

Go to Onlyfans and register your account. Add a profile picture, a banner image, and a description on your Onlyfans page.  

Go through the KYC and then a verification process.

Once verification is done, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours.

Onlyfans will email you with a verification success message and then you would be able to start making money.

Boom! You just need to produce more content. Following are some of the best Onlyfans content ideas.

Building the learning curve. One of the things I learned during my Engineering college is at the start of a project or something new, your motivation is always lower. It increases as you start somewhere between 70% of the project and slow down. First, as an Onlyfans creator, you might be less motivated to do things and you might think this is useless but every piece of content you create is going to help you build long-term, loyal fans.

If you want to be anonymous on Onlyfans then the best way to do this is to create a pen name or a computer-generated name and use it on your Onlyfans page and all the social media platforms you are going to promote your content. Some of the tips for new Onlyfans creators who want to start their Onlyfans career with zero following and doing this completely anonymous;

Use a pen name.

Never invited your friends or family members to your social media pages.

Don’t use images that someone you know could recognize easily.

Try to use Reddit and Twitter as both of these social media platforms are adult content friendly.

Never show your face or you can blur your face. There are a lot of Onlyfans adult content creators who aren’t showing their faces or have blurred their faces and they are making over $40k a month.

Understand the platform: How do creators make money on Onlyfans?

If you are new to Onlyfans, you must be thinking; how do creators make money on Onlyfans?

There are many ways you can make money on Onlyfans. Following are different ways of how creators make money on Onlyfans:

Subscriptions: Someone can subscribe to you and pay a monthly (for 30-days) fee. Your fans will have access to all the content except for the PPVs.

Making money through PPVs: Pay-per-view videos are the ones that your fans have to pay for before they watch them. You shouldn’t release every video as PPVs but only those that you think are amazing and your fans will pay to watch it. You should also keep a balance between publishing content for your fans and uploading PPVs.

Getting tips from your Fans: You can make money as a newbie Onlyfans creator by letting your fans give a Tip on the content you published on your page as well as through messages. If someone adds a Tip to their message, the message will appear on top of the messages for the creators.

Letting your fans request a custom video from you is where Onlyfans creators make the most money. An Onlyfans creator could charge you $100 to $400 per custom video or picture request. How does this work? It’s simple, a fan message you and ask you to include a custom thing for him like go outside and unclothe yourself while recording or write my name on your boobs or anything. Remember to always verify and get a 50% upfront because there are a lot of scammers in this domain.

Find a niche if You want to start Onlyfans without followers and make good money:

A niche is something that is easy to find. Following are some of the ideas;

You have a niche if you are a couple and new to Onlyfans with zero followers. You can make love with your partner and record yourself. Or, you can invite other men, called a bull, and let him make love with your wife, also called a hotwife lifestyle. Or, you can be a swinger and invite other couples to have an adventure.

If you are a single woman, you can upload your nudes, record yourself orgasming, or invite men to make love with you. The same is true for men. Here is: How Guys can make money on Onlyfans?  

If you want to start an Onlyfans anonymously then you will have to start it from zero. Your social media accounts will be very new and it is hard to grow but consistently putting more content and using platforms like Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and sharing your Onlyfans experience on YouTube will help you a lot.

Some Tips That You end you learn the hard way:

Making money through subscriptions is not the only way you can make money. It is just the start of your money-making process. You can make big money by letting your fans request a custom video from which you can charge $100 to $400 per custom video request.

Onlyfans sucks. Yes. It has problems with giving you the exposure, helping you with getting more fans organically, and is a very untrusted platform. We have mentioned some potential Onlyfans alternatives where you can join and make money the same way you make money on Onlyfans and build a long-term sustainable business around your content.

Be consistent. You need to be consistent on the platform. You wouldn’t end up making $1000 a week on Onlyfans on your very first week, you need to do hard work and make sure you do three things if you are serious about Onlyfans: First, to be consistent, second, to promote your content on social platforms, and third, to engage with your audience.

Join FriendsOnly as an adult content Creator:

If you want to start Onlyfans without followers, the other best thing to do is to create content on FriendsOnly. In FriendsOnly, you can create vertical videos like how you do it on TikTok and make money on FriendsOnly the same way you make money on Onlyfans or any other adult subscription platform.

As you can see in the screenshot below, creators are getting consistent traffic.

FriendsOnly creator or model is getting more traffic on their Video

Following are some of the pros of joining FriendsOnly as a creator:

It is a trusted platform. It is easy to get verified there to give you the best customer support.

More exposure means you are getting fans organically.

It is easy to create short sexy TikTok-style videos.

Join FriendsOnly here as a creator.  

How to promote your Onlyfans page on Reddit?

Reddit is one of my favorite platforms for promoting adult content. There are a lot of NSFW subreddits whereas an Onlyfans creator can promote your Onlyfans page. Reddit is a bit different platform compared to other social media platforms. I have an article about promoting your Onlyfans page on Reddit that has described everything in detail for newbie Onlyfans creators.

If you are new to Reddit as an Onlyfans creator and start promoting your content, you need to slow down as Reddit requires you to be invested in the platform like increasing your Karma and letting your account age for about 30 days. In the first 30 days, you should start commenting on popular meme pages. Fellow creators on Reddit and NSFW subreddits where you will be promoting your content.

You can promote your Onlyfans page without followers on Reddit and even if you are doing it anonymously, it will be hard at first but as you are producing more content, you will get more fans. The first 100 fans are difficult to find, after that, you will find it very easy to understand the process and you will be more comfortable in your schedule.

How to promote your Onlyfans page on TikTok?

TikTok is the world’s No.1 website/app where people on average spend 43 minutes a day. TikTok is an amazing platform for newbie Onlyfans creators to start promoting their page. One of the best things about using TikTok as someone with no followers on Onlyfans is that you can get a hit on TikTok overnight.

One creator shared her experience of using TikTok to grow her Onlyfans page and she was getting over 15-45 subs in a day on her Onlyfans page.  

Honestly, if you have 1000 followers don’t waste time making a video just go live. You’ll see my comment in almost every Tik Tok question but I get about 1000-2500 views. 15-45 subs immediately and then for the rest of the day 5-10 plus selling other stuff from my menu. Source.

One big con of using TikTok for promoting your Onlyfans page is TikTok is very sensitive about promoting adult websites or content on their website. They can shadow ban you or suspend your account for life.

One Onlyfans creator told me through Twitter that she had one extra TikTok account at any given time so whenever she got banned, she make sure that the content is uploaded to her new TikTok account.

How to promote your Onlyfans page on Instagram?

Instagram is an amazing platform for models and creators to promote their Onlyfans page. According to Instagram terms and services, it is illegal to add a direct link to your Onlyfans page but you can add your Linktree or other Linktree alternative platforms in your Instagram bio.

If you are an Onlyfans creator with no followers, Instagram is the best platform for you. If you are new to Instagram and you did one thing right; produce more pictures and safe-for-work (SFW) videos, you will grow much faster. There are many studies that show that Instagram models who publish content twice a day consistently for a week, got twice as many followers compared to those who have similar followers but publish three to four times a week.

Using Twitter to promote your adult content:

Like Reddit, Twitter is another amazing platform where adult content creators on Onlyfans can publish their content without worrying about getting a ban because Twitter is an adult-friendly platform.

As an Onlyfans creators with no followers, Twitter and Reddit are two recommended social media platforms that can 10X your growth.

You must be thinking, are there any hashtags I use? we have an amazing article discussing: Onlyfans Hashtags for Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

Twitter is an amazing social media platform and most of the users are high-net-worth which means it is easier to find potential fans, all for free, just to publish more pictures and short videos on your Twitter page.

PS: How to start Onlyfans with no followers:

If you want to start Onlyfans Onlyfans with no followers, you can make $1K to $2K after two or three months of publishing content.

Find a niche or a category where you can create content.

You can use Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube as social media platforms to promote your content.

Onlyfans is an amazing platform for adult content creators to make money and there are many ways you can start making money on Onlyfans.

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