How Can You Promote Snapchat Onlyfans?

How you can use Snapchat to promote your Onlyfans page and get more fans or followers? The problem with Onlyfans is how great your content is; if you aren’t promoting it to the right audience, it wouldn’t lead to any results even if you are producing high-quality content. Onlyfans isn’t YouTube nor it is a Patreon. It is a very different platform and there are certain categories for getting successful on Onlyfans.

There is something successful Onlyfans creators do that the rest of them don’t. Possibly, there are a lot of factors that could help you gain more subscribers like Young Onlyfans creators like those in their early twenties are making more money and for them, it is easy to get more followers compared to Onlyfans creators who are in their early 30s. But, even if you are one, we have a guide for you to understand these social media platforms and to make better use of them. You can read one of our guides: How much money do girls make on Onlyfans?

Using Snapchat as a Marketing Tool for your Onlyfans:

Snapchat has over 380 Million daily users with 38% of those users being from the US according to this report.  I would definitely go for a platform that has a high percentage of users from Tier-1 countries. On average a user spends 30 minutes on the app which is 12 minutes less than its competitor TikTok. You can read our article about: How to use TikTok to promote your Onlyfans?

Snapchat has many features that could interest you to use as a marketing tool for your Onlyfans and get more fans. Following are some of the features you can use;

Creating a spotlight: Spotlight is a Snapchat answer to TikTok. When you create an account, you can click on your profile and there you can see an option to create a public profile, once you make a public profile, you can upload short TikTok-styled vertical videos.

Now, creating Spotlight is like creating TikTok. The feature is new and Snapchat is promoting it a lot. You need to make sure you create spotlights on Snapchat twice a day to get more viewership and followers. You can use the same exact strategy like adding your Linktree link in the bio of your public Snapchat page. Add your Onlyfans page link to your LinkTree link.

Creating a Snapchat account and trying to befriend more people:

You need to put more hard work and it might take you more time than ever. Adding friends on Snapchat is easy and if you sent a friend request to over 500 people, there are high chances that you will get befriend 80% of them. Whenever you create or upload a new story, you can directly send the story to your friends. It is a one-time see story which means someone can only view it once.

Using Snapchat Map to get discovered by random people.

I live in a different country and seeing stories from random users from the US to Europe is the most interesting part of Snapchat. You can do the same and let random people discover your stories through Snap map. You can add a text or motivate people to follow your Snapchat public page. This will help you grow your Onltfans page and could help you get more fans organically.  

Snapchat as proof that you are a real person:

A lot of users when they find you on platforms like Reddit or Instagram, they think you might be a fake person who pretends to be a girl, To prove this they might ask you about your Snapchat username. To prove your real identity you can create a Snapchat story and send it to them. Remember, the Snapchat stories can be only seen once.  

This one user on Reddit explain this proof of concept very beautifully:

I made a snap and was only giving it out to paying subs at first. Then I realized it was a missed opportunity. A lot of potential subs from Reddit will ask for snap or Kik to see that I’m a real person. Lots of ppl will follow me on snap and never move up to a paid sub. But I have had ppl eventually sub bc they see I post a daily selfie on my story, and often will reply to it and exchange a few words with me. Source: Using Snapchat for Onlyfans

Use Snapchat to interact with your followers and be more related:

Snapchat gives you an option to rename your friends or people in your circle. Renaming the people based on how much money they throw on you is a good start to make more money and to connect with them and send them your stories.

A user on Reddit explains it the following way:

Snap lets you rename people so I have the following:

Joe – from Reddit

Tom – OF basic (just a sub, doesn’t tip or buy extras)

Nick – OF Premium (sub, tips frequently, buys everything)

Dave – OF VIP (sends a ridiculous amount of $)

Adding Snapchat as an Onlyfans Menu item:

Treat your Snapchat as an asset and let only those people get your nudes or more sexual stuff that are paying you. So, you let other people get added to your Snapchat only if they process a tip. We discussed a whole list of Onlyfans Tip menu ideas for you.

Snapchat is more tolerant toward adult content but this doesn’t mean you go full bloom, instead, try to be less sexual on Spotlight. You can send nudes to someone even if you are doing this without getting into any trouble if you sending direct messages. Snapchat protects you so someone can see your stories only for once.

Using FriendsOnly with your Snapchat Marketing:

FriendsOnly is a platform where you can create vertical videos like TikTok or Snapchat Spotlight and start a subscription business like Onlyfans and make money. The good thing I found about FriendsOnly is they promote your video so you have the chance to get more paying subscribers or fans without promoting them. Sign-up here for FriendsOnly as an adult content creator.

PS: How to use Snapchat to promote your Onlyfans page?

Snapchat is one of the best platforms for adult content creators as the platform is more open for accepting adult content but be cautious as they always delete accounts if you do it consistently.

Use Snapchat spotlight to create vertical videos. Add a Linktree in your profile so you are getting discovered by potential subs.

There are other ways to get more exposure as an Onlyfans creator on Snapchat such as making more friends, getting visible on Snap map, introducing a Snap menu on your Onlyfans, and making solid connections with your fans on Onlyfans.

I hope this helps.

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