How do you covertly turn become a webcam model?

If you want to earn amazing money from your own home then there is little more profitable than becoming a webcam girl. We cover it at length in our Essential Guide, which you can read here. However when it comes to this line of work, there is still a stigma. As such we get asked quite a lot, are there ways to do it secretly and discreetly. In order to answer this, we’ve put together some notes in this now additional guide on how to secretly become a webcam girl.

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The Platforms

The first thing that you need to consider is the platform choice when it comes to trying to secretly become a cam girl. The reason for this is down to a simple factor of just how the users expectations are. What I mean by this is that with Chaturbate for example, it is built on being an exhibition website. This means that users expect you to show off what you’ve got in a fairly open fashion and although it is possible to be discreet, it’s hard to build a profitable following without flaunting yourself for free at the start. Live Jasmin on the other hand has a user base that are looking for a more “upmarket” feel. It is the online equivalent of a London Gentlemen’s club, where users pay for private time with you. Therefore if you want to be more discreet, as you can see the platform is quite important.

Country Blocking

Another key aspect that you can block to help with staying discreet is blocking your home country. One of the biggest reasons this is important is understandably lots of models do not want their family or friends to find out. As such you can block any countries that you do not want to be able to view your cam room. This option is available on all of the platforms and can usually be found in the “Privacy” section of each platform.

One thing to still keep in mind though, due to the use of VPN’s which are now easily available, if someone in your family is a little bit of a technology wizz, this will not stop them!

Avoid Recording Bots

This is one reason that makes Chaturbate a nightmare for privacy in particular. Due to it’s open nature you need to understand that there will be people recording the feed whether you like it or not. Although the platforms have tried to crack down on this, the issue is that due to the advancements of bots which can enter and record without human intervention, these recorders are becoming more prevalently. Therefore if you want to know how to secretly become a webcam girl with as close to 100% discretion as possible. Not camming on open feeds is a necessity.

Don’t Show Your Face?

Finally, one of the methods that a larger amount of cam girls are now using on the quest for how to secretly become a webcam girl is to go one step further and physically remove their face from the feeds. This is an ideal way to ensure that you go into the world of camming discreetly. If you are wanting to go down this route then remember to also take into account other identifiers on your feed. Think tattoos and backgrounds. Which can be big giveaways.

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