How is this startup bringing AR to onlyfans adult content creators via VR and AR?

When I first heard about Facebook changing its name to Meta, I thought this was something serious. Metaverse isn’t possible with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), companies have invested billions into AR and VR technologies. In this all, how can we forget about adult content?

This one question was always bugging me; why do people pay creators when they can easily watch the content for free on Pornhub or other tube sites? Well, I have discovered the answer; It is the communication, the relationship, being related, or having more personal touch that makes people pay for your content. VR and AR Porn are going to make it to another level.

Some of the Interesting VR Porn statistics are;

Out of 6 people who watch VR porn, 5 of them are male.

The majority of the VR porn viewers are between the ages of 18 to 30.

Most of the VR porn users are from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany.

Do Onlyfans or similar sites support VR content?

If you are someone who can create VR content (because it is hard to create VR content), can you upload it to Onlyfans? No. Onlyfans don’t support VR or AR content. There are some very selected porn sites where you can watch VR porn.

A lot of your users or fans think that you have recorded some VR or AR content but In my opinion, the first adult subscription platform that brings this to the market will be the first winner and attract more creators. But, a lot of people know that there is a big demand and a lot of good solutions are coming out.

One such platform which is solving the Augmented reality problem is

How is bringing AR to Adult content creators? is an adult Augmented reality app that helps adult content creators bring AR to their fans’ screens. For VR content, you need more technology and it will cost you more but producing AR content is easy and your fans can easily screen you anywhere they want to.

The best thing about is you can be an adult content creator on adult subscription platforms and let your fans know if they wanted to buy your AR content they can find it on

Following is a step-by-step Guide to Join as an adult content creator:

Go to

Download the App. You need to pay $4.99 as a creator or a fan to download the app and you will get $12 worth of tokens. When you joined as a creator, you will also get a $50 signing bonus so you will have $62 in your wallet which you can withdraw when you reach the $100 milestone.

You can add the following code to get $50 as a signing bonus: “I9Itu”

How this will work?

You can use a green screen to record AR content and let your fans buy that content for a fixed amount of time. Your fans have tokens to spend money and you can later convert those tokens to currency and get a payout. The minimum withdrawal balance is $100 but you will only need to earn $38 to get your first payout as you already have $62 from the initial tokens and from the creator signing bonus.

Here are some of the things you should remember about being an adult content creator on

One of the best things about is you can get a fast payout.

It gives you 100% of the earnings generated through the selling of your holograms.

The minimum withdrawal limit is $100.

The hologram you create and upload on App will be your one-time created product. The more holograms you produce the better.

The Future of Content:

When the Internet was started, it is mainly text, then it was just pictured. As we go toward faster Internet connectivity, we have videos and videos live-streaming. Now, recording and uploading your VR content (it take a lot of space) we are moving toward a more advanced form of video content.

Onlyfans is one of the most successful and profitable websites on the face of the earth with 98% of the content on the platform being porn, it will be a nice move if they go to AR and VR content. But, there are a lot of Onlyfans alternatives that provide you the opportunity to make a fan page and make money. The best thing about these Onlyfans alternatives sites is that want to be the best in the game and that’s why they’re trying hard to bring more features.

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