How Much Should I Sell My Used Panties For?

How Much Price Should I Sell My Used Panties For

So you’ve sooner or later determined to begin the adventure into the used panties fetish marketplace to earn a few quick and easy cash? The used panty industry can be a completely profitable undertaking as long as you make sure you do it the right way and set yourself up for success.

One of the most commonplace questions we get a hold of from our new sellers is, “How much should I put it up for sale my used panties for?” in case you’ve searched across the internet to analyze what different sellers are advertising and marketing, you will discover an extensive disparity of prices starting from good deal bin reasonably-priced to luxuriously steeply-priced. every vendor seems to set their personal charges primarily based on what they determined others to be selling or what they need to make a widespread benefit from every sale. Neither approach is inaccurate, however, accept as true with it or now not there may be a piece of strategy that is going into selecting the exceptional fees for reaching the most profitability and gaining and preserving a solid base of unswerving repeat consumers.

The Source Data

Thankfully, with us being a massively used panty marketplace, we’ve got plenty of information to paintings with to assist us to analyze how great deal consumers are spending and the way our dealers should market their panty merchandise for achievement. we’ve got compiled and analyzed income information from thousands of panty sales by our readers and feature recognized numerous techniques to help our sellers attain most achievement when advertising and marketing their unmentionables. We share all of those techniques and tricks with our dealers however the one we’re going to proportion with you nowadays is the significance of pricing your merchandise to maximize earnings.

At the same time as there may be no definitive “one-price-fits-all” to your used panties, there are numerous elements that have to be taken into consideration whilst figuring out the price of each of your items. thinking about those factors and pricing your products consequently will assist you to enchantment to a wider audience of customers and will, in the end, impact your client’s selection to purchase your used panties.

What type of panties are you selling?

The style and fabric of your panties can assist determine your asking price. customers are generally willing to pay extra for particular types of panty or panties made from certain fabric like satin or silk. typically thongs and g-strings are continually an excellent preference to preserve in your inventory. preferably, you have to constantly hold a very good selection of both full-back and string-lower back thongs to provide your shoppers more of a ramification. usually, you must fee string thongs and g-strings at a lower charge sincerely due to the fact there is much less vicinity of coverage and much less cloth that spans your panty zones. Panty styles consisting of fullback thongs, bikinis, briefs and hipsters could call for a higher asking charge because of the wider vicinity of coverage. Of course lingerie sets might demand higher fee genuinely due to the fact lingerie sets normally consist of top and bottom insurance and are commonly more luxurious to obtain.

The material of the panty can also have an impact on your customer’s purchasing decision. Always try to keep panties made from 100% cotton in stock. Many buyers prefer cotton materials for its superior engrossment qualities. Cotton materials are usually expected from buyers and should not be priced any differently than synthetics like polyester or microfiber. Specialty materials like satin or silk can usually garner a higher asking price due to the feel and absorption qualities of the material. There are some buyers who entirely prefer satin or silk products over any other material. Buyers are usually aware of the higher demand for these materials and are usually conventional to paying more for these types of panties.

What additional services are you offering?

There should be always an additional service in your final asking price or add-ons you are giving to your customer in addition to the base product purchase. For example, if you set your product’s base selling price at $49 USD then you will have more room to adequately upsell the product with options such as extra days of wear, photos, or videos. With this example, it would be excellently acceptable to charge an additional $10 USD per extra day of wear and possibly $15 USD for an included video.

Given the same structure and charging $60 USD or more for the base product may get too expensive for some buyers and could scare away prospective customers. To avoid this, a good rule to follow is to charge less for add-ons if your base asking price is $60 USD or more. In contrast, you can charge more if your add-ons are priced proportionately economical or if you offer free shipping. If you do not offer any additional services or add-ons, it is not recommended to exceed $60 USD base asking price.

Don’t Overprice Used Panties

It goes without saying that if your products are priced too highly then customers will click away faster than the product images on your website can finish loading. We’ve seen some attractive horrendous prices listed for simple products, and the sellers apparently have no idea why their products have not sold after months of being listed. Some sellers set their price based on their valuation of the time it takes to fulfill and ship the customer’s order. Others set their prices based on the “privilege” of owning their most personal confidant. While we can’t tell you which pricing strategy will work best for you, we would suggest that you stick with average pricing unless you are a high profile seller or well known social figure.

Celebrities and well known adult film stars can usually seek upwards of $150 – $250 USD per pair of intimate undies. Unless you are at this status level then we would strongly recommend aligning your price closely with similar sellers.

Don’t Underprice Used Panties

Setting up product prices too low is the most common mistake we see among sellers. While this may not seem like an issue, in reality it is just as bad as setting your price too high. While it may seem natural for sellers to price their products competing with other sellers, what they are actually telling potential buyers is that “my products and services are cheap and not worth much, so I’m practically giving them away”. This is a bad signal to send to primary customers and should always be avoided. The same issue is true when we see sellers offering buy-one-get-one-free deals, special sales of 20% – 50% off, or giveaways. This cheapens the value of your products and can deter prospective buyers. To be clear, add-ons or included services are perfectly fine, but sellers should try to avoid diminishing the ascertain value of their products or services.

Remember, as a seller you are selling to make a profit, not to make a deal. You are selling a unique product, service, and experience to your customers.


While there are various factors that go into stimulating the best price for your products, it eventually comes down to pricing based on the experiences you are providing for your customers. There are many ways in which you can add more value to your products and ask a higher price for your unique products and services.

Sellers on this website usually earn more money per sale than average sellers online because we provide our sellers with the tools, research, strategies, and platform to help them succeed.

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