How To Be a Cam Girl 2019

How To Be a Cam Girl 2019

For those of you who have absolutely no clue how to make serious money in camming, and want to learn how to become a cam girl, I’m going to explain it all right here in easy-to-understand directions that you can apply immediately. Being a camgirl is about more than just turning on your webcam and sitting pretty while people tip you, it’s about engaging your audience, stimulating arousal, making friends, and developing loyal regulars who will make you very, very happy by showering you with endless tokens and gifts!

As I discovered personally a while ago, camming is one of the best and easiest ways to make real money right from home, if you know what to do when you’re first starting out. That’s what you’re going to learn here, so get ready to be let in on the best-known ways to launch a successful cam girl career!

How To Be a Cam Girl 2019

Best Cam Site For New Cam Models – Chaturbate

As I’ve mentioned before on this site, Chaturbate is clearly the best cam site for new webcam models to begin their camming adventures on. It’s got massive traffic, limited competition from superstar camgirls and pornstars, and it’s probably the easiest to get the hang of. They never miss a payment, and they’re one of the industry leaders, so there’s no better place to start webcamming.

Signup for your model account at Chaturbate here before continuing, because it can take a day or two to get approved, and I want you to be ready to rock after digesting the tips in this post.

One of the reasons I like Chaturbate so much for new cam models is because its structure encourages you to engage your viewers and become friends with them, which is the best way to build a nice throng of regulars (members who become addicted to you and tip you madly on a regular basis). Regulars make camming awesome because they’re strong, LOYAL fans, and that means they will show up almost every time you go on cam and support you with lots of chatting and tokens. These are the fans that can make those huge cam model incomes you hear about possible.

Chaturbate has a LOT of apps and bots, but the best one to run in your chat room when you’re new is “Token Keno,” which is super popular. It’s just like the casino game, but you set whichever prizes you want to offer. Members love these prize games, so it’s usually a good idea to run one when you’ve got a decent number of viewers in your room. You don’t have to, but if you want to liven things up, this is a great app to try. And don’t worry about the other apps, you’ll pick those up gradually as you go.

Like I said, your main goal as a camgirl just getting started will be to build up an army of devoted regulars, and Chaturbate is a great place to do it. They’ve got lots of fun apps, they allow private messaging, and the site has so much traffic, you’re bound to attract lots of members who will fall for you. Definitely the place to begin this journey!

How To Become a Cam Girl The Smart Way

Back when I was exclusively a sugar baby and got interested in camming, I basically followed a lot of bad advice when I went about finally becoming a cam girl. I signed up with a virtual webcam studio (big mistake) and then did just about everything wrong in my first few weeks as an active webcam model. It was a good thing I stuck with it and didn’t quit because I eventually figured out the “secret formula” to make a bunch of money — and it wasn’t at all what most people were advising new models to do on a lot of the camming forums.

The way to start camming the smart way is to use “private messages” to build up a large base of fans, even if those fans don’t tip you or buy private shows. Most camming advice sites say that you should never waste time exchanging private messages with members who haven’t tipped you, but this is so amazingly wrong, I can’t even! Private messages are the key to creating new regulars, so if you neglect them, you won’t attract many at all. Without regulars, you’ll be bringing in very few tokens per session, and your camming career won’t last long.

Why are private messages so important for regular-building, you ask? Well, because members on cam sites want to get to know cam girls before they tip them. When you’re a new model, you’re not going to know anyone on the site, and no one is going to know you. That means no one is going to want to tip you much. Sure, you might get a few tips for boob or booty flashes, but the serious tipping won’t even be on the horizon. The only way to get that to happen is by building strong bonds of friendship with members who have money to spend. When they get close to you is when they start tipping big, not before!

How To Be a Cam Girl 2019

Now, you definitely don’t want to spend a lot of time chatting in PMs (private messages) with members who are broke or just looking for freebies. Luckily, Chaturbate color-codes the usernames of all members based on whether or not they have tokens, or whether they have tipped models in the recent past. If a member has a grey username, that means he has no tokens and hasn’t tipped recently. If a member has a blue or purple username, that means he’s a tipper! Focus on chatting with those guys, even if they haven’t tipped you at all yet. Get to know them, talk about their interests, become friends with them, and you’ll likely see them again in future camming sessions. Some of them will become regulars and begin to tip you, and THAT’s when the fun begins!

A Serious Cam Girl Never Gives Up!

One of the most common mistakes that new cam models make is deciding to quit after just a few sessions because they’re disappointed with their lack of results. This is a massive, massive error, and you definitely do not want to allow yourself to join the sorry ranks of those who have made it. You need to understand that the first couple of weeks will be very slow, token-wise because you’re brand new and nobody knows you yet. But that will all change after you’ve built a fan following and developed some regulars. At that point, tipping should increase dramatically, and you’ll be on your way to a great webcamming income.

So definitely, whatever you do, keep going and don’t stop camming. Go on cam at around the same time each day (so that your fans know when to find you online) and put in those sessions, day after day, no matter what. Stick with it, even if you’re not making much. It may take weeks, but you WILL eventually get there if you survive that critical period as a newb!

Teaching my friends how to be a cam girl the right way really got me motivated to start writing about this stuff on the internet, so that’s really why I started this blog. I know there are a lot of sugar babies who want to become cam models, and I know there are a lot of girls who’ve never been involved in any of this stuff who want to jump into webcam modeling too. I just want you guys to know how to do it correctly because I remember how bad it sucked for me when I was just a newbie and was making tons of mistakes. It doesn’t have to be that way for you! Just follow these easy tips, and you’re likely to be very glad you did! Trust me, making bank with just your webcam is one of the most awesome things ever!

Signup at Chaturbate here and get started today!

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