How to become a Playboy Bunny Complete Guide

Becoming a Playboy magazine model is a big thing and not everyone can achieve the dream of Playboy modeling. Its really a huge thing to become a Playboy model and you have to do lots for that.

This is one of the best jobs in the world and every girl on the face of the earth has at least once pondered over the question how to be a Playboy bunny and pose for Playboy. This is every girls dream and they wants it.

Not only Playboy modeling earns you crazy amount of money but also it gives you fame and global recognition. You will be a star and there will be lots of followers who fans of yours.

how to become a playboy bunny

I am sure that even you have thought of becoming the Playboy model and pose for Playboy and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have also tried once or twice for Playboy modeling jobs. You can do a Playboy job and its really a interesting job.

In this article I will tell exactly how to become a Playboy bunny and how you can register yourself for the Playboy pose model. You will get a complete step by step guide here in this article.

I will also try to clear your doubts regarding the same and try to ensure that you are up to date with the procedures of becoming the Playboy magazine model and start modeling for Playboy.

Many in any event once in their life longed for posing for Playboy. All things considered, if you are attractive and sexy, comfortable in your own skin (which is self-explanatory!), and have a specific girl next door personality, at that point you may have what it takes to be a Playboy pose model! This is an environment from where you can start your Playboy modeling.

You can only be a bunny if you confident and talented enough to pave the way to fame, and become a part of the big league.

The ultimate goal for most models that have just joined the industry or those already working is to become a Playboy bunny.

Here is how to start the journey to becoming the talk of town as a Playboy bunny.

How Old Do I have to be to become Playboy Magazine Model?

how to be a playboy bunny

In many Countries/States, playboy application requires that, you should be 18 and above to be a Playboy magazine model. 18 years is the average and standard age for applying in the Playboy model auditions to become the Playboy model. Still you must have to check the age eligibility in your Country.

Obviously, there are exceptions such as Alabama, Delaware, and Nebraska (19 or over) and Mississippi and Puerto Rico (21 or over) if you are looking for posing for Playboy. So check according to your Country Law.

When you submit your online application to pose for Playboy, you’ll be informed beforehand to upload a photo of your present valid ID, for example, your driver’s license, an official government issued ID, or your passport, to validate that you are of the eligible age for Playboy posing. This is just for a verification process that you are eligible for this.

There’s no upper age confine with regards to posing for Playboy. So, the average age of a Playmate of the Year is around 24 years, and just two ladies have ever progressed toward becoming Playmate of the Year in their 30s.

How to become a playmate?

playboy auditions

Becoming a part of the Playboy Universe and getting Playboy modeling jobs is a dream not everyone can achieve but don’t let that deter you from your goal and stop you from chasing what your heart desires.

To become a Playboy magazine model and pose for Playboy, there are mainly two ways that can take you towards your goal; Here we have mentioned those:

Casting Calls and Online Photo Submission.

Casting Calls

Playboy frequently holds open casting calls Playboy auditions in significant US cities.

The Playboy audition allow Playboy scouts and professional photographers to communicate with the models and get a real feeling of their identities (photographs have their limitations!).

You should simply enroll on the web and appear for the playboy try outs in the city of your preference for the audition of Playboy posing.

Once there, you’ll have 15– 20 minutes to flaunt your potential and impress the Playboy scouts, the judges and the photographers. How you perform and stand out amongst the lot will determine your journey from there on.

Make sure to bring your ID and arrive looking at your best prospective with your hair/makeup done and you should be donning bikini or lingerie and heels, and be mentally prepared to do an on-camera interview and posing for nude photo sessions for becoming a Playboy bunny. You must have to be prepare for all this.

You ought to likewise know that Playboy TV is regularly on set to film behind the scenes of the casting calls!

Online Photo Submitting to Playboy

In the event that you can’t go to a casting call and you are more comfortable with presenting your photographs on the online portal of the Playboy, at that point visit the website of the Playboy and fill out and submit their online Playboy application. Make sure you submit a fair looking photo.

The things you’ll require for the online application of Playboy posing are listed below:

  • An variety of photographs, including one head-and-shoulder shot in addition to four to six naked full-figure body shots (front and back perspectives). You don’t have to go out and get professional photographs taken, however Playboy expects them to be in focus and of generally great quality and without any blur. Make sure they all are in a good quality photos.
  • Your physical measurements without any inconsistency and your details, including your height, weight, bust, waist, hips, hair color, and ethnicity.
  • A copy of you original photo ID.

In case your online application and requirements to be a Playboy bunny is considered for Playboy pose, you can hope to hear back from them within four to six weeks of time. Sometimes it will take few or sometimes it take more time.

There may also be chicken fights’ in the swimming pool and here you should not rush to knock any of the players over but you should instead try to remove the top of their bikini. You should also have CPR skills that will go hand in hand with your stamina, childlike sexuality and stunning beauty. Finally the top management will select the best photos and make the final decisions.

Find out the next day of casting call in your city

Knowledge is power, whatever the field be. You must have to be updated.

So make sure you know the date of the next casting call in your town or city. You can get this detail either on the playboy site (where you will get a map showing all the venues of the ongoing casting calls) or on other internet platforms. Keep yourself updated for all the venue and casting schedules.

In case there are no casting calls in your city you can always travel to the cities where they are scheduled.

Prepare for the Casting day

Preparation is critical for any model who wants to participate and beat a horde of equally beautiful women for the coveted title of Playboy bunny. Its like the first impression is the last impression. So be prepare for the casting day.

This means that you have to put your best foot forward in terms of your physique. You will, therefore, need to engage in some exercise and eat right for a few weeks before the day of the casting call. You have to prepare yourself for that day and you don’t wants unfit for that day.

It is also good to try posing and you can start by having a smoldering look in your mirror and striking sexy styles as well.

When striking some poses in front of your mirror you should choose styles that really flatter your figure.

Pick sexy outfits such as swim suits and pair them with your best heels to complete the look. You should also be comfortable in your body to avoid because that will be required of you by Playboy.

Perfect outfit for the day

When thinking of the perfect day outfit for the casting day you should have lingerie, a bikini or swimsuit in mind.

Ensure that the pieces you go for flatter your figure and reveal your best assets. Ensure that you have several matching heels and that they make your legs look like they are a mile long. You must have to look sexy and attractive.

Remember there is a lot of difference between sexy and sleazy, in other words keep it classy.

Is a portfolio necessary?

Unlike with other kinds of contest, you will not be required to bring a portfolio with you when you go for the casting of the Playboy bunny. Because it will be your real test there so its not necessary.

You can, however, carry extra photos and they will be accepted by the casting team. The extra photos will be added to your bio form.

Remember that the photos will not be returned to you and this means that you have to keep some copies for yourself.You have to keep some extra copies of your photos and documents with you.

A glimpse of what will happen at the photo shoot

Once you get to your casting call you will be required to show your complete bio form and both your IDs. Filling a model release form is also among the steps but that is optional.

The next step will be to change into your bikini or robe and wait for them to call you. Do not be so afraid because the interview will be casual as the professional photographer snaps away photos of you and takes the videos as well. Don’t hesitate if they ask you to drop your bikini.

Both the photo shoot and interview will last about fifteen to twenty minutes. So give it your best girl, do not be afraid to show all those exciting poses you practiced. Do your best because its your chance and it never come easily.

Remember this is Playboy magazine and it is synonymous with some nudity so you should be comfortable with this even during the interview. They can ask you to take your nude photos.

You can help further your cause by having the “girl next door look” as was attributed to Janet Pilgrim who had to pull off the look in 1955.

The idea at the time was to appeal to readers and make them think that the Playmates were women they could meet at a party, store or work.

The look was also popular in the 70’s when people asked for the “girl next door” demanding to know where she went. Now that the look is back the average woman has a chance to try out and get a fair consideration. This is about the time changes and things changes as well.

At the casting you should show yourself  as being childlike, nubile, and innocent with your carpet matching your drapes.

At the casting, you should can also do some tests to gauge your agility and skill. Such as having a topless pillow fight and here you should be playful and have the ability to bond with the other ladies in the house. This will be your real test in front of camera.

You may find yourself topless on a trampoline as well and here it is very important to know when you should stop bouncing.

A girl should stop bouncing when her sisters in the hutch stop bouncing as well because it will be an invitation to some playful wrestling.

What to do if you are tensed?

It is normal to be tensed up as you go for your casting call and the best thing to do in such instances will be to acknowledge the fact that you are nervous.

The acknowledgement will bring more energy and life to the auditions. Try and make some goals for the casting and having fun should be one of them.

You should try and learn something from the whole experience.

When unable to make to the Casting call

You should always strive to attend the auditions as it will portray that you are in dire need to be enlisted. However, If you were unable to attend the casting call due to reasons beyond your control do not fret and give up. You can try again and keep following the schedule in your city.

Just gather your photos and apply online. The first step will be to request that they consider you for the Special Edition or Playmate Edition.

Playboy will need a head shot and 4 to 6 full-length photos. You do not have to go for a professional shoot if you cannot afford it just avoid taking blurry photos girls. Try to make a good resolution photos.

Half of your photos should show the front side while the rest should show the backside.

In some instances a friend of the woman may send the photos on her (the model) behalf. If the photos catch the eye of the editors at Playboy the one who sent will get a finder’s fee.Actually, with a good phone and the help of friend or loved one you can take the most flattering photos to give any studio a run for its money.

There are two different addresses for sending your photos and if you requested for the Playmate Edition you can send your photos and information to Playmate Editor Playboy Studio West 2112 Broadway Avenue Santa Monica, California 90404 USA or PEI 680 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA.

If you prefer the Special Edition you can send your photos to Playboy Special Editions 680 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA.

With the use of email being more popular you might have to consider sending your photo online which will be easier. This is very easy method to send your photos from your home instantly.

When applying for the Playboy position online you will also have to put down your digital signature and also check in the I agree’ box.

The latter states that you have read the rules and that you declare that everything you have answered on your application is nothing but the truth. If a self declaration that you have answered all correct.

Once your photos get to the offices they will first reach the editor who will choose the ones with Playmate potential.

After that they will go to Stacy who will look at the Playboy potential in them then recommend them for various divisions including Playboy Golf, Special Editions, Playboy or Cyber Girls and so on.

Prepare pertinent personal information

You will need to share relevant information about yourself so you need to prepare it in advance. The information required includes your date of birth, full name, address, and if you are United States of America Citizen. Don’t worry your personal information will be safe.

You will also need to share information about your physical attributes and this includes hair color, eye color, ethnic background, bust size, waist size, hip size and your current height.

If you are still a student you will need to include the name of your college, its location,academic majors as well as your major school activities. All that they will ask you must have to tell them.

You can post links to some of the platforms where you have presence and these include Twitter ID or Facebook page. This all is the part of application process.

Another part of the form will also require you to reveal if you have been tested or your pictures included in any other adult website or magazines before.

You should not that this will include previous publications in Playboy as well.

Wait to be contacted

The next step will be to wait to be contacted and yes your stomach will be in knots during the waiting period and you will probably bite all your nails. This is the time you may have lots of thoughts in your mind, control yourself and try to be calm it takes time.

The expected waiting time after you have submitted all that is required of you is about four to six weeks.

If this period elapses then you should know that you were not lucky. However, if you are lucky o be selected you will fly (all expenses paid) to a photo shoot with a Playboy photographer.

At the studio you will take some test shots to see how well you can photograph as a Playmate in a Special Edition or pictorial.

Do the Playboy Bunnies sign contracts?

Yes, Once you are chosen you will be required to sign contracts because they will engage you in promotions among other activities with the magazine when the issue is on the newsstands.

You should note that the contract is just for her month so the $25,000 earnings are given out over time to ensure that you will stick to your commitment to the magazine.

You should also know that playmates are for life and hence you are urged to attend mansion and Superbowl parties.

Will the models be promoted?

You will not be promoted by Playboy but your association with the magazine will open so many doors for you. For instance, The Girls Next Door really gave the women much exposure.

Since the women were savvy and smart, they were able to grab every opportunity that came their way because of their association with playboy. now they will be attracted to you.

Additionally, they did not just sit on their laurels waiting for opportunities to come by, they actually went out to create some of the opportunities themselves.

What Is a Playmate?

A Playmate is the most important and centerfold model of the Playboy and are the highest paid as well. They gets a big amount of money.

Every month, the Playboy magazine features a different Playmate model.

Finally, at the end of the year, one of the twelve Playmates of the Months is chosen as the Playmate of the Year.


How Much Do Playmates Earn?

Playmates of the Month acquire $25,000 for posing for Playboy.

Playmates of the Year are paid an extra $100,000 in addition to extra gifts that are showered onto them, (for example, a car or a motorcycle). So this is all what you wants.

Most Playmates additionally have the chance to procure additional cash through individual appearances and other modeling assignments as organized by Playboy.

How much experience is needed to be a Playboy Bunny?

Do not disqualify yourself from the race by thinking that you do not have the necessary experience to become a Playboy bunny. There is no need of experience.

You do not need any experience to go for the casting because the photographer will be your guide throughout the entire process.

What If I’m Not Chosen for Playboy Modeling?

Playboy auditions are very much competitive and it is incredibly tough to procure a place as the Playboy magazine model, so make an effort not to be too hard on yourself in case you’re not chose to be a Playmate. Don’t be nerves.

You can always attempt again at Playboy submissions, or else explore the numerous others Playboy requirements inside the Playboy universe.

These are Playboy Special Editions, Playboy Miss Social (non-nude), Cyber Girls, Playboy Golf, and so on.

Candidates are consequently surveyed for their capability to qualify for other Playboy-organized and branded Playboy modeling and promotional opportunities come along the way, so there’s as yet a shot you could be a Playboy model.

Other modeling opportunities

It is normal to feel disappointed when you do not get the opportunity that you have strived for so long and this happens to women who apply to be Playboy bunnies all the time. Keep trying for other modeling opportunities and may be you get selected at the next round.

If you do not get the position,your application details will be sent to other sectors of the magazine for consideration.

Thus, it means that you still stand a chance to work as a model in the organization.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a Playboy model is one of the most competitive scenario and lots of applications are filled every year for the Playboy auditions.

It may be the dream of many young aspirants but only a few lucky girls get a chance to become a Playboy model and even fewer to become the Playmate for Playboy.If you want to know how to become a Playboy bunny, you have to spend some time on this article and make a valid choice before Playboy posing.

I love camming and I always recommend everyone to become a cam girl if they want to make some real money online.​ So you must also start your camming journey along with trying to be a Playboy bunny. My best wishes are with you.


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