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If you have started as a Chaturbate Affiliate, perhaps using our guide, you might be wondering why you are yet to make money. Now I will warn you that in order to create a serious income as a Chaturbate Affiliate the average time is around 12-18 months. However before you leave to read another article, there are ways to speed this up or at least ensure that the income goes through the roof. In this article I want to run through some ways that you can increase your income. Let us talk about increasing your Chaturbate Affiliate Conversions!

If you are a cam girl, perhaps using our other guide, this article might also help you to get more commissions and increase the viewers for your channel. The key here is the way that you get your users to convert.

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Immediate Losses

One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the past year is that sending people directly to Chaturbate Links can lose you a massive amount of users up front if not done right. Now the saving grace is that when you send them to these links, if they use incognito browsers you will be somewhat better off.

The key issue here is that Chrome for example has Chaturbate’s website flagges as spam. If you want to test this, go to one of your current links, right click on it and try open in a new tab. You may well notice that the tab tries to open and then immediately closes. This can cause a couple of issues, if someone is reading your content on your social media post or website, they will try open it and then it will close. They will give up and go search google instead. Then you’ve lost the conversion.

Instead of doing this, you are better of using three different workarounds. The first is to use your own white label so that the link does not include and Chrome or other browsers won’t immediately close the tab. The next is to convert your link to a shortlink using the free service BitLy.

However what I’ve found will convert far higher than the above is to have your own website (I explain this in my course) and use the following code to embed the cam directly so that they can watch on your website:

Make sure to replace the MODELSUSERNAMEHERE with their username. You can find this at the end of their link i.e.

I have found that this is the best way to convert and I’ll add to why this works so well in the next section on Engagement.

Engagement is Key

The next step on increasing Chaturbate Affiliate Conversions is Engagement. The key here is that the longer the user views this particular cam girl the more likely they are to want to chat to them. This increases your chances of them signing up. Remember that once the user signs up, your work is done. Chaturbate will take it from here and get them to convert. However if you follow my next steps you’ll find they will also be more likely to spend there and then! Why is this important? In ecommerce the less steps it takes for someone to purchase, the more impulsively they will do it. If they spend immediately, then their card details are in, now they can purchase faster and think with their…well…you know.

Now I’m going to tell you the simple factors that make my Chaturbate Affiliate Accounts so successful. It adds the two parts, engagement and not losing the client immediately together to make a money printing machine.

The key steps are hook, engage and action.

Your post with an image on social media, link on Google etc is your hook. I’ll explain places to do that next but that content is up to you. This is the hook.

Now they are on your website preferably, you want to ensure you have some content to engage them. Embed the models Instagram photo or feed, embed a video from PornHub if they have an account. This is important, as a massive chunk of your users will click through while the model is offline. This gives you a better chance that they won’t just leave your website because the model is offline. If the model is online they can watch directly on your website, meaning engagement and time spent on your site goes through the roof. This means Google likes your site and promotes it even more.

Finally you want to provide the user with two ways to take action. If the cam girl is online and you’ve embedded the cam girl’s feed, then you don’t need to do anything else, she’ll do the Chaturbate Affiliate Conversions for you! However if they are offline, ensure to have a link to their profile, using a bitly link or whitelabel, put this right under the models feed with something like “ALERT ME WHEN THIS MODEL IS ONLINE AGAIN” and link directly to this models page.

This will mean that they have to register to be alerted. Chaturbate will now do the rest!

Where to Find ’em

Now you’ve created your funnel so to speak, the final question you may have is where to find users? This part is simple, they are everywhere. I would suggest looking in highly engaged locations. These include Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and chat rooms like 321 chat and Babblesex. The reason I use these is that the users are all discussing porn and if a link to your website is engaging then these people are more likely to share over and over.

Use this as well as places like Fetlife and so on to get more users. If you do this daily, you are also working on your ongoing strategy to ensure that you are building a Google presence. Which will automate the whole thing over the next 12 months! Questions? Comment below or join the Facebook Group!

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