How to Get Free Tokens for Chaturbate

We are constantly asked by viewers and readers how they can get Free Chaturbate Tokens and asking specifically about token generators so that is something we want to cover. Are these generators legit and are there other ways to get yourself some free tokens?

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Token Generators

Let’s first look at token generators. I have done some deep research of the web before writing this and as fast as I can see there are not any legitimate versions. Most appear to be ways to garner information from clients. Account logins, email addresses, or worse, credit card information. Essentially, all of the ones that I researched appeared to be gateways to phishing experiments,. So even if they do actually give you some free tokens they will screw you in the long run. They will hand over some free tokens and then perform a long con of getting you to hand over more information.

So are there other legitimate ways of getting some free tokens.

Monthly Cam Lottery

One way to get some free tokens is to win them. There are a lot of companies that do cam lotteries but we’ve decided to run one with our Galacticams visitors. We’re trialing it for February and see what happens. So we will run our first live draw on February 1st on our YouTube channel. You can buy your ticket now for $4.95 and all tickets that you buy count as one entry. We’ll be selling a maximum of 500 tickets. Get em’ while they last.

Buy tickets now.

Live Jasmin Spinner

Another legitimate way, but sadly not for Chaturbate, is to spin the wheel on Live Jasmin or Bim Bim and win yourself discounts. You can spin as many times as you want. Usually you’ll win a 40-50% discount but every now and then you’ll win some completely free tokens. Great eh?

Affiliate Token Earnings

So we cover how to setup your own cam site band earn a 20% commission in our full guide on how to earn money as a cam affiliate. However there is another option. You can do exactly the same thing but instead of earning the commission. You can get a 25% cut of all of the tokens spent. So instead of promoting a link and taking the money, you can share you favorite cam girl around everywhere you can and take a cut of the tokens to spend as you please. Win. Win.

Disagree with any of this information or have some better ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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