How to increase the ranking of your adult website on Google

Whether you have started an Adult Website or are a cam girl promoting the content strategy that we’ve explained to boost income the task of getting to number 1 on Google is one of the most important things you can do.

Getting to this level on Google is a way to garantee organic daily traffic on droves and bring income that will grow passively for years to come. However it’s not an easy task and we’re going to talk to you today about what techniques and tools you can use to get ahead.

How far are you from number 1 on Google right now?

When it comes to getting anywhere in life you need to know where you are now so that you can make these improvements. As such with your current Website it is important to run a scan on your Website and see how it currently stands. Semrush is a free tool which will allow you to run a scan and give you a clear indication of how your Website stands at the moment.

You can achieve this by running their SEO audit tool and getting a report on where your Website currently stands.

The Semrush tool will also give you a page by page breakdown of what you need to change on your Website. if you want to dig deep into this SEO and make sure that you get the results you need then I would suggest getting the cheapest plan on Semrush to work towards this over time.

Checking out what the competition is doing

Another advantage to using the Semrush Free tool is that you can see exactly what your competition is doing that is causing their success.

It will show you the competition to your site who are currently getting high traffic results. You can they view what they are doing successfully to ensure you are going on the right track.

You can also view your competitions Facebook and Google ads, this will give you an idea about their paid strategy which you can use until the Google effect kicks in.

How to implement these changes and track progress

If you followed the content strategy that we’ve explained to you before then it is likely you’ve set up your Website using the WordPress Onlyfans. If this is the case then you can simply install the Yoast plugin and follow their green light system and then recheck your site with Semrush until it gives you a 90% or more score.

If you aren’t using the WordPress Onlyfans then you can either find another plugin which will do the same task or alternatively implement the changes manually following the advice from the Semrush tool.

If you want to learn more about this then you can check out Learn Semrush which will be offering more and more advice in the coming months on ways to improve your Website to rank higher on Google.

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