How to Launch a Successful Adult Subscription Business Online in 2022

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The online adult business industry is in a continuous state of growth and has proven resistant to the fluctuations of the larger economy. Adult webcam platforms, unlike other online adult business opportunities, offer a live service that is less vulnerable to piracy than traditional videos, and there are a variety of entry points to the business. Whether you want to be a camgirl yourself or are ready to aim higher by launching your own webcam site, there is space in the expanding adult webcam business for everyone.

Running your own adult webcam website may seem daunting, but it has the highest earning potential of any adult-related business. You are pooling the earnings of a large number of camgirls, which helps smooth the ups and downs of each individual performer’s income, and once you cover your costs, the rest is your profit. Webcamming is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the online adult entertainment industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

How to Start Your Own Webcam Site?

Building a full-featured webcam site from scratch requires a high degree of technical programming knowledge, and if you don’t have the skills, you will need to hire professional developers to do it for you. Taking this route will require a large investment of time and money, and while you may get your “perfect cam site” as a result, you will also have to do all of your technical support in-house, and code maintenance and updates will also be your responsibility, which can lead to large ongoing costs if you have to outsource.

The easiest and the cheapest way to launch your own webcam platform is to use a turnkey script like Modelnet. The software itself is easy to set up and fully customizable, which means that you can modify its features and design according to your needs. Additionally, unlike a Whitelabel site, you can recruit your own performers and can set price guidelines, allowing you to create the right image for your site using both site branding and performer selection. Model net also has a tech support team that can help you get your site up and running and is available for ongoing support once your site has been launched.

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How to make a webcam site with Modelnet? 

The Era of Subscription-Based Adult Creator Platforms

Although the traditional webcam business has been around for years and is still gaining popularity, some new trends have appeared in the adult business industry and fansites or subscription-based creator platforms for monetization of adult content are one of them.

Subscription platforms have become revenue-generating fan clubs for Creators due to lockdowns, unemployment and have experienced explosive growth since the beginning of the pandemic. Today OnlyFans is a billion-dollar business that is growing incredibly fast and finds up to 500,000 new users joining the platform daily. The popularity of such a business model is growing at a fast rate day by day and is expected to increase as OnlyFans has changed the way the content is created and consumed. This change in content creation and the new trend in adult business, in particular, is going to stay permanent.

However, despite being the leading platform for Creators in the industry, OnlyFans is getting unstable, a recent threat of banning adult content and payment restrictions have put it in this situation. Another aspect is that OnlyFans limits the amount that creators can charge for their exclusive content. Those models and performers who work on OnlyFans cannot get the most out of their interactions with the audience due to the payment policy of the platform. Finally, it takes a 20% cut from the revenue so more and more people are looking for alternative platforms to monetize their content and stay independent from OnlyFans.

How to Create Your Own OnlyFans Alternative?

Launching your own OnlyFans alternative is the best idea for starting an online adult business in 2022. You will definitely get more perks from developing your own independent brand instead of working under policies designed by others.

The best way to create a money-based social platform for monetization of adult content like OnlyFans is to use a white label solution like Scrile Connect. It provides a full-featured platform that is ready-for-launch with no coding needed under your own brand, as well as the opportunity to personalize and customize the software to your needs with access to the source code.

Creating your brand site with a custom domain and every option like you have on Onlyfans

The platform has multiple built-in monetization tools for creators, such as paid subscriptions and posts, paid messages with media attachments for the unlimited price, private one-to-one calls on a pay-per-minute basis, live events with tipping, and a referral program.

Introducing subscriptions and selling PPV using ScrileConnect

For business owners, there is an admin dashboard to manage creators and members, set payout commissions and control all aspects of your platform.

You will enjoy the following perks of Scrile Connect:

A fully independent platform and a unique domain name with branding

Unlimited number of creator pages to invite numerous models and build a community based on your platform

Easy integration with payment gateways (and the opportunity to integrate cryptocurrency and NFTs)

0% fee from revenue. Being the owner of the platform only you decide how to distribute money and set payout commission to models on your own terms

You can learn more about the potential Onlyfans alternatives we have listed on our site.

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