How to Make Money & Monetize an Adult Website in Just 3 Months?

If you own an adult tube site or any kind of site, accumulating traffic is just the beginning of things. What follows is a stretched and grinding road to operative monetization.

Is it a tricky job? It seems quite simple! If you want to make money with an adult Website or any Website, do what everyone does- show your visitors some Ads. Let’s ask the big questions here-

How much money do porn sites make showing Ads to their visitors?

Is showing Ads on adult sites as easy as on regular sites?

You know it’s not. Monetizing a porn site is a tricky process, and you cannot do it without a clear progression and a planned approach. You have to set a path right from your Website development phase to the part where adult SEO kicks in.

There are tons of adult tubes out there, and everyone is trying their best to squeeze out each penny of their investments. You don’t just show any Ads. Setting up any random Ad will barely produce the least of the revenue. You must think carefully about-

How and whom to allocate your Website’s Ad space?

How to set up your site for the best Ad environment? And

What are the other ways to make money with adult Websites?

Can you monetize your adult tube site in just 3 months?

We live in the era of 2019, and 35% of all internet downloads today are directly or indirectly from porn. It is a global industry and worth more than $97 billion. In 2018 alone, over 5,517,000,000 hours of adult videos were browsed by internet users on PornHub across the planet. Moreover, out of the 300 most popular Websites on the planet, 11 are related to porn. The most popular porn site outranks the giants like eBay, Netflix, and MSN in terms of Website traffic.

Why did I state these facts? Just to mention that “porn sites get insane traffic, and a crazy amount of people are interested in them.”

When something is in great demand and people are watching it, you can show them Ads and make money from the Advertisers. With a proper strategy, it is quite possible to make money from an adult Website in just 3 months. Not just Ads but you can do a lot of other stuff as well.

If you see how much money do adult sites make, you can get almost half of your business ideas from the popular names itself.

For the two most popular tube sites (Pornhub and Xvideos), the major source of monetization is Ads Such as Banners, Popups, and PPL ads. In addition, both the sites have separate membership plans for Ad-free browsing. Both receive over 1.5 billion traffic each month.

Since these Websites are so big and well-known brands, they can afford to directly negotiate with the advertisers and eliminate any middlemen commission. Doing so increases the overall revenue by at least 20-30%. Moreover, since they are so massive, they can also afford to negotiate the rates with the advertisers. Ultimately, they get a little more than what normal or small tube sites get for the same number of impressions.  

Once, one of our client’s porn tube received over 1 million traffic in a month. From that traffic, they could earn around $70/day from Ads. That means in a month, they made over $70×30 = $2100.

So if a site with 1 million monthly traffic made $2100 in a month, then I think a site like Pornhub or Xvideos –with 1 billion traffic would make not less than $2,100,000/month –just from the Ads. This does not include the negotiated rates or the increased income through middlemen elimination. It would probably go beyond $2,100,000 + 20 to 30%.

One thing is clear from this analysis that you need some really insane traffic to monetize your adult tube with just Ads. Here is how you should proceed if you want to achieve at least a percentage of this figure in just three months. 

Step 1: Know the things to do before monetizing

Ad monetization and other streams open only when you are getting some virtuous traffic. For that to happen, you have to prepare your site from the beginning itself. So here is the breakdown of the groundwork you should do to achieve the same seamlessly.

1.    Get the right domain and hosting

Porn tubes are not just any site. They have the potential to generate some gigantic traffic. For that to happen, people must know your site or it should rank on the search engines. Domain name plays an important role in building both your brand identity and popularity on the search engines.

Once you finalize a niche for your tube site, build a domain name perfectly aligned with your niche. Based on your niche, finalize some keywords. Use Google AdWords planner to see the volume of searches done per month for your keywords.

Having synchronous domain name makes your tube site SEO friendly right from the beginning itself. Doing so will give an idea of the stuff popular on the internet in your niche. Bigger is the search volume, better is the chance to have an upper hand against those who do not plan their domain names like this. In addition, you will also have a list of relevant keywords you would be using in your adult SEO later on.

Let’s say I choose my niche as “Amature”. Now, based on my niche, I come with a good domain name “”. Now, I can use this keyword with some more variations to check the search volume.

As you can see, this keyword has got some pretty good search volume. That means I have a potentially SEO friendly domain name.

Next is choosing a web server. It’s actually “choosing an adult web server” because not all popular web servers allow adult web hosting. So you need to first find some adult web hosting providers and then choose the most reliable one. Just make a Google search, you will find plenty of adult web hosts with good plans. You can get a good adult web host for as low as $10-100/month for the starters.

M3server is quite a popular adult web hosting provider. It offers some really great plans for startup entrepreneurs. You can check with M3server’s plans.

2.    Create your Website the right way

It’s probably the most important part. The path to huge Website traffic starts directly from the day when you get into your Website development. You need to choose a Onlyfans that offers most of the SEO friendly implementation and is flexible to accommodate future developments too.

You got a bit of luck, because software development these days has become a piece of cake. PHP frameworks like Laravel, Zend, and others come with inbuilt libraries that support SEO friendly development. Moreover, PHP-based sites are more affordable, and it’s easy to find good developers.

You can conduct detailed research and find the best suitable solution to build your tube site. If you ask me, I would recommend purchasing a turnkey tube script and then customizing it to my requirements. Of course, the script should offer most of your requirements by default itself.

Don’t go for development from scratch as it is a very time, money, and effort-extensive method. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when the internet is full of ready-made solutions to build porn tube sites. For starters, you can check out the free demo of the xStreamer tube script. We have developed this script to set up sites like PornHub, YouPorn, xHamster, and XVideos on the go. It’s customizable, SEO friendly, self-hosted, and comes with open-source code.

I have written a detailed article about “How to Install a PHP Tube script to Build Sites like YouPorn, Red Tube, Xvideos, Pornhub, or xHamster instantly?” you can check it out to learn more.  

3.    Perform Adult SEO for your Adult site

Just like regular web hosting companies do no good to adult sites, the regular SEO does not make any sense to the adult tubes too. You need adult SEO for your adult site. Adult sites face some extraordinary contests when it comes to SEO.

Being a highly competitive niche, it makes really tough to compete with the already available sites. Moreover, you would hardly find a site that welcomes the links from adult sites. The scope of getting a link from traditional sites is almost impossible, and the same goes to the traditional web directories and popular social media networks.

Only an adult webmaster with experience with the adult niche can understand the pain and possess the skills to get more traffic and internet exposure. To begin, be advised that adult SEO is all about research, keyword planning, investment in high-quality content, and building quality backlinks from the relevant sites that welcome adult links. You have to focus on the stuff like-

Long tail keywords

On-site SEO

Optimized Images

Removing bad links

Building quality links

Optimizing for mobile

Using adult pin sites

Leveraging adult forums

Molding the social media strategy

I have written a detailed post on adult SEO and top sources to get adult traffic. You should check that out for a better insight.

4.    Know the tricks to get loads of adult traffic

In case you haven’t gone through the article linked above, here is a list of major strategies you can adopt to boost traffic on your adult tube site:

A.    Social is the best

Social media is the ultimate source of not just any traffic but quality traffic. I find Reddit taking a special place in all this. Subreddits are already so niched. If you can direct some traffic, you would find tons of leads for your Ads as well.

Be cautious as Reddit no longer support adult content. You can still use this Onlyfans to get some good traffic while abiding by the restructured rules. I recommended a daily Reditting to get free traffic in a short span of time. Same goes to other social media channels like Tumblr and Twitter.

B.    Re-upload porn on third-party sites

This method has been used by the webmasters for a long time. It still works like a charm for adult sites. How to do it?

Find a popular tube site and upload your videos there. You can upload on one or all of the popular sites like XVideos, PornHub, xHamster, YouPorn, etc.

Upload without any copyright claim or watermark.

Put a video title and append your sites link to it. Something like “Amatures enjoying sex on”.

That’s all. Replicate the same on multiple sites and wait for the visitors to flow in.

Don’t overdo it but be regular. You should not upload more than 8-10 videos a day.

C.     Submit to adult directories

There are many adult directories where adult content consumers come to find good sites to browse. They do not help much in gaining traffic but can build some good links for you. Similarly, you can reply on adult forums for the same task. Many forums also allow advertising of your Website in the form of putting a signature of your site.

These are some great places to generate traffic and build links. Make sure you do not overlook their rules or you might just get banned for spamming. Different directories and forums have varied rules. Go through their guidelines properly and abide by them.

D.    Visitors from Pornstar queries and replies

Sites like and allow their users to search about pornstars. Users can also reverse search a pornstar to know the name using a gif of the same. You can use these Onlyfanss to build backlinks to your site. Here is how-

Create a page for a popular pornstar on your Website.

Collect at least 5-10 videos of that pornstar from other sites

Upload all the collected videos on that page you created.

Find a gif of the same pornstar.

Create one account on and other on

With one account post the gif you have got.

With other account respond to the post with the name and a link to your page.

Your answer is now stored in the thread. Anyone interested in the same pornstar would see the thread and the answer.

If they like it, you would get a visitor.

Repeat the same with other popular pornstars as well.

Of course, you should not overdo it. It’s a great way to get a backlink and promote your site at the same time.

E.     Link exchange with partner sites

This is probably the most popular method where two Websites help each other to get traffic. You just have to convince a Website owner for exchanging links with you to get mutual benefits. You have to speak about the benefits your site can give them if they would exchange the links.

Just be cautious and exchange links with sites with good DA and low spam score. Moreover, make sure the other site is also indorsing your link in exchange for their promotion on your site.

5.    Understand the Adult Ad world

Now that you know almost everything about generating traffic on your adult tube site, it’s time you learn how to capitalize on that traffic and make money out of it.

The first thing that comes to our mind with traffic is showing Ads to the visitors. However, Advertising in the Adult industry is not the same as traditional Ads. In fact, you cannot even use the most popular Ad networks like Google AdSense, Facebook ads, or Bing Ads.

Monetizing an adult site through Ads require a different set of activity and network. There are dedicated Ad networks for adult advertising and they support an array of types of Ads. Below is a list of some common Ad-types adult Websites use to make money.

A.    In video banner

Shown non-intrusively along with a playing video. These banners have short length but a wide breadth.

B.    Native interstitial banners

They show banners merged in the site’s theme but direct to another site on a click event.

C.     Native Exit pop-ups

Native exit pop-ups look and work same as  Native interstitial banner. The only difference is they are triggered when users try to close the window by placing the cursor on the close button. 

D.    Push notifications

They have become extremely successful in the recent past few years. Earlier only mobile apps could use push notifications. However, these days, advertisers are using web push notifications, which can be triggered by the Websites itself. They are shown to the users on the computer as well as mobile web browsers.

E.     Email Clicks

You can use your email list to send emails with a call to action button. The button is linked to your advertisers landing page where the cost is calculated per click on the CTA.

F.     Half Page banners

These are immersive Ad banners on the site matched to the page’s theme. Note: they don’t pop-up, they are always there, mostly at the half length of the page.

G.    Mobile responsive banner ads

These are nothing but the traditional banner ads we have been using. They now support the mobile responsive architecture and change their position and layout based on the screen size of the device. They are used on all adult and non-adult sites as well.

These ads can be placed vertically as well as horizontally according to the page space and screen sizes.

Step 2: Know how to monetize your Adult tube site

Now that you know all about Ads and how to place them on your site, let’s comprehend how to make money from adult Website utilizing the Ads and other options to their best. It’s not just about placing Ads anywhere, you can actually capitalize on an adult Ad network in multiple ways.

A.    Direct sale of your Ad space

This is the traditional way. Let advertisers place their ads on your site and you make money. Here, you don’t have to care about the clicks or conversions. You get money for just lending your on-site spaces for showing the ads.

It’s a great way to make money as your site grows. There are advertisers who are keen on investing in Ad spaces with porn tube sites. They know you have got quality traffic, you just have to find the advertisers who would be interested in your site.

One advice: Try to avoid the middlemen and approach directly to the advertisers. Doing so can boost your Ad revenue by almost 20-30% without any extra effort.  

B.    Sign up for CPA affiliate networks

You can sign up for the affiliate networks of the top adult brands and promote their products on your site. This is a little difficult than just lending your space, as you are responsible for the marketing of your affiliate links. The more you sell through the affiliate links, the more money you make.

So, you have to tweak your site and do a little extra than just showing the Ads to your visitors. You also have to convince them to click and then purchase the advertised item. This might seem a little tricky but gives more reward without actually investing. You will act as a seller without an inventory. Despite it is not very simple, you can enjoy an array of benefits like-

Option to choose the products and Ads you want to show

Add an extra stream for revenue generation

Work more closely with online selling

No risk as you are not selling anything of your own

Of course, it requires you to do some extra set of jobs and invest some Website space for your own ads. Though there is no direct risk of loss, you should still think twice as it requires you to optimize your Website for the new set of conversion funnels you are going to add on your site. 

C.    Sell your traffic to the Ad networks

You won’t have to actually sell your traffic but let the advertisers capitalize on it. This is the most popular way to make money from an adult tube site. Unlike affiliate networks, you don’t have to search for sales or customize your site. Instead, you can just sign up for a popular ad network and let the advertisers show Ads on your site on the allocated spaces. 

It’s different from lending an Ad space, as you get to choose from an array of Ad-types such as banners, Native Ads, popunders, push notifications, and many more. Moreover, you are paid based on the per-impression made on the Ads. 

On the other side, there are some cons as well. So choose an Ad network wisely-

Ad networks charge a big fee, up to 30% to be precise.

You can’t control the Ads that are shown on your site.

You can’t expect all Ads to be relevant to your audience.

D.    Capitalize on non-Ad revenue too

Ad revenue is indeed a primary source of income for adult tubes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other revenue streams. There are tons of other ways to make money beside the Ads.

Sell subscriptions and memberships: Adopt the freemium model and utilize both free and paid versions of your site. Similar to Pornhub and Xvideos, launch a premium program where you can offer Ad-free and HD quality videos to the paid subscribers.

Look for sponsorship: Don’t mistake it with Advertisement. Sponsorship works in collaboration with the relevant brands. You can approach to get sponsorship from an adult brand and promote their products on your site. For example, you can ask the cam models to perform using the toys given by your sex-toy sponsor.

Inject cookies: When you visit a porn site, the site injects a code called cookie on your computer or mobile device. It stores your interaction with the site. The same is used by the Ad networks to show relevant ads based on your interaction. Porn sites make massive money injecting third-party cookies on your system. They are in great demand with the Ad networks and give enough money to keep showing free porn to the viewers. Be aware as cookies do not work when users enable their Ad blockers.

Sell Adult Merchandise: Selling is always a great way to make some extra money. However, to be honest, this method won’t work in the first three months. You have to establish yourself as a brand to become popular among the viewers and create a fan base who would love to buy your merch. Nevertheless, this option is always open for a tryout.


To be short, it’s not tough to start making money within three months of launching your tube site. You just have to know the stuff feasible for making the early monetization possible. The key is to accumulate as much traffic you can divert to your site.  The more is the traffic, the more are the chances to shows Ads, sell stuff, collect data, get sponsorship, and make some great money. You can’t even imagine how much money do adult sites make once they are popular among the viewers, advertisers, and brands. To make money from the adult video industry, you have to try every option you get. Just be patient, prepare a strategy, follow it, and wait for the traffic to drive money to your site.

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Can you monetize your adult tube site in just 3 months?

Step 1: Know the things to do before monetizing

Step 2: Know how to monetize your Adult tube site


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Table Of Content

Can you monetize your adult tube site in just 3 months?

Step 1: Know the things to do before monetizing

Step 2: Know how to monetize your Adult tube site


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