How to make money on chaturbate step by step guide

If you are looking for the best answer to how much do chaturbate models make ? and also how to make huge money on chaturbate ? then you are on the right portal  and reading the best informative article today.

Making money on chaturbate is very simple if you follow my step by step procedure here.​

How much money can you make on chaturbate?

I am working with camgirls for more then 11 years now. I know the pros and cons of camming industry. Through this article I want to bust any myths and incorrect information that has been published on the internet.

I have already posted an article on chaturbate token currency value in my other article.​

How much does chaturbate pay?

A chaturbate model makes 5 cents on each token she receives on the Chaturbate portal. So if you receive 20 tokens then you will make $1 in actual earnings.

Note: Remember you are not eligible for the actual token value but rather you make 50% of what you get as tokens. This is because chaturbate also take a commission for providing you with such an stunning platform.

There is no capping on how much do chaturbate models earn, as the bigger the following you have the more tokens you will get and the more money you will make.

as for affiliates and how much they are paid, keep reading on I have answered that later with all the income proofs here below.

Also in another article I published about how much money a cam girl makes , I will request you to check that out as well and its very helpful for you.

How to make money on Chaturbate?

Now let me come on the main point here.

Let me give you a step by step guide on making money on chaturbate.

There are two ways to make money on chaturbate:

Lets go one by one. I will first tell you about making money on chaturbate as a chaturbate affiliate member.

Make Money as Chaturbate Affiliate

Let’s Take my example.

I help webcam models how to become successful and earn huge money. I also have affiliate websites which are high up in the rankings on Google Search results and when anyone sign up on chaturbate with my affiliate link I make a commission.

Either you can go for per lead system where you make $1/lead or you can go for revenue share where you will get 20% of what the person spends.

To become a chaturbate affiliate you need to sign up by clicking the button below:

Become Chaturbate Affiliate

After signing up, just use your affiliate links to get traffic and make money from all the leads you get. One best method to make money from chaturbate affiliate is uploading the porn stuff. Thousands of our website visitors are making money already from chaturbate, see proof here : Make Money Uploading porn

You can also refer prospective camgirls and you can make $50/referred camgirl. Now this is a big amount of money.  Just imagine if you can send 100 camgirls to chaturbate you can easily make $5000. You can follow my step by step guide on how to make money through webcam model recruiting.

Make Money as a Chaturbate Broadcaster or Camgirl

To make money on chaturbate you need to first register yourself as a broadcaster.

You can do that by clicking on the button below:​

Sign up Chaturbate

So many boys, girls and couples have become successful on chaturbate and very easily making $3000-10,000/week that too working just in few hours a week. They just followed my procedure and all the knowledge shared on this website and now I receive a lots of Thank You emails from them. This does bring a bigger smile on my face ?

​Now don’t expect that making money on chaturbate is a simple task. There is big competition on chaturbate as well. But if you follow our step by step guidelines you will be able to distinguish yourself and find a faithful audience for yourself.

We have written detailed 5000+ work guide on how to become a chaturbate broadcaster and how to generate $10,000/week in just 3 months after joining Chaturbate.

Thousands of couples, boys and girls have followed this step by step guide and our other Camgirl guide and are making remarkable income online.​

Or if you need more professional guide/help or step by step system information, then you can check our complete book on becoming a profitable camgirl


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