How to make more money from home during the Corona pandemic

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Let’s face it. The world is about to change, and nothing will ever be as it was. The dominating reasons that humans are alive today and as widespread as we are, is because we can work together and adapt.

The corona pandemic has affected almost all industries across the globe, and some may never recover. The sex and porn industry are no different.

The bad new is that if you worked as a stripper, escort or any kind of onsite adult entertainer – that ship has sailed for 2020. There will be no more strip clubs open this year, no massage parlors or gentlemen’s clubs. Even online influencers that used to market items such as jewelry and handbags are seeing a huge decline in their income. What to do? How are you supposed to make a living?

Let me help you out, because if you are brave and have the willpower. You can make it. You can even come out with a new lifestyle that blow your old one away.

Everyone that can is working from home right now. Internet traffic is surging and all those guys and gals that used to get their fix at the office, at the finesse club or in that other club ? well… they now need to get it online.

You need to be there too. If you have a mobile phone that’s less than 5 years old and it’s connected with the internet, you have everything you need.

What if I told you that you could be making anywhere from $60 to $3000 an hour? Do I have your attention now?

– Mike Triumph

I won’t lie. It’s going to take a lot of time to get to the higher amount, but the lower? Not so much – it’s just one viewer an hour that you need to join you in your video chat room on

More and more people are starting to join the new social media hub for adult called and we are seeing that fans connect with performers and entertainers more and more.

Last Friday Adult Node launched their new broadcasting feature, allowing anyone that wants, to broadcast themselves in their own chatroom with room for up to 50 people.

Every member that joins the room pays 10tks per minute. 10tks is the same as $1. That means if you have 5 viewers in your room, you earn $5 per minute (that’s $300 an hour), if you have 20 that’s $20/min = $1200 an hour!

Every single service out there charges something for providing a platform like this, the good thing about adult node is this:

  1. They charge the lowest commission fee in the industry (15%)
  2. Tokens can both be earned and bought by members, so there are a lot of people there with a log of tokens to spend.
  3. They do daily payouts on business days directly to Paypal & BitCoin.
  4. Tokens can be bought with all major credit cards and almos every single type of cryptocurrency out there.

The platform is also still new, so you won’t be competing with thousands of other performers out there.

Their video chat rooms are very basic, but that’s okay, you can get tipped – write messages and of course, broadcast sound and video and that’s it.

I asked PornJon one of the owners of the site about the VideoChat functionality and he said:

“We understand this is very basic compared to the big guys, but sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and avoid all the extra clutter. We already have user profiles, pages, groups, messages and a lot of other features… so we feel that when it comes down to having fun on videos, we want people to focus on that. But we will keep building and improving on our broadcasting feature”

– PornJon

What I like about the people that run Adult Node is that they are very keen on listening to users and they really care about helping people out, the community of a whole is filled with very friendly people.

So what do you need to get started and what is a good approach? Let me get you a hands on practical guide to making real money as an adult entertainer on adult node. This works for guys, girls, other, couples or whatever you want. You might not even need to be nude!

  1. Register a user with
  2. Make sure you fill out all the fields, upload a profile picture and if you have one, a cover photo.
  3. Post your first image, make it hot. Make sure you use tags that matches the photo. If you are a sexy blonde milf, you use #sexy #blonde #milf
  4. Follow JaneTheLip (one of the admins, she will upgrade you to VIP* and share your post)
    1. If she upgrades you, you should boost your first 3 posts. Boosting a post means that everyone in the platform can see and not just your followers.
  5. Interact with every person that likes and comments on your photos to start with.

*They are running a promo giving free VIP to performers during the corona outbreak, I can’t promise that she will do this – but she has in the past.

Okay, now you are active. Once you gain a few followers, start posting a schedule for your video chat using the tags #videochat #broadcasting and anything else that matches your style (#gay, #cosplay, #teen anything that matches YOU!) and make sure you do this:

  1. Post to your wall your broadcast schedule. Remember to include the timezone, if you are cool, you include the time in 2-3 timezones so people can easily see what time you will be there.
  2. TAG the post as described above with #hastags
  3. Boost your broadcast schedule and make sure you have one free boost (being VIP gives you 3 in total, it means you can have 3 active boosts at any time)

When you are ready to broadcast, post that you are coming online in a few minutes. Boost that post. Go online. Wait for people to enter your room and when they do, be kind, talk or write to them.

Remember that the longer you get people to stay in your room, the more money you make.

Bonus tip:

If you want to really grow your following, start using twitter and other social media or websites you know. Make sure you link to your profile on adultnode and let people know when you will be online to chat with.


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