LargeHDTube Evaluation (2020)


LargeHDTube is nothing but an adult site that has a massive collection of sex videos, and probably that is why it has ‘large’ in its name.

What’s unique about this porn site is that every category has thousands of videos in it.

Therefore, it proves to be a perfect site irrespective of the preferences and fetishes of porn lovers.

However, when we visited this site, we noticed one thing.

It has not uploaded any of the videos on the website,

but it simply redirects you to the sites which have uploaded those sex videos that you see as a thumbnail.

You might find it a bit odd, but the good thing is that most of the videos are in HD quality.

The thing that impressed us the most is the large list of categories arranged in alphabetical order. As a result, you can search for your favourite videos quite easily.

One drawback of this site is that it does not support HTTPS security encryption which might upset most of those porn lovers who are concerned about the security of their devices. The developers can work upon it as the visitors will not be inhibited to use this site once it gets completely secured.

What makes LargeHDTube special?

LargeHDTube can be described as a large tube site that provides every porn category, kink or fetish that you can ever dream of. The site was established in 2014, so we can say that it is relatively a new site.

There is nothing more to tell about this site, but you will be surprised to see that the site managed to organize such a huge collection of sex videos in a short span of 5 to 6 years.

This site is completely free to access, but you may be charged for downloading or viewing the videos on the sites on which the videos are uploaded.

Nevertheless, there are millions of porn videos that can be downloaded and viewed without spending anything. It is a cool site that shows you where the HD videos can be found on the internet. Therefore, we can say that this site is a paradise for those who are interested in watching only HD porn videos.



YouTube videos on LargeHDTube

A sample to tell you the quality of the videos you can expect on LargeHDTube –

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website design


Content updates


Quality of videos










Value for money

10/10 (free site)

Exclusivity of videos


User-interface & layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics


LargeHDTube has many competitors, and some of them have a larger user base because they are in this market for a long period. Among the key competitors are PornHub, xHamster, V Porn, etc.

Some of these sites, like PornHub and xHamster, have a large collection of videos in every adult niche and category. Moreover, they also have premium features, and the user does not have to go on any other site for viewing videos.

Also, some of the sites like Daftsex are dedicated to HD videos through their video collection, and the category list is smaller. LargeHDTube has to keep an eye on these sites to sustain in the market of adult sites and porn tubes.

Final verdict

There are not many sites that provide free videos and that too in high definition quality. Therefore, LargeHDTube is one of the coolest adult websites to hang on whenever you are craving for erotic and hardcore videos in best of the best quality.

It has lots of amateur and softcore stuff as well thus there is something for everyone on this adult site. It has a perfect design, user-friendly navigation, and the overall layout of this tube site makes it simple and easy-to-use.

Moreover, you don’t have to register or pay anything to explore this site, which is the biggest bonus as far as porn lovers are concerned. The site does not have an HTTPS security encryption, but you don’t need it much as you will be mostly using it to find other sites that have HD videos.

You might find some adverts on the sites that you will be landing through LargeHDTube. However, you can use adblocker software to block flashy and unwanted ads. The response rate of the site is excellent as pages load quickly along with the hundreds of image galleries.

The tons of categories that are provided at the bottom of the homepage will allow you to explore a new genre of porn every day. Each category has thousands of porn videos. Also, new sites and categories get added to this site regularly.

Therefore, you will never feel bored or scarcity of content on this adult tube site.

You might require a paid subscription in some categories, especially if the site redirects to a premium adult site. However, there are many free options as well, and therefore you don’t have to worry about subscribing for anything.

The site needs to be more responsible for mobile, and the developers have to work on this aspect. They can also launch an app to minimize this issue.

There is not much to criticize about this site, especially since it does not provide anything by itself. Therefore, you can use this site for exploring hot and clear adult clips and videos.

Parting words

If you feel that you are short of HD porn videos, then you can visit this site to watch and download unlimited adult videos. It would be great if the site provides an HTTPS encryption but apart from that everything looks fine on this site. Therefore, don’t waste your time and check LargeHDTube at once!

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